Okay I am taking a brand new turn with my writing. I'm falling in the Darkward fandom. Though I do enjoy a chivalrous and caring Edward; delving into the mind of a dark character fascinates me.

I lost my muse for the original story line for this – no joke. I did not exactly have a plot but I knew how I wanted the story to go but my muse just was not staying with me for this. I would try writing it on paper and nothing but silly doodles would come out. When I would get on my laptop and type I'd just stare at a blank word document for hours.

When I started getting into the darkward fandom I decided to take With Arms Wide Open – change the summary somewhat and make it a darkward.

I am very excited for were I am going with this story.

If someone were to really think about it, then they would see that an everyday life of any person is like living in a soap opera. There is drama, romance, angst, and adventure; the list can go on. You watch on the TV screen, seeing actors who aren't the greatest but yet they deliver performances through a multitude of storylines that draw you in.

For example the two girls and guy cliché.

You fall in love with the super couple – John and Jane.

You hate the woman who is trying to break the super couple up – Julia.

Julia is eventually successful in breaking John and Jane up. Julia beds John, and John gets Julia pregnant.

"Bella… Victoria's pregnant."

That is when I realized my life is a soap opera with flickers of intense slow motions scenes only seen in movies.

His words; his revelation… it hit me full force. It felt like a huge weight has been dropped on me. But most of all it shook me to my core – he might as well have had stabbed me in the heart.

My boyfriend of two years had cheated on me and got another woman pregnant.

James and I had an okay relationship for the past two years. I fell in love with him quickly. He was my first serious boyfriend and I was over the moon.

We met at a club. He approached me. Asked me if he could buy me a drink and followed with some cheesy pick up line. I brushed him off but he was relentless. My best friends – Alice and Rosalie – encouraged me to go for it.

So I did.

We went out on many dates were James romanced me; which is funny because on the outside he does not look like the romantic type. He's gruff, tough, outgoing, and confident.

He is also a cheating jerk.

A conniving basterd who shrewdly lies though his teeth.

I had my suspicions but he brushed me off. He evaded my questions and concerns about his unusual behavior for the past few months.

Then I just got fed up with the way he was treating me; constantly patronizing me and getting mad because I did not trust him.

It was over three hours ago when I was at my apartment that I shared with James.

He walked out the door saying there was an emergency at work. He left in a hurry. I did not even get my customary goodbye kiss.

That's when my heart started breaking.

Then his boss called, wanting to know why James had not come in for work yet. His boss said there was no emergency; he just had to be in for his shift is all.

He had lied to me.

Why would he lie to me?

Nothing made sense.

I got out of our apartment and ended up in the park – were coincidently James was too. He was there embracing a tall red head, then he kissed her.

I held nothing back when I approached them.

James was shocked to see me but I think it was all a façade. He claimed to love me. He claimed that he never meant to hurt me. Just more lies. Why would you cheat on someone you love?

There was a lot of yelling during that fight. The fight was bringing out a very rare side of me which is one of anger.

When Victoria started insulting me my anger decided to turn physical and I went to slap her, but James stopped me.

"Bella… Victoria's pregnant."

I did not say anything to James after that. I just waked away in a daze while James' final words rung through my head like an incessant tremorous echo.

"Bella… Victoria's pregnant."

"Excuse me Miss. Can I take your order?" My eyes went wide as the annoyed teenage employee stared at me.

"Um… Um… I'll have a vanilla cappuccino." I choked out with a ductile voice.

Just like I had before I ended up in the park I went walking. I walked to nowhere in particular, and did not even pay attention to my destination. At some point my cell phone rang and I realized I was tired of walking, so I went to a coffee house so I could sit down and try to relax.

The young employee made my drink and rang up the total.

"That'll be $3.50," The employee's voice was cold and she placed out her hand waiting for me to give her payment.

I dug through my purse and grabbed my wallet. I pulled out three one dollar bills then went though my change pocket to get exact change.

"Bella… Victoria's pregnant."

"Ahhh!" I gasped and my wallet fell to the floor with my coins clinking on the floor. My telltale blush that has stuck with me since I was five years old creeped onto my face as I bent down to grab my wallet and coins. I ignored the stares of the people standing behind me. I would normally be more flustered and clumsy right now but I was to hurt to care.

Once I collected my wallet and change I dropped two quarters on top of the dollar bills but before the employee could grab it someone reached over me with their hand and swiped my money.

I turned my body around to face this person so fast that I almost gave myself whiplash.

"What the hell-… Edward?"

Edward Cullen.

A good friend of mine. We met through mutual friends years ago when I was in college.

What is he doing here? And why did he take my money like that?

I stared him down. He had a unreadable expression on his face then he shocked me by placing my money back in my hand.

"Edward, what are you-"

Edward side stepped me and placed a ten dollar bill on the counter.

"I'd like to add to this beautiful women's order. I'll take a large coffee with Irish cream and sugar."

"Okay…" The employee muttered and rolled her eyes before going to make the coffee.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I finally got to ask.

"I came in here for coffee and saw you. I figured I buy you a coffee." His voice was between a mix of husky and controlled.

"Edward, I can pay for my own coffee." I argued.

"Bella, you never let anyone buy you anything. It is just coffee. Please. Humor me at least." Then he smiled. I found his smile to be smug and it pissed me off.

"Humor you? Humor you! You know what. I am sick of humoring people! I humored James enough and he just kept lying to me!" Tears formed through my eyes and Edward's smile faltered. His expression turned angry.

"What do you mean James lied to you?" He practically growled as he said that but I did not think much of it. My mind set is in only one place right now.

"Bella… Victoria's pregnant."

More tears fell flew my eyes and I started sobbing. Edward pushed me over to the side and his hands cupped both sides of my face. He arched his thumbs up to wipe my tears away but I couldn't stop crying.

"You're crying. Why are you crying? What does James have to do with it? Tell me!" He demanded

"H-Hhhe cheated on me and got the girl he was cheating on me with pregnant." I can't believe I just gave into him like that.

The grip he had on face turned tight to the point of pain and my tears stopped.


"He made you cry."

"Edward, please let me go."

"He made you cry. He will never make you cry again."

And I shivered.

I wanted to keep going but that seemed like a good way to end things and give for a suspense factor.

My other stories feature chivalrous and Sweet Edward so I'm going to do my best to transition into Darkward. He will have chivalrous qualities but trust me he is a dark Edward.