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Meghan searched the cafeteria for her friends and then ran over to sit with them when she finally spotted them.

"Hey Meghan!" Clint said inviting her to sit next to him.

"Hey." She replied before sitting down. They all laughed and talked and we just normal teenagers. Meghan had never been a normal teenager before she was always worrying about what her next beating would be for.

"So guys I was thinking Saturday we could get together and play some pool or something." Reid started to say, "My dad just remodeled the basement and so there is a pool table and dart board and big screen t.v. and stuff."

"I'm in." Clint said immediately.

"Yeah." Nathen agreed.

Meghan looked around nervously she didn't know what she was supposed to say. She had never been over to a boy's house and didn't know if she would be allowed. But When she heard everyone around the table agreeing she nodded her head too, making a mental note to talk to Angela in choir about it.

It wasn't too much longer until it was time for choir and she saw Angela waiting by the stairs like always did so they could walk together.

"Hey." Angela said as she headed down the stairs

"Hey so this thing at Reid's…" She started.

"Yeah what about it?" Angela asked.

"Well I mean… I've never…"

"Oh whoa it won't be any different than lunch I promise."

"Oh ok then."

"What did you think it would be?"

Meghan shrugged, not knowing how to answer.

"Well it's just friends hanging out. All of us except you and Brooke have know each other forever because we go to church together." Angela explained

"Oh…" Meghan said with relief in her voice. "Ok then I'll talk to my aunt."

"Great it will be so awesome."

"Ok." Meghan said excitedly as she opened the door to the choir room.

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