The Pokémon Chronicles

The sun was just rising when Drew Matthews finally walked up the hill. "Where have you been," said his best friend Ray Lang. "I have been waiting here forever" he continued. "Sorry," replied the other boy. "I'm not exactly a morning person," finished Drew. "Well we're gonna have to go on our journey a little faster because of you," accused Ray. "Keep cool man," replied the teen. "It isn't that big of a deal," he continued. "Now lets hit the road," said Drew.

Drew and Ray live in the world of Pokémon. They are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime in a mystical world where nearly anything is possible. Drew is a 13 year old boy with long auburn hair. A hooded zip up sweater reading Orange Islands in sowed on letters is sported by him as he sets out that day. Underneath is a grey shirt with an Ursaring between two red stars on it. He wears bright orange shorts to match the letters on his hoodie. His best friend Ray has short blonde hair and wears a red sport jacket with a black shirt underneath. Ray has black shorts for bottoms. This is their Pokémon adventure.

As they set off to New Bark Town and Professor Elm's laboratory they decided to send out their favorite Pokémon. "Riolu come on out," said Drew with excitement in his voice. A blue and black fox-like creature came out of the ball. "Scyther, I choose you," said Ray. A light green bug with huge scythes appeared out of the ball. About an hour later they arrived at Professor Elm's lab. "Hello boys," said Elm as they walked in. "So you are setting off on a Pokémon journey I presume," said the man. "Yeah, we thought we should come here first," said Ray with a jolt of energy. "That was very wise of you" replied Elm. "Now every trainer should have a Pokémon and so trainers who visit me receive one of three Pokémon that can only be seen in the Johto Region. These Pokémon are known as starters," Elm continued blabbering about the starters. "Um, sir we already have Pokémon," interrupted Drew. "What?" Elm said dumfounded. "Yeah, we already have Pokémon," the teen repeated. "Yeah, I have a Scyther and he has a Riolu," said Ray. "Well I guess you don't need these Pokémon then," Elm said slowly. "However, if your going to take the Johto League challenge you should go to Violet City first is pretty close to here," the man said. "Well we'll be seeing you later," said Ray. "Wait, here take these Poke Balls," said the professor. "And good luck," yelled Elm as they left.

"Hey, Drew," said Ray. "What?" Drew replied. "Guess what Professor Elm specializes in," said the teen. "I don't know," said Drew. "Pokémon breeding." said Ray trying not to laugh. The two boys started laughing so hard they nearly wet themselves. "What a perv," said Drew mid laughter. "I wonder if he watches them" questioned Ray as they started laughing harder than before.

"So Ray where are we heading next," said Drew. "I don't know you were the one who was supposed to bring you the map." Said Ray a little frustrated. "Oh yeah," replied Drew. "Here you go," said Drew while taking out the map and handing it to Ray. "Well it looks like we are going to go west to Cherrygrove City, but I think we should head north first there are some rarer Pokémon there," said Ray looking at the map. "Ok, I definitely like your idea for catching rare Pokémon," said Drew. The two teens started along to the town of Cherrygrove City.