Dear Diary:

Once he confessed how he felt about me, i felt as if my life was starting to feel normal. It felt good to have all those hidden feelings out into the open and have him know them. When Vaughn got up from his swing, he came over to me and held out his hand for me to take. I took his hand and stood up, and held his hand. Once we were leaving the park, he didn't take his hand out from mine and just squeezed it a little harder.

When we headed to the car, i wanted to close the small gap that was between us, but i thought he would want his space. As soon as we reached his car he opened up my door and me into his car. Then he came around, entered his car, started the engine, and started to drive the engine. Once we drove out of the parking lot we rode in utter complete silence, that is until i kept catching him sneak peeks at me.

"Why do you keep staring at me" i asked while my tune was hushed

"What do you mean" He sounded accused

"I see you looking at me, and i want to know why that is"

"Because, im still trying to make sure your not a hologram"

"Okay, i guess that's alright then"
When Vaughn drove into my drive way i got out of the car and before i had the chance to go inside my house. Vaughn called out my name, and i turned around to see him walking toward me.

"You forgot something" he said to me

"What did i forget" i question him " you forgot to let me do this."
Then he took me in his arms and leaned toward me, then slowly his lips pushed down on mine. I could feel myself start to go limp, automatically i put my arms around his neck. Then as his lips moved like one with mine i heard voices coming from inside. As i let go of Vaughn i stopped our kiss and looked at the who's car was in the driveway besides Vaughn's. I saw Victor Pearson car and once Vaughn saw what i was looking at he knew something was up. But just automatically took my attention back to him. I gave him one last good night kiss and went inside.

He came inside with me to see what was all going on, and on the light blue love seat sat vitor and sarah. Then in the dark blue chair located in the left corner of the room sat my mom. As we walked in together everyone turned to see us walking in.

"Josie, can you please take Vaughn to your room" my mother asked me

"Sure mom"

As he followed me into my room i could see the surprise on his face. Yeah i know my room was cleaner then my dorm room that i shared with Corrine. As i went to go on my computer i logged onto my email and saw there were 5 new messages in my in box. Most of them were all scams that people tried to get money out of you. But there was one from Corrine and Marshall. When i opened it up i had gotten the shock of my life.

Dear Josey:

You are here by invited to Corrine and Marshall's weeding

On june,15 2006. At lake view gardens near the rose bushes.

The wedding will start noon and end at 1:30, then the party

Will be moved to Corrine's house.

Hope to see you there

"I didn't know they were getting married" I said surprised to myself

"What are you talking about" Vaughn asked

"Corrine and Marshall"

"What are you talking about," he asked Surprise

I couldn't believe that this was all happening now, Vaughn and i were starting our relation ship. Corinne and Marshall were now getting married, and i just found out about it. Lastly my mom was keeping secrets from me about her work again. But what are you suppose to suspect in life.

-Josie Trent