I Don't Own SUPERMAN….. (Sad face). If I did I wouldn't be spending my time writing about his hotness.

If you've read my profile then you realize I'm not a Lois or Lana supporter. I would much rather stick myself in there, but that would be awkward to write about. So this OC of mine, Jena Bret, will have to do. She might have a few of my personality traits. (No I don't want to be a cook).

Oh by the way. I made sure that her name contained no L's. He seems to have a soft spot for women whose first and last names start with that letter. I think it's time for a change. Anyway, this is not only my first Superman fic it's also my first story. (I've only written poems)

Clark Kent's Girl

Jena Bret made her way through the alley behind the diner she worked at. "So much for being head chef at a prestigious across the sea restaurant by the time I'm twenty-five. Stupid life goal system." She thought to herself. She probably wouldn't be able to even clean dishes in a place like that. As she emerged into the early brisk morning of Metropolis she spied a news stand to her far left. Jena quickly ran over to it.

"Hey Will. How goes the business?" She asked knowingly.

"Better than most I suppose." He said with a smile.

Jena smiled right back at the silver haired man. She gave him her change and grabbed her favorite newspapers and magazines.

Just as she was about to leave, Will asked, "You think you'll find anything new in there about him? They just print the same articles but change the words."

"I know, but occasionally they come out with something new and I don't want to miss it." Jena replied back. She started walking down the sidewalk toward the subway. Soon she reached the terminal and got on a bus. She made her way to the first available seat. Jena sat down and brought out her favorite newspaper the Daily Planet. She skipped ahead past the front page saying something-or-another about superman and went to the table of contents. After scanning and finding the name she was looking for she headed to the right section.

"Lex Corp. Project Shut Down"

By Clark Kent

Jena quickly read the article and deemed it fit for her collection. Of course it was fit for collection it was by Clark Kent. That man had such a way with words. What she would give to just meet him.

As she arrived at her apartment door and fiddled for her keys, her best friend Sara came up beside her and leaned against the door jam. Sometimes Jena wondered why Sara hung out with her. They were so different. Sara was everything she wasn't, blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful. Compared to Jena's brunette, brown-eyed, and average looks there was such a stark contrast. Sure, Sara had said multiple times that Jena was pretty, but she could afford to, looking as she did.

"Off to obsess over metropolis's favorite superhero huh?" Sara said with a smirk.

Jena knew it was dishonest, but it worked out better if everyone thought she was just obsessed with Superman, because apparently, if you obsess about a mere mortal that means that you're a crazy, psycho stalking killer. And Jena was not obsessed with him. She just liked his writing and clipped out his articles. It's not like she knew where he lived and watched him dance and sing in his living room through binoculars.

"I am not obsessing Sara. I'm occupying my time. It's called a hobby."

"What ever happened to good old knitting?"

Jena finally found her keys and unlocked the door. She hurried in and kicked off her shoes. She hated shoes. Not a big fan of socks either. She followed Jena in and took in her sparse living room.

"You need a boyfriend." Sara said frankly.

"So you've said. Many times." Jena rolled her eyes as Sara started going into a rant about how men make everything less boring. Easy for her to say, she didn't have to work for her boyfriends. Hers came with the territory of looking gorgeous. Jena found it was easier to just stick with friends. Less heartache that way.

Sara turned to leave, but before she went she said "You can't survive on friendship, Jena.

"That's why I have a cat." She retorted. All of a sudden an unwanted vision of her twenty years later with a house full of cats came to her mind. Jena shook it off and went to take a shower.

After her shower Jena went to her bedroom and sat on the bed. She leaned over and removed a large scrapbook from the in table next to her. As she opened she remembered the first article she had put in it.

"Metropolis Dog Show a Success"

By Clark Kent

She'd been eighteen at the time and had just moved to the big city. It was the first article out of the Daily Planet she had ever read so she decided to cut it out and keep it. Soon, every time she bought the Daily Planet she would always look for his stories. As time went by he started moving up at the Planet and Jena stayed where she was in the world. Albeit, less homeless. Jena found her scissors and cut out his latest. After she had pasted it in its new home she closed the book and went to her kitchen. Jena decided food was in order. As she sat down with her turkey sandwich she took out one of the magazines she had bought and thought she might as well read the latest on Superman. She almost spit out her turkey when she saw the cover page.

"Single Superman", she said to herself. As she read the rest she found out that a little miss Lois Lane had asked for a transfer….to California of all places. "How far away does she want to get." Jena thought. "She and Superman must have had a pretty big fight." She had to laugh at that. It made Superman seem almost mortal. Jena had never cared much for Miss Lane. She always got herself into trouble. Everyone knew she only did it because she knew he would always be there to save her. Jena didn't care for life threatening situations. She decided it was time to think about something totally unrelated to Superman. Like Clark Kent. Jena had to smile a little when she thought of him. She had met him once. Well it was more her seeing him as he passed by. She had been part of a catering service at that time and was there to refill the trays. He had been walking by (with the mayor no less) and was grabbing a cup of punch on his way by. The punch just happened to have been right next to her table. Jena was lucky the famous reporter hadn't seen her staring or for that matter seen her knock over that very punch bowl reaching for napkins to clean up a previous mess. Needless to say she wasn't part of that catering company any more. Jena remembered his face so well, he didn't look anything like the bio pictures is the Daily Planet. Those glasses. She never thought glasses could be sexy before, but he definitely pulled it off (and then some).

Jena finished her sandwich, did her bathroom business, and then went to the bedroom. She then turned out the light and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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