There are so many great post-finale fics out there! I decided to try one of my own based on the popular premise that the restrained goodbye between B&B in the airport wasn't their only goodbye.

Spoilers through the finale.

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Redefining Humanity

Seeley Booth awoke at dawn, the first light of day streaming into his bedroom. As he rubbed his eyes, the memory of the previous night flooded his mind. The images flashed through his mind: her milky white skin, the sweet scent her hair, the feeling of her legs wrapped around him as they set the perfect rhythm for their love making. If it weren't for the sensation of her soft skin, slightly moist from sweat, beneath his palms he would have thought it was all an incredible, beautiful dream.

But it was real.

She had arrived at his apartment for their planned farewell dinner. He'd debated asking her for a dinner at the new Asian fusion restaurant in Georgetown that he'd heard rave reviews of, but somehow that felt too much like a "date". They were both soon departing for a year, and Booth didn't want her to know the truth – that he could never move on. So, instead, they had planned to get take-out and eat at his place. The dinner had gone as expected, filled with their usual banter and playful bickering over who got the last bite of mee krob. When Bones acquiesced to his request for the last bite, he'd gathered the food between his chopsticks. Without a moment's hesitation, as if it were a perfectly normal exchange, Booth brought the chopsticks to her mouth. To his surprise and delight, she opened her mouth and accepted his romantic gesture. What she did next was nothing short of a shock. She leaned in and kissed him, a soft, chaste kiss. Her lips pressed against his for only a moment.

Bones had withdrawn from the kiss, a blush rising to her cheeks as if she were just as surprised by the kiss. He had scooted his chair a little closer to her and brought his palm to her cheek and brought her lips to his again.

That was how it had started. A hungry kiss led to the frantic shedding of clothes, longing for the feel of the bare skin of their bodies against one another. But their lovemaking was slow yet passionate. As they explored one another's bodies, Booth and Bones slipped away and Seeley and Temperance took over. As Seeley, he could kiss the hollow of her neck, taste the sweetness of her core, call her baby and whisper soft "I love you's" in her ear as he savored the sensation of being inside her, then enfold her in his arm until her breathing became shallow and even with sleep.

But now with the first stirrings of morning, they were Booth and Bones again. Yet, her perfect breasts were still pressed against his bare abdomen and their legs entwined. Booth resisted the desire to let his hands and lips explore her body again out of the fear that her continued presence in his bed was out of exhaustion rather than a decision that last night was not an irreparable mistake.

Her flight left in a little over six hours and, despite his protests, she was having a car service pick her up in four. He had far less time. He was expected on base in two hours.

"Bones," he whispered in her ear.

She emitted a soft moan and shifted in his arms.

Booth traced her cheek tenderly with his thumb. Her eyes fluttered open with his gentle touch.


"Good morning," Booth said with a smile.

"Good morning," she returned tentatively.

Her crystal blue eyes met his chocolate brown ones and held his gaze.

"It is nice waking up next to you," she said shyly.

Booth smiled broadly, "Yes, it is," he said running his fingers through her hair tangled from sleep.

"You snore," she said playfully.

"Yeah, well you talk in your sleep," Booth retorted.

"I do not!"

"Yes, you do. And you moan," Booth said, tickling her, "it's pretty sexy, really."

Bones looked up at him with a smile, which he returned eagerly. Booth felt Bones' hands rest just above his buttocks seductively. Booth wanted nothing more than to make love to her again, but first, he needed some answers.

"I need to know what this means," Booth said seriously.

"I don't know. We are both leaving," she replied, the last four words coming out as a question rather than a statement.

"Yes, we are, but that doesn't change the fact that we made love last night, Bones. It doesn't change how I feel about you. I need to know that this is you want this - us. You need to take some time to make sure that this is what you want."

It took Booth all of his resolve to make that statement. As much as he wanted to call the army immediately and tell them sorry they'd have to find another guy, there was a part of him that feared the night of passionate was out of desperation, rather than a change of heart.

Brennan nodded, "Do you need that same time to determine what you want?"

Booth shook his head and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, "No. I have known for six years what I want. I've only ever wanted you, Temperance. We will meet in a year from today at the reflecting pool by the coffee cart. I will be there and, if you come, I'll know that you want this too."

She swallowed the lump in her throat and said, "Okay."

Booth smiled and ran his hand along the contour of her body, "You're so beautiful, Bones."

She blushed and rested her palm against his chest and moved it languidly down his torso.

With her hands approaching the waistband of his boxers, Booth gave into his more primal instinct and whispered in her ear, "I want to make love to you again."

"Then, why don't you?"

Booth needed no further permission. And, despite their agreement to take a year to consider what she wanted, they made love again, savoring every touch, kiss, and moan of pleasure.

They'd agreed that this would be their final goodbye, but Booth couldn't keep him promise. He had to see her one last time before her plane took flight for the other side of the world. Almost instinctively, she had spotted him from across the crowded terminal and gravitated towards him. He repressed the urge to just take her into his arms and hold her tight. Instead, they exchanged words of warning to be careful and reiterated their agreement. They firmly clasped one another's hands and parted, glancing back longingly.

Booth and Bones spoke each Wednesday at 10 PM for Brennan and 7 PM from Booth, at a time when they were both had reliable access to the telephone. They spoke until someone else on either end was imploring them to wrap it up already. They emailed one another when they had internet access. Their phone conversations and emails carefully tip toed around the topic of the twenty-four hours before their departure. Instead, they discussed the mundane details of their everyday life with enough description that each felt as if they were there with one another. Bones, however, made one large omission.

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