(A/N: This is my first Sweeney Todd fic. I hope you like it!)


Mrs. Lovett has never wanted children. She likes to take care of people, sure, but the thought of having kids who need her, who she's responsible for, makes her twitch and quiver with nervousness. Her raising children will never happen in a million years.

But every time she sees Toby, she reconsiders her opinion. It's like they have some kind of connection—one telling her to keep him and hug him and love him.

It honestly doesn't make any sense to Mrs. Lovett. There are so many other boys in the exact same situation as Toby, but she's chosen him. Or maybe he's chosen her. Either way, while she should be forcing him out of her life, she's embracing him, letting him wiggle his way into her heart.

Mrs. Lovett has never wanted children.

So why is she curled up on the couch with this boy who keeps calling her 'Mum?'