Chapter 1

It was a usual Saturday morning in Titans Tower. Robin and Starfire were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and talking, Raven was sitting at the far end of the couch reading one of her thick brown books, and Cyborg and Beast boy were in the middle of the couch playing NeedForSpeed Most Wanted. "You wanna pass me, you wanna pass me, but you can't pass-" Cyborg stopped when he saw Beast Boy's car ahead of his.

"Now who can't pass who Cy?" Beast Boy said mockingly. Cyborg used what was left of his nitrous to catch up to Beast Boy. They were side-by-side on the home stretch, and Beast Boy began to slowly pull ahead of Cyborg's car and he saw that Cyborg was getting frustrated.

Raven looked up from her book for a moment to look at Beast Boy and Cyborg playing their game. Beast Boy was smiling with a smirk and Cyborg looked frustrated. 'Beast Boy must be winning,' Raven thought. 'I'll never understand what he finds so appealing about these games.' Raven looked at the screen for a second and saw that car was just a hood ahead of the other. She looked back to Beast Boy and noticed something that seemed out of place. Beast Boy lifted his thumb off one of the buttons and a smile played his lips. Raven looked back at the screen and saw Cyborg's car passing Beast Boy's.

"BOO-YAH! I told you, you couldn't beat my GT3 with a Corvette C-6," Cyborg exclaimed as he won the race.

"Yea right man, you cheated somehow!" Beast Boy yelled to his half-metal friend.

"Sure man, you just keep telling yourself that," Cyborg said with half-laughter. Beast Boy was about to retort the comment but decided against it. He walked out of the Common Room and into the hallway.

Raven watched the whole event unfold. She swore she saw Beast Boy's car slowdown, so why would he argue that Cyborg cheated. 'Did he let Cyborg win? Why would he do that?' Raven thought to herself. A few moments passed and Raven stood up from her position on the couch, completely forgetting her book, and began walking over to the Common Room doors. But she was stopped when someone called her name.

"Raven, where are you going?" Robin asked from the kitchen table.

"I need to meditate there's too much noise here for me," she replied in her monotone voice.

Robin nodded in acknowledgement and was going back to his breakfast, but he remembered he needed to say something. "Hey Raven, if you see Beast Boy, tell him we have combat practice in about an hour." Raven nodded and left the Common Room area.

She walked the halls until she reached her room. She was about to enter when curiosity got the better of her. So she traveled to the room next to her. It was labeled Beast Boy on the steel door in front of her. She knocked on his door hoping that he would talk to her. After a few moments of no one replying, she knocked again and said, "Beast Boy, it's me Raven. Can we talk?" There was still no reply and she soon became very annoyed.

Using her powers she phased through the door and looked inside. Clutter was everywhere. Clothes were scattered across the floor, along with old childlike toys, and other various items. 'How can anyone live like this?' Raven thought as she looked at the trash littered room. Seeing that Beast Boy was not there she decided to leave. She wanted to ask Beast Boy about what she saw earlier otherwise she felt it would bother her all day. She continued to walk the halls checking various rooms where Beast Boy could be, but to no avail. The green boy was nowhere to be found. There were only two places left, the roof and the workout room. Seeing as how the workout room was closer she decided to go there.

She walked to the workout room thinking over how she should ask Beast Boy these questions and how he would react to it. She finally reached the workout room and opened the door. He was bench pressing from her point of view, a lot since there were two large weights and one small one on each side. Beast Boy did one more and racked up the bar. He sat up on the bench, his hands on each of his legs supporting him.

When Raven looked at him, a blush appeared on her face. She couldn't help but stare at him. He had no shirt on and was working out bare-chested. Sweat was dripping off of him and she continued to stare. She couldn't help but notice his well defined chest and washboard abs. 'I never knew he was so well toned. His uniform really covers it up,' Raven thought. She shook her head ignoring her thought and went back to looking at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy failed to notice that Raven was right there, gawking at him. His head was down since he was trying to catch his breath. Once he put his head up, he saw Raven. "Oh hey Raven didn't see you there. What's up? Come to work out?" Beast Boy asked kindly as he got up from the bench. He walked over to the dumbbells as he waited for her to answer.

She was brought out of her staring and began to speak. "Hi and no I did not come here to work out. I came here to talk to you about something," Raven said trying to push down the blush on her face.

Beast Boy grabbed two 45 pound dumbbells and wondered why what Raven wanted to talk to him. He thought that Raven was going to yell at him, but she would have already done that. Deciding to press his luck, he asked, "Sure Rae, what is it?" he asked as he began to lift the weights.

First off, it's Raven. And second, I wanted to know what happened earlier," Raven said. She did not like it when people gave her pet names.

"What do you mean Raven?" he asked as he thought what he had done earlier.

Raven started to blush again as Beast Boy continued to lift the dumbbells he held. His muscles were bulging and flexing each time he lifted them up. She turned her head to not meet his gaze and said, "Um, I wanted to know why you let Cyborg win?" she asked trying her best not to stammer or blush. The next thing she heard was a giant thud and someone yelling.

