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It was 1 o'clock in the morning and Meghan Chrestler was attempting to finish her Latin homework when she heard a familiar rapping on the window outside of her own. She got up from her desk and walked over to the window, opened it before she sat on the window seal and brought her legs up to her chest wrapping her arms around them.

"Hey Kayley"

"Hey… Sorry… I just couldn't sleep and I saw that your night light was on"

"Yeah they (her foster parents) were yelling and I just couldn't work while they were arguing. Have you finished your Latin?"

Kayley shook her head and it was then that Meghan noticed the tears in her best friend's eyes. As Meghan glanced down Kayley's body she saw fresh finger shaped bruises that almost blended in with all of the other marks on her arms. Meghan reached out for her best friend's hand and Kayley quickly grabbed it. The two had such a unique friendship that was forged because of the abuse they endure from their so called fathers. They knew what each other's life was like without an explanation. They were each other's life line because their windows weren't more than two feet apart. Their physically closeness allowed them to spend many nights comforting each other after an attack. Sometimes they would just sit on their window seals and talk other times after particularly bad attacks they would crawl through the windows and hold each other. Showing the other that they could be loved that they were loved.

Then they heard the pounding of feet coming up the stairs. Meghan knew that he was coming for her she let go of Kayley's hand and as she shut the window she whispered "Get away, don't let him see you."

He came into her room and his pants and boxers were already off. Meghan half leaped half fell off the windows seal. He picked her up before she could stand up properly and threw her into the wall. He then picked her up again and ripped her pants off.

"Please no don't please…" She begged

He slapped her hard across the face and as much as she tried to fight them the tears began to fall. He tore her shirt off of her and unclasped her bra. Then in a second he was inside her thrusting hard. She screamed and he slapped her again. He let out a pleasurable groan as he continued to thrust inside her. He grabbed her breast and squeezed. She cried, begged, and screamed, so he continued to beat her.

Kayley was frozen from shock at what she was witnessing. She had never actually seen the abuse before. Finally the shock lifted enough for her to do something. She picked up her cell phone and dialed '911.'

"911, what is your emergency?" The operator asked when the call was connected.

"My friend is being beaten and raped."

"M'am where are you?"

"3741 Prairie Lane" She gave Meghan's address before hanging. She didn't want the police to know she was the one calling or she could look forward to a beating herself. She waited until she could see the flashing lights before closing the curtain. She wanted to go and comfort her friend but she knew that if she did that her father would be upset and because she truly wanted nothing more than to survive she just got under the sheets and prayed as tears silently dripped from her cheeks.

Meghan was in so much pain that she didn't think she could move. She just closed her eyes trying desperately to erase the last twenty minutes from her mind. She still lay ther on her bed naked, cold, bruised, and bleeding. The tears were falling uncontrollably and her body shook from the trauma.

Then her door opened again and even though it hurt she curled into a tight ball and tried to go somewhere else.

"Sweetheart" A woman's voiced sweetly. "My name is Christina and I'm an EMT" Meghan lifted her head to see a brunette standing next to her bed. The woman covered Meghan with a blanket. "The police have arrested the man who hurt you and if it's alright with you I'm going to bring my friend Nathan so we can get you out of here and to the hospital."

Meghan nodded. She stretched out as Nathan came in with a back board. They rolled her on her side and placed the board under her. They strapped her to it and carried it down stairs. By the time they walked out of the house Meghan's eyes were closed for now she was safe enough to sleep.

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