Chapter 15

One month had passed since Beast Boy had last chased Tony and Roger and ended the large drug rein that came through the west coast. Drugs were still being found in the west coast, but distribution had been severely cut down. Beast Boy had been stuck under medical care for about the same length. He had punctured his stomach and also broken his arm in three different places. Even with Raven's healing abilities, he still had to wait a month before he was completely healed and ready to join the others.

Today was a special day to Beast Boy, for today was his 18th birthday. The Titans had prepared a large feast for their returning friend and underground hero. The day after Raven returned with Beast Boy to the Tower, Beast Boy explained that he couldn't tell them because they already told him that he couldn't know the details of their mission so he planned his own.

He needed the Titans to believe that he was on their side but had his own agenda that way he knew they would be able to back him up if need be or the other way around. The Titans were slightly angry with him, but quickly forgave him. They all knew what it meant to hide their identity if need be, so there was no real reason to stay mad at him.

They were all having the time of their lives, laughing and joking around with one another. After the meal they all sat down together and started watching Fast and Furious. Robin and Starfire were sitting at one end of the couch. After their initial date, they had been all but inseparable.

Cyborg was in the middle with his new girlfriend Jinx. He never told anyone, but they had been speaking on the phone to one another for quite some time. After what he saw happen to Beast Boy, he called up Jinx and told her to come and live with them in the tower. Jinx was all too willing to comply and now they both are open with each other dating one another.

And at the other end of the couch was Raven and Beast Boy. The day Raven returned with Beast Boy, and Beast Boy was resting from his endeavor, she explained to the Titans that the two of them were an item. She also explained that if any of them made fun of either her or Beast Boy, then there would be hell to pay and beyond.

Each of the girls cuddled into their boyfriends arms and laid their heads on their shoulders. Except for Jinx who needed a pillow so she would not harm herself on Cyborgs tough exterior armor. Cyborg did not mind though, as long as she was cuddled against him they were fine.

Once the movie ended, the Titans said in their respective spots so they could linger this content feeling a little longer. But their silence was too soon interrupted by the Titans theme beeping on Robin's communicator. Robin looked at his communicator and then a smile came to his face. He looked to Starfire and nodded. Starfire knew what this meant and got out of her spot on the couch along with Robin.

The other Titans wondered what was up so Cyborg asked, "You and Star going somewhere Robin?"

Robin smiled and said, "Actually we are all going to the garage. I think it's time for Beast Boy to get his birthday gifts."

When the other Titans heard this they all smiled and nodded except for Beast Boy was ecstatic about the idea of getting gifts from his friends. All of the Titans minus Beast Boy knew what he was about to get, and they knew that he was going to love it.

They made their way to the elevator that led to the garage and all stepped in. Beast Boy had his arms wrapped around Raven's waist and she laid her head against his shoulder. Raven was so content on just letting Beast Boy hold her like that forever, but she knew that this present would make Beast Boy so happy.

The elevator finally stopped and the door pinged open. Raven and Beast Boy let the others go first. When it was their turn Raven quickly got behind Beast Boy and put her hands over his eyes. "Rae, what are you doing?" Beast Boy asked is dark girlfriend.

"I'm covering your eyes so you look at your present right away," Raven answered him.

"Won't it be wrapped in a box or something?" Beast Boy asked.

"Would you please trust me and let me guide you to your gift. Otherwise you won't get any presents at all," Raven said

Beast Boy stiffened in fear and said, "Ok, ok, I'll behave."

"Good," Raven said to her green beau. Raven walked forward and led Beast Boy more into the garage. After walking a few feet, Raven stopped, which in turn made Beast Boy stop as well.

"Ready?" Raven whispered into his ear.

"Yeah," Beast Boy replied. Raven released her hands and Beast Boy saw three big guys stand about a foot in front of him. "John, Joe, Carlos. What are you guys doing here?"

"We weren't about to miss our buddies birthday now?" John said to the green changeling.

"Yeah man, plus who doesn't enjoy free cake," Joe said to Beast Boy as he took a bite out of the cake he had in his hand.

"Yeah," Beast Boy said while laughing lightly. A thought then occurred to him. "So wait are you guys my gift? To come to Titans Tower so we can all hang out?

The three mechanics laughed for a minute and once they finally calmed down, Carlos began to speak. "Sorry Beast Boy, you're not that lucky."

"But this is your gift," John said as he and the other two mechanics moved out of the way. When they fully out of Beast Boy's line of sight, what he saw behind them made his jaw go right into a giant smile.

