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Armageddon was going to converge on the limo with of the people inside none the wiser that something ominous was coming to get them. Shadows crept to the vehicle only hidden by bushes but then something happened that no expected. The limo drove off causing a simultaneous groan to be heard by several voices. Meanwhile a situation decided to brew within the said vehicle leaving the area.

The air was tense as Keitaro and Kanako sat on one side of the limo while Motoko sat on the other. Keitaro kept a neutral face making sure that Motoko saw this to make sure that she knew that she was nowhere from being forgiven for what she had done to him.

It did not help that Kanako kept flashing her dark aura at Motoko so that she knew that death waited for her if only Keitaro said the word. Against Motoko's better judgment she spoke out of hope "Keitaro, I truly want to thank you for letting come on this outing with you and your sister."

Any normal person would have missed the small motion that Keitaro but Motoko had one thought "He almost smiled?" but the thought was soon pushed back with a cold statement "It's nothing at all. Honestly I did it because I figured you could use some culture." The statement alone stabbed at her heart and almost brought a tear to her eye but she fought back knowing full well she warranted the comment.

As the comment hit she felt another hot flash from Kanako's aura making sure there was no anger from Motoko or else. Motoko showing resiliency came back with "Even so…I still appreciate the gesture. It truly is an honor" Her attempt at being humble and honest seemed to chip at the now hardened heart of Keitaro.

Keitaro only nodded and the silence continued once again as they got halfway to their destination. Impatience seemed to be passing within the group as Keitaro and Motoko shifted uncomfortably in their seat. Meanwhile Kanako continued to nuzzle and caress Keitaro's both to show her affection and to mock the raven haired beauty

Then suddenly a pause came to the vehicle and the group looked towards the driver with questioning stares. Without even being asked the driver opened the window to the cab saying simply "I'm sorry, but there seems to be traffic to the gallery. At this point we have another half an hour till we get there." Keitaro nodded sighing but still thanking the driver for the information.

Kanako pouted saying "Well brother if anything this is the best time to get some rest after everything that has happened to you recently"

Keitaro slowly arched a brow in Kanako's statement but soon his face turned to thoughtful at what she had said. He finally conceded to the idea with a soft smile that made Kanako gush internally and made Motoko ache more than ever at the sight at which she saw.

Kanako then pated her lap to indicate that she wanted him to lie down on her lap. This once again confused Keitaro "Um... Kanako isn't that a bit off considering the situation." He slowly looked at Motoko to indicate her being there.

Kanako with her quick but playful tongue simply stated "Oh don't worry about that big brother. It's not like you're on a date with Motoko" Again another barb came to Motoko's heart as she heard the statement but she would not give up "She's right Keitaro, just relax and get the rest you need." Motoko smiled giving the warmest smile she could to him.

Keitaro seemed almost shocked at the statement that Motoko said but quickly gained composure. He nodded at her "Are you sure it's not too much of a bother?" Even with all the barbs and quills that surrounded Keitaro's heart it still refused to not let its true light shine a moment like this.

Motoko shook her head "Not at all, please rest." As the moment faded Keitaro returned to face Kanako "Well I really appreciate it sis. Thank you" Keitaro then started to adjust himself so that he could lie down across the seats and onto Kanako's lap. Within the minute Keitaro was sleeping and dead to the work.

Within a flash after that second Kanako's Aura blew up enough to blind Motoko. "What do you think you're doing to my brother?" she stated in the calmest voice she could muster not to wake Keitaro. "I know all you want to do is bring him back to where he was before so you can only hurt him more." Motoko jerked back at the statement as if she was physically slapped by Kanako.

"I mean no so thing. I really want to repent for what I have done to Keitaro" Motoko stated in the most sincere tone placing a hand over her heart. "I know I deserve everything he has to say to me but I'm willing to take the barbs and the insults so I can make up for what I have done to him." Kanako smirked at her as she said this "You think that he honestly will forgive you for what you have done to him? All the pain you cause him physically? All the damage you did to his psyche by insulting him?" Motoko stood her ground emotionally as the insults began to fly.

"You call yourself a woman of honor but I could find scum on the street with more honor then you. Any other person would have been in jail for what you have done." Kanako breathed heavy trying to keep here volume in check. Motoko simply nodded stating "I know of my crimes to him and if he ever wished it I would do anything to make him happy again"

Kanako jerked a little at the statement almost waking Keitaro but slowly and calmly she got back into form. A bulb flashed in her head as it finally came to light "You love him… don't you?"

Dead silence came to the limousine as if the time stood still. Motoko couldn't deny it, but she couldn't admit it to the sister of the man she loved after she caused him so much pain. You could hear a pin drop even with all the traffic outside it was like there was nothing in the universe but these two women at this moment and then it happened.


Kanako tilted her head not sure of what she heard "What?" Motoko looked down and then at Kanako bringing her aura to a full spin since the first time that she got into the limo with Keitaro and Kanako "I love him, more than I could ever imagine. His kindness, his thoughtfulness…" Motoko was quickly stopped with a raised hand by Kanako.

"That's sweet and all but you forgot. You broke this man as much as the other girls did." Kanako gritted her teeth in anger "You really think you're worth anything to him at this point." She then let out the secret that none of the girls knew "I love him more than all of you!" almost at a full yell that threatened to wake up the sleeping man named Keitaro.

Motoko sat across from Kanako speechless. Was it right what she just heard? Did the man she cared about sister just say she was in full blown love with him? Motoko struggled to find words only able to come up with the simplest defense that she could think of. "But your siblings, it is morally wrong." Motoko stated with disgust almost contorting her face in the thought. Kanako only chuckled again at what Motoko had said "Well here's a little secret that my brother forgot to mention…I'm adopted."

Once more Motoko was thrown for a ringer as new facts came to light. Kanako only chuckled knowing full right that she had stunned the iron willed swordswomen "That's right, there is no blood relation so nothing is stopping me from taking his heart from all of you evil women." Motoko shook her head trying to fight back tears "No I will earn his love. I know I don't deserve it but I want it more than the world."

Kanako just shook her head in shame "Such a pity, to realize the real value of something only to have it taken from you and put at such lengths."

At this time Motoko gritted her teeth "You haven't won yet. I will prove my love for him"

At this Kanako chuckled "Well then let the games begin."

The limo finally came to a stop and a knock came from the drivers cab "We are here. Sorry for the wait but if anything this is when the party would just be starting"

Both girls broke from their stare as Kanako gently nudged Keitaro awake "Brother we're here. I hope you slept well" Slowly Keitaro woke and rose up in the seat "Man I needed that. Did you girls have a nice ride?" He looked at both Motoko and Kanako. The girls simply nodded making the most generic smile they could muster considering the situation. Soon after the limo door opened up to the gala with Keitaro leading the way "Well shall we?"


Another short chapter but I just love the cliff hanger and I thought I would give more an in depth battle between some possible romantic interest. This is not to say that either of them are the winner. So you'll just have to read more to find out. Peace out