This is my first attempt at a love hina story so if you like please tell me by reviewing. I do not own love hina or its characters. This is not a tragedy so no one will die in the story but it does have a very sad tone a lot of the this is not a bashing fic, anyone who is yelled at or is put down is simply for the story and history of the series. Last there is no specific timeline in this story but it is focused around the time after he entered todai (tokyo university) and had improved himself. Only thing at the moment that is changed is he did not say I love you to Naru after he had his leg broken. Now on with the story.


A moth can only get so close to the flame of a candle before it can get burned. Being burned it will flap its wings quickly trying to fly again but cannot because the burn is to bad. In pain on the flow it slowly withers away unable to be helped by anyone. The flame continues to burn bright unaware of what of it is done til it too burns out.

Chapter one- three words can destroy

Keitaro was cleaning on a usual day for the hinata inn since he was able to stay at home for his studies only needing to come to class for the test. He still had his accidents but not as much thanks to the fact that his time didn't revolve around the Hina girls, except for Mitsune konna aka Kitsune who always wanted to have her mid day drink and tease with him. He had finished the halls and saw Kitsune passed out on the couch from her sake and decided to clean the springs. He had finally a chance to clean the springs without worrying if a gang of girls would kill him if he came in the springs.

Keitaro looked at the springs and breathed in deeply smiling at the view. The rocks and mist from the warm water added a relaxing tone to his view. He hadn't felt so relaxed in his life and he was glad that he had that moment. He then rolled up his pant legs and grabbed the brush to scrub the rocks. His brown hair fell in front of his eye sight but quickly pushed it to one side. The only time besides this did he feel great was when he dug for ancient items on his archeology tours with Seta. He chuckled at the thought of Seta and spoke to himself "I can't believe I told Seta that I loved Naru." He went back to scrubbing taking of his shirt exposing his toned body.

It was extremely toned but looked like he was in shape from all of his digs and training with their resident samurai Motoko Ayoyama. He then finished dipping his exposed ankles and calves to the water. He leaned back and relaxed closing his eyes putting his glasses on the rock next to him. He was lost in bliss when he heard a woman's voice behind him "Oh. Why hello there suga? Are you offering yourself as a present to me?" he heard a giggle from the voice. He quickly grabbed his glasses and his face burned red with the view of a silken skinned woman with ash colored hair in nothing but a towel. "B..b..but you..." he stuttered but was unable to speak. Kitsune winked and giggled walking closer to him.

He screamed in a mad dash tripping over his brush slamming his head into a rock. Kitsune chuckled at his boyish antics as he moved frantically to get the materials and run out of the bath with only his rolled up pants on. Kitsune smiled slyly at his last display and raised a eyebrow "Aww. To bad. Just a little more grown up and he would be a nice pickin." She chuckled at her comment and slipped in to the springs relaxing trying to get rid of her hang over from the sake she had drank earlier in the day. Keitaro dashed to his room thinking of nothing but safety at the moment. His fear was nothing but justified with the two most man hating, hitting for no reason, girls residing in his inn.

He hid in his room waiting for the bomb to drop all day either Naru or Motoko bashing through the door and hurting him either with a fist or sword. He cowered in a corner waiting but the attack never came. School had ended and it was almost dinner time so he crept of his door still waiting for the attack but nothing. He was nervous but wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He slowly crept down and looked in the kitchen and everyone in the house was sitting and waiting for him to sit. Motoko was the first to see him and said "Will you sit down Urashima? We do want to eat this century" She growled at him making him jump to his seat. "Thanks for the food" everyone said and started eating.

A foreigner and resident of the apartments name kaolla Su was scarfing down her food like she was breathing air. Her childish smile not leaving her tanned face. Her blonde her held up so she didn't have to worry about it when she did anything from eating to making weapons which she used on keitaro on a daily basis. Next to her was the polite and same as her age cook Shinobu Maehara taking small bites. Her blue hair just above her shoulders and her soft white skin made her a catch to any 14 year old boy she knew. Naru with her beautiful body and auburn long hair which fell down to her mid back sat across of her. Motoko sat next to Naru with raven like hair and pale lily like skin. Finally next to her was the ash colored short hair known as kitsune. The whole table a set of beauties except for the one male in the bunch.

