Revenge is Sweet

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The day Edward left me was quite an interesting day, I'd have to say. He left me. He left me. And I was hurt beyond the point of feeling. I was hurt so badly that the pain wasn't even registering anymore. Numbness was the new feeling that replaced everything.

For months and months, I felt pain. I felt like there was this huge, gaping hole in the middle of my chest. Sometimes the pain would disappear for a good while. It would be replaced by that numbness I liked so much. But other times, the pain would hit me like a thousand bricks with no warning what-so-ever. It's painful and agonizingly awful.

Think I'm being dramatic? Because I'm not. Ever had your heartbroken? Ever had your heart ripped out? It hurts like hell. You'd never even realize that something like this could actually cause you physical pain.

Sometimes it hurts so much you just would rather die than survive all of this. After awhile people begin to worry about you. Trust me, thousands of times Charlie asked me if I needed help or if I needed someone to talk to. I just put on a brave face and pretended like I wasn't hurting so bad inside.

The steps of heartbreak are quite simple. You either learn about them from others or you find out for yourself. And just like so many girls my age, I'm learning these steps for myself. Step one: pain and misery. You question what you did wrong, what you could have done different, and you have imaginings of still being with that person. Step two: You begin to realize it's not your fault. You begin to make new friends and begin to imagine life with someone else. Step Three: Anger and hatred for the person who dumped you. Step Four: Revenge. Plain and simple.

I just happened to skip step two, and I went straight to three and four. The best way to plan revenge on a vampire? Ha, well I had quite some trouble trying to come up with this. What would be the best way to have my revenge on Edward? What could I possibly do to make him realize his huge mistake?

For a while, I thought about killing myself. There are so many ways it can be done. I could slit my wrists. I could "borrow" Charlie's gun. I could take a mouthful of pills. I could hang myself. I could throw myself off a cliff. There are just too many possibilities.

But then the perfect idea of revenge hit me. Literally. I ran into Laurent one day in the woods during my nightly walks. Ooh, walks in the wood at night? What would Edward say? He would hate it. He would say it's dangerous, and that's the exact reason why I did it.

Laurent being the jerk that he was decided that he was very hungry at the moment we happened to meet up. He told me that Victoria wanted me and that killing me now would be like a huge favor or something. It makes me laugh to think of what a huge favor he would be doing by killing me- something I was afraid to do myself.

But what luck did I have that night! Laurent messed up. He didn't kill me all the way. He got spooked by something in the woods. Hell if I knew what it was that could scare a vampire. But he left me lying on the ground with his stupid vampire venom running through my veins.

I don't even want to describe what kind of pain took place during those three days. Is it ironic, though, that the pain the venom caused couldn't even compare to the horrible pain Edward put me through for months?

Now what kind of revenge would since I got turned instead of killed? My original plan of dying and making Edward regret leaving me so didn't work out. But then I realized what better revenge could there be if I did the one the thing Edward would have hated. The one thing he would hate more than me being a vampire.

What if I was a vampire that didn't follow the Cullen's regular diet?

I only had one flaw with my plan...or so I had thought. As a human, I hated the sight of blood. But oh my god, the first time I awoke as a vampire and I felt that burning in my throat…I couldn't resist.

My first human was a hiker in the woods. He was an out-of-town kind of guy who had his whole little camp set up in the woods. His first mistake? Being alone and being way too close to me when I first changed.

His blood was sweet and amazing as I ripped into the soft flesh of his neck. Oh god, no human food could compare to this. I couldn't believe that Edward and his family could resist this!

But I couldn't help the nagging little feeling in the back of my brain. What if I killed one of my friends by accident? Worst of all, what if I accidentally killed Charlie? I had to get out of here. I had to leave this place for good. No looking back ever again.

Then I needed to feed some more.

After I had left Forks, I went from one town to another with lots of silly humans. I fed one after the other. Dumb humans should learn to never wander into dark alleyways.

A year or two went by and I learned a lot more about my skills. Instead of waiting around for a human to come to me, I found out that I could use my beauty and smarts to ensnare willing dummies. Clubs and bars became like my own personal buffet.

If only Edward could see me now…because this revenge is sweet, but blood is even sweeter now...

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