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Finny loved to sleep near nature. He felt at home under the vast ceiling that was the sky. He was never any good at sleeping in trees, however.

He considered this as he stared at the cook, relaxing in the branches high above his head. "Bard, lunch break's over!"

The cook's eyes snapped open and a grin spread across his face at the sound of his friend's singsong voice. "Oy, Finny! Climb up here and see this!"

His adventurous spirit called forth, Finny sprang up to the branches where Bard reclined, his sleepy eyes surveying the garden grounds before them. "What's up?" The gardener looked around, mildly confused, as there was nothing special he could see about their surroundings.

"Actually I just wanted to give you something, Finny." Bard positioned himself as close as he could to the gardener and wrapped an arm around the wide-eyed boy's shoulder.

His eyes lit up. "Like a present?"

"Sure, you could call it that," Bard grinned, reaching his free arm over to muss up the boy's strawberry-blonde mane.


He was so cute, Bard thought, right before he gave Finny a gift on the lips.