Keitaro nervously ate his food waiting to be attacked for something but decided to do the nice thing at least and say how wonderful Shinobu's food was. The truth was it was, certainly quality equal to any five star restaurant. Keitaro looked at Shinobu softly trying to fight back the fear he had "Thank you Shinobu for this delicious food. I wish I could cook as well as you." Shinobu blushed at his comment mumbling at his comment. Everyone but him knew she was head over heels in love with him. Motoko scowled at him drawing her sword "Are you trying to defile this maidens heart? I will end you if you even think about it you foul pervert" She pointed the tip at his throat. He froze stuttering "N..n..noo, please I was trying to be nice." Bam! Naru punched him into the next room "pervent" she said as she sat down. Motoko nodded in agreement and sat everyone eating like nothing had happened.

A few hours later everyone was in there room and Naru dropped from her floor to Keitaro's room with him sitting at his desk. Naru walked over to him sneaking up on him "Keitaro. We need to talk." He turned around in a frantic panic "Huuh! Wah?" He relaxed a little seeing the beautiful girl in front of him forgetting about the punch that was thrown at him earlier at dinner time. "Keitaro? Are you listening to me?" He snapped out of his trance and answered her "Oh sorry. Yeah Naru?" He turned completely around to see the auburn haired women in her pajamas stairing at him "Did you talk to seta earlier this week?" He nodded raising a eyebrow wondering what this was all about "Hopefully she won't hurt me" he thought as he tried to remember every conversation that he had with Seta hoping he didn't say anything he tried to regret.

Naru looked down "So your the reason he's leaving again. He said you were sending him on a trip and he didn't know when he'd be back. He told me to have fun and goodbye." She stepped forward towards Keitaro still looking down at the floor meanwhile all keitaro could say was "whaa?" his eyes in surprise at what she was talking about. Had Seta stepped out of the way so he could try to be with Naru? Did Seta expect him to tell her his feelings now that he didn't have to worry about any other man in her life?

Naru made another step towards keitaro speaking softly "Where did you send him? Why did you do that?" Keitaro froze at her words unable to move or process what was going on. Was she saying that she wanted Seta? That all she cared about him and his happiness?" Keitaro shook his head "I...i..i don't know where he went?" Naru reached back for a swing at keitar and he curled up ready for the hit but nothing happened.

He looked up at Naru who was on the floor hands and knees crying "Why would you lie? What did I do to you? WHY?" Keitaro looked at her in shock not knowing what to do "Naru..." Naru jumped up and slapped Keitaro. His face froze with tears in his eyes. This was the first time she ever slapped him. She had punched him but never slapped him. She looked at his face her eyes meeting his showing more rage then any previous situation that they have had before. She stood back face red with anger then let out a scream "I HATE YOU!" She turned running out the room going up the stairs slamming the door to her room.

Motoko had heard the scream and ran to keitaro's room in that instant ready to punish him for what he had done to her. What she came upon froze her on the spot. Keitaro was sobbing on the floor destroyed by Naru's scream. He was finally broken after all the work he had put into the Hinata inn, all the things he put up with from the girls, and even his promise to get into todai. His sobs could be heard through the whole house meanwhile Motoko stood at his doorway dumbfounded. Ten minutes passed before he got up and passed Motoko in a flash disappearing into the night with no one able to find him. Motoko sighed and walked back to her room satisfied with his punishment and told herself that he would be back tomorrow for more punishment from her and the girls.

The next day came and Keitaro still was not home. Only shinobu the teenage blue hair who loved him worried about his lack of appearance for the day. Night came and it was peaceful which was unusual for the girls but no one again thought about it but shinobu. She tried to ask everyone to look for them but no one cared but secretly kitsune, Su, and even Motoko worried but denied that he was in danger. Naru showed no sign of caring at all. The third day came and finally they got a call from the tea house. haruka, keitaro's aunt with short brown hair, had said that he was there staying for the week sending chills of relief down everyone's spine but Naru who showed not a single sign of care or relief from the news of keitaro. Motoko spoke first "It seems that vile male has felt the pain of his wrong doings and being punished." Kitsune laughed "As long as I don't have to pay rent". Su jumped around "Aww I wanted to play with him some more and test my new toys" she smiled playfully latching onto Motoko. Then what shinbo said was truly on every girls mind except for Naru again who remained silent. The teenage girl finished timidly with the comment "I hope he's ok".

Little did they know at the teahouse a broken keitaro sat across from haruka tears streaming down his face fogging up the corners of small rectangular glasses. haruka lit up a cigarette and leaned next into keitaro. "Now tell me what happened" she looked him straight in the eyes a stream of smoke raising from her cigarette. haruka thought to herself "The girls are going to pay for whatever they did to him. God help who is responsible for what they did to him"


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