It was a car, and not just any car, it was his car. He walked up to it and looked at his car. The green paint looked exactly the same, the chaise was back to the way it looked like, and the rims were exactly the same as when he got it, also the spoiler and body. And when he looked inside at the interior, he knew without a doubt that this was his car, because the picture of Raven was dangling from his rear view mirror.

The picture looked slightly withered, bent and torn. But that was to be expected when your car flipped around so many times. The picture of Raven smiling was something that Beast Boy held very near and dear to his heart. After looking at the Mustang one last time he turned around to all his friends and began to speak, "How-" but was interrupted right there

"Talk to your girlfriend, she's the one that planned this whole thing," Carlos said.

Beast Boy looked at Raven for a minute and she turned her head to the side as a blush came upon her face. Beast Boy walked up to Raven and enveloped her in a hug. This caught Raven off by surprise but she gladly returned the hug.

The other's looked as the couple hugged after the slowly released but not fully. They were looking at each other's eyes and smiled sweetly.

Joe began talking and the others looked to him and began to listen. "Yeah we got a visit from your girl one day saying that she had a surprise for you for your birthday. She said she wanted to fix up your car for you and give it to you as a present. So she picked it up from the bridge and we fixed it up this whole last month."

Beast Boy looked at Raven once more and said, "You really did all this Rae?" Raven nodded in response. Beast Boy just enveloped her in an even tighter hug than before.

"Yea and not only that, she even helped us fix it up to," John continued.

At that moment Beast Boy remembered something, he let go of Raven and turned around to his mechanic friends. "Did you guys manage to get it?" Beast Boy asked.

The mechanic's looked confused for a moment until they realized what he was talking about. "Yeah we got it, but we weren't able to get it all the way finished. All that's on their right now is color," Carlos explained.

"That's perfect, wanted to work on it personally anyway," Beast Boy retorted.

The Titans were confused as to what they were talking about. "Uh, Beast Boy what are you guys talking about?" Robin asked.

Beast Boy turned back around to Raven and said, "I got you something, and I don't want to hear 'it's your birthday,' or 'it's your day to get gifts.' You are getting this gift, ok?"

Raven nodded and said, "Okay."

Beast Boy turned to look at his friends and said, "Okay, guys lets go to your garage."

They all smiled and Joe said, "Actually, we had a feeling you would want to give this to your girl, so we brought it with us."

"Really, that's awesome!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Yeah. We'll get it. Cyborg would you mind coming with me so you can open the garage," Joe said.

"Yeah sure no problem, man," Cyborg replied. They all left to go outside so they could get Raven's surprise.

Beast Boy once more turned around and faced Raven. "This time it's your turn to close your eyes," Beast Boy said. Raven complied and closed her eyes. The garage door then opened and the sun showed four human silhouettes and one very large silhouette. Beast Boy turned his head to look at them and then gestured them to come in.

The four human silhouettes pushed the large one into the garage. After a few moments they stopped and Cyborg closed the garage door. Raven had been trying to listen to what her gift was but the only sound she heard was the garage door opening and closing. She continued to listen but heard nothing but Robin, Starfire, and Jinx whispering quietly to one another.

Raven continued to keep her eyes closed until she felt a hand on her shoulder and heard Beast Boy's voice say, "Okay, Rae. You can open your eyes now." Raven did and what she saw in front of her made her jaw drop.

"So Rae, what do you think?" Beast Boy asked his gray girlfriend. In response to his question, Raven whisked him in front of her and smashed her lips against his in a fiery passion.

Beast Boy was utterly surprised at first but in no time at all melted into the kiss. After about a minute, they stopped and looked into each other's eyes. "I can't believe you did this," Raven said unbelievingly.

"Yeah well you deserve it Rae," Beast Boy said as he looked at Raven's gift. Raven leaned against Beast Boy and looked at what Beast Boy had gotten her.

Beast Boy had gotten Raven a car, and not just any car, it was a Mazda RX-8. Beast Boy had found it one day he was left to defend the city by himself. After he took care of the villains he noticed the car and figured that that would be a perfect gift for Raven. So when he met up with the mechanics, then he gave them money to buy the car and tune it up.

"Yeah we haven't really tuned it up yet. All we got done was the paint job. They had painted a midnight purple that looked almost black when a bright light wasn't bouncing off of the car. Raven had never had such a gift in all her life and she was truly grateful to Beast Boy.

She looked at him and said, "Happy Birthday Garfield."

He smiled and said, "Thanks, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. This time he leaned down and kissed her.

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