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Chapter 1 - I Trusted You (Prologue)

Abby had always trusted Connor. Yeah they had their awkward moments, but she never thought he would betray her; not like this.

"How could you?" she screamed accusingly at him. She was angry. She hated not being in control. She fought and thrashed wildly against the hands that held her down. The soldiers were much stronger than her and they pinned her down while they tightened the restraints on her arms, legs, and torso.

Connor stared back at her with that same horrified and bewildered expression he had on his face when she had accused him of always hating Jack. She had been wrong about him then too. All she saw was Connor standing by while she was tied down. She screamed in frustration.

"Shut her up will you." One of the soldiers had said. "She's giving me a headache." One of the other men moved to tie a piece of cloth over her mouth and Connor found his voice.

"NO!" he said rather forcefully. "If you want me to help you, then that's enough. Abby, please stop fighting. It'll be easier, I can explain."

"Shut UP CONNOR! Don't talk to me. How COULD YOU?" her voice rising to the level of a scream again.

"Please Abby, just let me explain," he pleaded.

"You don't have time to explain." The soldier behind Connor stated gruffly.

"Please Tom," Connor begged.

"No. Let her calm down, we've got work to do." Tom replied.

Connor hung his head and was pulled from the room. The other black clad soldiers followed suit, leaving Abby alone in the windowless dark room.

As soon as she heard the click of the lock she began to cry. There were already tears on her face, but those had been tears of anger, rage and frustration. What came now were tears of fear, hurt and betrayal.

She instantly wished she hadn't started because she couldn't wipe them away. Her arms were secured to the bed at her sides and the only thing she could move was her head. She did her best to wipe her cheeks on her shoulder, but it wasn't very effective.

She started trying to work out what exactly was going on while she lay there crying. Slowly she got control of herself and her head began to clear of the raw emotion that had clouded her brain. She still couldn't believe that Connor would be complicit in her abduction. She kept asking herself, How could Connor do this to her? How could he? But the more she thought about it, the less accusing and the more questioning she became. How could Connor?

Connor would never put her in danger. He'd put himself between her and danger on numerous occasions. As she became less angry and more confused, some things started to clear.

As she played back what had just happened, she began to see new details in it. Details like the fact that Connor had never moved into the room properly the whole time he had been there, not even when he had been trying to calm her down. His arms had not come up expressively like they usually did when he talked. He had been stiff as a board the entire time.

Then there were other details like the expression of fear and horror on his face for most of the time; the terrified defeated look in his eyes; the look of shock that had spread across his face when she'd first been brought in to the huge warehouse.

The last little detail that clicked into place in her conscious mind were the slight bruises that, now that she thought about it, spread across his left cheek and right temple. There had also been a small cut above his right eye going through his eyebrow and he had a split lip too. Now she really was afraid. Part of her was still angry though. What had Connor got them into?