When Beast Boy heard this a million thoughts and fears went through his mind. He was so distracted by the question and his own thoughts that he did not realize that he had dropped the dumbbells. Then a sickening thud and a tremendous amount of pain brought him out of his thoughts to see that he had dropped one of the dumbbells on his right foot. He yelled do to the pain, grabbed his foot, and started hoping on one foot trying to lessen the pain.

Raven saw him holding his foot, hoping around on the other one. He continued to hop until he reached the bench again and sat down holding his foot for dear life. She walked quickly over to him a look of worry on her face. His eyes were closed tightly and his teeth were gritted in an attempt not to scream. "Beast Boy, are you ok?" she asked quickly and full of worry.

"Yea I'm fine. Just a 45 pound dumbbell fell on my foot," He said his voice in pain. He cracked open one eye to try and see her. He tried to crack a smile but the pain was to excruciating.

"Here let me heal you," Raven said quietly and kindly. She felt guilty, if she hadn't had distracted him with her curiosity, then he wouldn't have possibly dropped his dumbbell, and he wouldn't have possibly broken his foot. She slowly unlaced his shoes and very carefully removed his shoe. Beast Boy every now and again would wince and hiss in pain, and each time Raven's guilt went deeper and deeper. After what seemed like forever, his shoe was fully off and revealed his green foot. It was already black, blue, and purple and started to swell. Now she really felt guilty.

"Well looks worse then it feels," Beast Boy said laughing nervously. He looked at Raven and saw that she was not amused. In fact she looked sad to him. Her hand began to glow a florescent blue and his foot was starting to feel better. After a few minutes she stopped when his foot looked no longer black, blue and purple.

"I managed to reduce the damage done to it but it's still going to be sore for a while," Raven said in a quiet monotone. She was on her knees and dared not to move from where she was.

"Thanks Raven," Beast Boy said kindly. He grabbed his shoe and began to put it on when he saw Raven was still on her knees. "Raven what's wrong?' he asked caringly. She murmured something he couldn't get, not even with his sensitive ears. "What was that Raven? I couldn't understand you," he asked curiously.

"I'm sorry," Raven said sadly.

He looked at her thinking why would she be sorry. "Why? What do you have to be sorry for?" Beast Boy asked her with a confused look on his face.

Because if it wasn't for me then you never would have gotten hurt," she stated sorrowfully.

"No it wasn't Raven I was stupid and careless and didn't pay attention to what I was doing," Beast Boy said half jokingly and bonked himself slightly on the head as a form of punishment. He laughed a little at himself but soon stopped when he saw that Raven was still down. He stood up from the bench and said, "Besides," as he extended his hand to her. She saw this and contemplated on grabbing his hand. She hesitantly placed her hand on top of his own as he continued to speak. "If it wasn't for you, then my foot would still be broken. Thank you Raven, you are an amazing friend," he said as he pulled her up to her feet.

They both just stood there and looked into each other's eyes. Raven's hand was still cupped by Beast Boy's. Beast Boy smiled to her and this prompted Raven to do the same only it was so small, most people would not have noticed it. "Hey look at that, I got you to smile Rae," Beast Boy said proudly.

"No, you didn't, and it's Raven," she stated as a shade of pink showed on her cheeks. She got her hand out of Beast Boy's light grip and turned away from him. "Maybe you should put your shirt back on."

Beast Boy looked down and realized that he still had no shirt on and looked at Raven again. He laughed nervously and said, "Yeah maybe your right." He walked over to the pull-up bar where he put his shirt, picked it up and began to put it on. "Oh and Raven what was your question again, kind of forgot," He then pulled his shirt over his head and straightened it out.

"Oh, I said why you let Cyborg win?" she asked again.

Beast Boy fixed himself up as he checked to see if his uniform was on correctly. "I didn't let Cyborg win, he cheated," Beast Boy stated hoping that she would believe him.

"But I saw you right before the finish line of your game you lifted your thumb off one of the buttons on the controller and your car slowed down allowing Cyborgs to pass," Raven explained as she wondered what Beast Boy was trying to hide.

"I… Well you see… The thing is…" Beast Boy stammered as he tried to explain what she had seen, but he never finished. Right when he was about to tell her the alarm went off indicating there was trouble.

"Raven, Beast Boy report immediately to the common room, there's trouble," Robin shouted over the intercom.

Beast Boy sighed and thought, 'Saved by the bell.' He looked at Raven and then said, "Well we better go see what's up this time." He walked passed Raven but was stopped when she grabbed his arm.

"We're not done yet after our mission, you and I will continue our little talk," Raven said annoyingly. She was about to know what had happened earlier but was stopped cause someone was making trouble. 'I'm going to kill whoever interrupted our conversation,' Raven thought angrily. She let go of Beast Boy and the two of them went to the common room to see what the trouble was

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