Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I just happen to bring forth a twist to her characters.

Tossing and turning around, Bella had an eerie feeling that someone was watching her. That's when she felt the bed shift, and she wasn't moving this time. Her heart beat quickened and she felt the blood drain away from her face. Someone was in bed with her. Taking a deep breath, she turned around swiftly to her side and there in front of her was a pair of blue eyes.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Bella shoved the man off her bed with both hands. The man landed with a loud thud on the floor followed by a stream of profanities.

"Jesus! What hell did I do?" The man shouted at her and sat up rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

"Uhm, I don't know James..maybe it's because you're in my bed in the middle of the freaken night!" She screamed at him and slapped him on the face with her pillow. He snagged the offending item from her hands and literally growled at her.

"Is this how you treat your own flesh and blood?" James accused, shaking the pillow at her face.

"James you moron, we aren't related by blood." She said as she tried to steal back her pillow.

"Same shit," he muttered out and stood up, smacking her on the head with the pillow. "Sup shorty."

"Shit," Bella rubbed her head and glared at her step brother, James. Annoying as he maybe, she loved the dumbass to death. Crossing her arms over her chest, she stared at him. She couldn't see him that clearly but from the little light from the moon she can tell James still had the same handsome features that made him Forks infamous playboys. His blond hair was tied back away from in a ponytail. She asked him once why he kept his hair long. His excuse 'it makes me look badass'."What are you doing here anyways? Mom and dad said you aren't supposed to be here until this Saturday."

"Well, I took an early vacation to spend more time with the familia." He grinned at her and sat at the edge of her bed. "And I'm here to kick a so called Black's ass."

Bella rolled her eyes at the mention of her ex boyfriend. She still couldn't figure out how she ended up with a sleaze bag like him. All she went through was months of verbal fighting and accusations. In the end, she finally found out that he had been cheating on her with his neighbor, Leah.

"He's not worth the trouble bro." She said with a shrug.

"Not worth the trouble? Sis any fucker that messes with your heart deals with me." He cracked his knuckles in emphasize.

Bella couldn't help but lunge herself into her brother's arms. When she was little she never did have an older brother to look after her. But when Charlie finally married Sue, everything changed. She thought that James would have been one of those annoying step brothers who had no care in the world. Especially, with how infamous James was, Bella assumed the worse. However, overtime she noticed that James may have been obnoxious but he was still caring.

She figured this out the hard way at school once. It was her freshmen year and for James it was his senior year. Bella was on her way to class when a bunch of junior boys ganged up on her. She thought the worse was about to happen but James and his pals came to her rescue. James practically punched the junior boys into a pulp. Jasper, James' bestfriend, managed to keep him from overdoing the beatings. She was so shaken up that she was literally trembling on the ground. Jasper saw this and grabbed James by the shoulders.

"Dude she needs you." The softer side of James showed up at that precise moment. He gathered Bella in his arms and carried her straight to the nurse's office, whispering soft words of reassurance on the way. Since then James and his friends kept a close eye on her. And even when they graduated no one dared to lay a hand on Bella Swan.

"I love you James." Bella whispered softly. James chuckled and ruffled her hair, hugging her back with brotherly affection.

"Love ya too little one."

"Hey dad, can Jasper stay over?" James asked, slumping down on the kitchen bar stool. Charlie flips over the newspaper he was reading to glance over at James.

"Sure son, he can stay in the guest bedroom." He said with a smile, taking a sip from his coffee mug. Now life for the Swans wasn't always this peaceful. Charlie and Bella used to live in a two bedroom house with a leaking roof and rusty plumbing. Charlie was just the police chief for Forks, so he never did earn enough money to buy a better house nor fix the problems on the house they currently lived in. Bella grew up getting used to living in conditions like that. But her mother, Renee, wanted something better in her life. In the end she left Bella and Charlie one night with just a note stuck on the fridge door saying she had enough.

Bella was broken hearted, she knew her mother never really held that much affection for her. However, she had always wished that maybe one day she would. Sadly, it never happened and Charlie ended up being a single parent to a 12 year old. He tried his best to be there for Bella 24/7 even if his job sometimes got in the way. But Bella was a bright kid, and she never really did ask for much.

