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Harry could hear the trickling of a distant waterfall behind him. The full moon reflected off Harry's glasses as he looked up at the night sky. He lay down in the thick grass, enjoying his solitude, far from the wizard and muggle world. It's been over a year after he killed Voldemort, yet he found no peace. Ginny's attempts at trying to get them back together had become more fervent. He didn't have the heart to tell her he was gay. He had silently moved to a secluded area in the forest. Harry had always enjoyed being in the wilderness ever since he had gone "camping" with Hagrid. Now that he was alone, he could relax and enjoy the song of the forest. Before long, he had fallen asleep in the meadow he laid in.

A howl broke the soft sounds of the night. A glint of silver flashed by in the moonlight. Harry could sense a presence hiding in the trees. He didn't feel fear, but an odd sense of calmness. His head spun around to the sound of another howl. It had sounded like it was speaking to him, but he quickly dismissed the thought. It slowly crept closer to him until he felt it behind him, warm and comforting, yet filled with sadness and longing. Harry spun his head around to find nothing. Moonlight had broken through the clouds and shone upon him. He looked up at the full moon, it was brighter than he remembered it. Harry closed his eyes and basked in the embrace of the moon. When he opened his eyes, he saw a large silver wolf. His breath hitched in his throat at the beauty of the creature.

"huh?… what?… mmfmfghh… OW!"

Harry leap up with a start. Hedwig pecked at his face again in annoyance.

"OKAY! I'm up…!"

Harry groggily stood up and finally noticed he had an orgasm while sleeping. He didn't even remember what he had dreamt about.

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