A Touch of Destiny

Chapter 1: Guinevere and Will

The day was damp and cloudy in London, England. It was not the suitable weather for anyone to be found outside. That was not the case for two children. At a small house in Canterbury, two children, a boy and girl, circled around the garden at play. The boy was tall and darkly handsome with silky, brown curls, golden, tan skin and soulful, chocolate brown eyes. He was Will Turner, son of William and Emma Turner.

The girl was just matching Will's height and equally beautiful. Here hair was long and in dark curls and her eyes were the brightest shade of brown. Unlike Will, her skin was as white as snow. Her name was Guinevere Parris, daughter of Christine and George Parris.

Will and Guinevere had been friends since before they were born. Their mothers, Emma and Christine, were neighbors and became fast friends over banoffee pie. Will and Guinevere did everything together from crying to laughing to fighting to playing. Although they didn't admit it openly, they loved each other and were inseparable. Unfortunately, not everything went well for them. Guinevere was already an orphan; her mother died giving her life, and her father soon after. Will's mother had just passed away and his father was serving as a merchant sailor. Will wanted to find his father, but he knew to do so would break Guinevere's heart. One day, he decided to tell Guinevere his plan.

He and Guinevere played their games as they did before and Will did his best not to seem distressed. However, Guinevere was not fooled.

"Dear William, what is the matter?" Guinevere asked gently.

"Nothing. Why do you ask?" Will lied.

"Don't try to lie to me, Will. Something's troubling you," Guinevere said knowingly, "Is it your mother?"

Will sighed. "Sit with me, Guin."

"Why do I have the feeling I'm not going to like what you're going to tell me?" Guinevere asked.

"I don't think you will," Will told her, "You know my mother is gone now."

"We're stating the obvious," Guinevere replied, "Go on."

"My father is a merchant sailor in the Caribbean. He sent me this medallion," Will said slowly, revealing his gold skull medallion, "I have only seen him once in my life. Now that mother is gone, I…I want to find my father in the Caribbean."

Guinevere said nothing in response.

Will sighed. "I didn't know how to tell you. I didn't want to hurt you. Guin?"

"You're leaving?" Guinevere asked, swallowing hard.

"At dawn tomorrow," Will replied.

"When were you going to tell me?" Guinevere asked crossly.

"I knew you'd be angry with me, Guin," Will told her.

"You're darn right I would be!" Guinevere exclaimed, "We've never been apart for twelve years. Twelve years! And now you're leaving me?"

"Yes, we've been together for twelve years," Will whispered, "And we've had twelve wonderful years. And no, I'm not leaving you. I would never do that."

"Really?" Guinevere asked sharply.

"Yes," Will replied, "You're the only friend I've got. I couldn't leave you."

"But you are willing to sail away from me for your father?" Guinevere demanded.

"I love my father and he's all the family I've got now," Will explained, "Wouldn't you give anything for your family?"

Guinevere sighed. "Anything and everything."

Will took his best friend's hands. "I feel so guilty now, my dear Guin. What can I do to repent?"

"You can promise me you'll come back," Guinevere told him.

"I promise," Will told her.

"Are you certain?" Guinevere asked dubiously.

Will sat on one knee and held up his hand. "I swear on pain of death, on the blood in my veins, that when I find my father, I swear to return to Canterbury, England and Miss Guin Christine Mary Parris. Satisfied?"

At last, Guinevere smiled. "That'll do, Will. That'll do."

"Thank goodness," Will sighed.

"You will promise to write me, won't you?" Guinevere asked.

"I'll write all the time. You have my word," Will promised.

"Well, now that we've got that sorted," Guinevere said confidently, "Are you going to play with me or what?"

"Just so you know, you're it!" Will laughed.

"Oh, you little pirate!" Guinevere groaned as she chased after Will.

So Will and Guinevere chased and tickled each other for one last time. If this was the last time they'd see each other before their first time apart, it didn't feel that way to them. They played as if they would spend an eternity together. Both of them were happy to share each other's company, no matter how long.