Criminal Minds


July 21st 2010

11:30 AM

The first time he sees her, she passes him in the bookshop parking lot. It's the glance that does him in – the glance of her shockingly green eyes. They are so familiar, so green, that he has no doubt. Once he sees those eyes, he knows it has to be her. Her short blonde hair barely reaches her shoulders, nearly brushing the bare skin of them. She smiles as he hurries past – but he knows that smile is not one of warmth.

It is one of superiority. She's going to take them from him, like he's always known she will – like she always wants to.

He checks his watch – 11:30 AM. If he hurries, he will still have time. He knows that it's his job – he has to keep them safe. Nobody else can do that job, the one he's been charged with. He knows that nobody has seen him – nobody is interested in what he is doing. This is his mission alone. He watches her get into her large white sedan and drive off. It doesn't matter to him that he has already protected today – the last one is already forgotten. She's out of the picture.

The man runs a hand along his neck and turns the key in the ignition. He doesn't want to follow her too closely, for she might see him. This is his business. Nobody else needs to know what he does. He sees her car in the distance and presses his foot to the pedal.

"You don't have to do this anymore." The boy the passenger seat says, not looking at the man, who shakes his head and doesn't answer. "You know that." He says again, leaning over and touching the man's arm. He looks to be nearly eleven, light brown hair framing his face.

"You don't know, Ryan." The man says, his fingers turning bone white as he grips the steering wheel, eyes staring ahead at the road. "You couldn't possibly know."

The boy – Ryan – doesn't answer, and the man continues to drive forward on the Baltimore highway – he has to protect them. If he does nothing else in his life – he has to protect them.

He won't lose them again.

Author's Note:

Well, say hello to the one of the first fic ideas that I ever had for Criminal Minds. Over just a year ago, I had this idea. And I've finally decided to begin posting it. It'll be equally case and team centered. I hope that you'll review – this fic is definitely my baby. I know this first chapter is short, but the rest will be longer. Please, review! I need to know that people are reading this one. Thank you!