Things changed after Charlie met Sue by mere accident. He clocked Sue going 60 on a 45 mph highway, it was basically love at first sight. And it was the first time for Sue not to get a ticket by a cop. Sue was a rich widow. Her late husband was an entrepreneur, and very good one at that. He passed away when the private plane he was aboard on crashed. James always feared that Charlie was after his mother's wealth. But when he witnessed the love and affection between them, he knew that is was actual love.

Bella took the open seat next to James with her bowl of cereal. She decided to go with blue jeans and a vintage tee for school. This was the last week for her, since she was graduating at Wednesday next week.

"So sport excited to get into college?" Charlie asked her with a wide grin. He was proud of his daughter and the accomplishments she made through in high school. She wasn't all perfect though, she did had minor detentions here and there, but overall she did good.

"Yuh-huh...sure, more classes to take with harder teachers. Mhmm I'm super excited." Charlie laughed and James smirked at her.

"It ain't that bad, lil sis." He winked at her. "Can't wait to see you in your ridiculous graduation gown."

"Shut it James, you had to wear those before also!"

"Yeah but they weren't that hideous when I graduated." Bella huffed out and continued eating her cereal. She got her graduation gown last week and the damn thing was indeed horrible. She looked like a walking banana, since the school decided to change their colors to blue and yellow. The lucky boys got the blue while the girls had to suck it up with the yellow gowns.

"Where's mom, dad?" Bella asked Charlie, while hopping off the stool to wash her bowl in the sink.

"Hmm..," he checked his watch before answering. "She should be getting home soon. She must've gotten caught up at the hospital." Sue was a part time nurse at Forks hospital. She really didn't have to work since they had enough money to last them through this lifetime. But Sue loved to help out and Charlie decided he'll retire at the normal age of retirement.

"I'm home!" The door to the garage opened, before an audible thud of it closing was heard.

"Hey mom!" James ran to give his mom and tight squeeze.

"Oh my, James!" Sue laughed and kissed her son on both cheeks.

"What are you doing here early? I thought you were arriving this Saturday?" She asked with puzzled look but a smile still evident on her face.

"That's what I asked him last night, he scared me half to death in bed." Bella said, drying off the bowl before setting it in the cabinet. Sue pinched her son's cheek and scolded him.

"Don't scare your sister like that."

"Ouch mom! I was only checking up on her!" Charlie chuckled and laid his newspaper down before walking over to Sue to give her a kiss.

"Sure son, her half screaming at night is just your way of checking up on her." Charlie laughed out.

"It's not my fault she's such a scardy cat."

"Whatever James, anyways I'm off to school!"

"Hey brat, hold on I'll drop you off. I wanna check out the old place." Bella rolled her eyes at the brat part but nodded at James.

"Fine just let me get my bag." She hugged both her parents goodbye first before skipping up the stairs to get her bag.

"So Jasper's staying over for the summer here?" Bella asked James while they lounged around in the living room area watching tv. The only reason why James was here was for her graduation and for Peter's wedding. Peter was one of his close buddies during high school and was the only one that decided to stay at Forks.

"Yup, he didn't get to leave early cause his job won't let him. The poor guy needs a break after this shitty year he's been having." James said, causing Bella's interest to peak up.

Bella never really had that much friends after James graduated except for Angela. She basically hung out her freshmen year with James and his crew, which included his best bud Jasper. Bella always had a slight crush on Jasper. From his shaggy dirty blonde honey hair to his cool gray eyes, something about him just oozes out calmness. But she knew Jasper would always picture her as James' little sister. However, that didn't stop Bella from daydreaming about him every day. She loved the simple moments when Jasper would open the door for her, kindly tucks a strand of loose hair away from her face, and scared the living daylights of every guy that gave her a bad look. He was her shining armor, or her pretend Romeo.

"Is everything okay with him?" Bella asked with worry in her voice.

"He's fine. Ya know Jasper, he's a tough guy like me." He pounded his chest to emphasize his point. "Anyways the girl he was dating, got pregnant.."

"What?" Bella shouted out in shock.

"Geeze, keep it down will ya? I'm not done yet..so..yeah this girl he was dating got preggo.." Bella snorted at the word but James ignored her, continuing on. "So Jasper was all freaked out about it..but he got over it and started making a plan to support her and stuff. Turns out in the end the babe wasn't his, it belonged to some other dude."

"You mean she was shagging another guy behind his back?"

"Yup, basically like what happened to you. Just minus the whole baby drama. By the way use protection alright?" James said, pointing his index finger at her before averting his attention back to the tv. Bella's face turned tomato red in embarrassment. She couldn't find a comeback for that one because she, herself, was still a virgin. That's when her mind started to wonder. James was eying her curiously from the corner of his eyes before realizing something.

"Oh damn sis, you're a virgin?" Bella's face was a deep shade of crimson by now.

"Jerk!" She threw a couch pillow at him in anger.

"Shit, sorry! I didn't know...geeze no need to get so physical." He pleaded, catching the pillow before it did any damage. He was sure his parents wouldn't be happy knowing the reason for the broken vase was because of a little misunderstanding. Definitely something he was not willing to explain, he thought. Bella glared at him then shifted her attention back on the show on the tv. Slowly, a frown started to form on her face.

"Don't fucking think like that." James grumbled out, his lips forming a grim line.

"Think of what?" Bella asked. All she was thinking of that maybe the reason why Jacob cheated on her was because she never gave it up to him. Why else would he fuck his next door neighbor, she thought solemnly.

"That douchebag." Bella's eyes widened at James answer.


"Bella I'm a guy, and listen to me when I say he isn't worth it. Trash like that is eager for action and that's it." James punched his fist in his palm. "Makes me more eager to kick that bastard's ass." Bella shook her head and sighed.

"James...like you said not worth it." James chuckled, but that didn't stop him from thinking of ways to trick that Jacob kid into getting a beat down from him. His thoughts were interrupted by his cell ringing. He checked the ID caller to see it was Jasper. "Sup dude." He said as he answered it by the second ring.

"Hey man, I managed to get away from here early. Can you pick me up at the airport bro?" Jasper said in a exhausted tone.

"Yeah man, I'm on my way." James hanged up after a quick bye. "Hey I'm picking Jasper from the airport, wanna tag along?" James asked Bella, who was still frowning at the tv.

"Oh..uhm sure. Let me just change quickly.." Bella dashed up the stairs, her heart beating quickly. It's been two years since she saw Jasper, and knowing he was staying under the same roof as her made her giddy.

"So Bella besides that douchebag, how was the rest of your year?" James asked her while driving through Seattle traffic. They decided to take the SUV, not knowing how much luggage Jasper brought along with him.

"It's been pretty good. We have a new student, who's a senior like me. Her name is Victoria Sutherland. She's pretty cool." Bella didn't add the part that she was a fiery redhead with a model body. She knew James had a thing for redheads, she was planning on introducing her to him when he least expected it. She loved seeing him stutter, it rarely happened to him.

"There he is!" Bella shouted out, pointing at a tall guy with a slight mohawk hairstyle. His eyes were covered by tinted glasses and he complemented the whole look with a button down plaid shirt plus faded blue jeans with a pair of black cowboy boots. Damn he was hotter than before, Bella thought to herself.

"You seem more excited to see him than me." James inquired with a smirk.

"Shut it James, you two live in Cali together. So you guys get to hangout often, I haven't seen him in freaken years!" With that being said. Right when James pulled in front of Jasper, Bella was out of the car and into Jasper's arms. "Jazzy!"

"Bella!" Jasper chuckled out and twirled her around in his embrace. He then paused to look at the girl in his arms. He remembered the last time he saw her, it was graduation day and she decided to wear a flowered pattern dress. Her hair was swept up and away from her face, showcasing her natural beauty. What Jasper saw in this girl was the fully bloomed version of that sweet little girl. He knew that Bella would turn out into a beautiful woman. He just couldn't believe how much an attraction he would have on her.

Bella looked up at Jasper, seeing the form of stubble appearing on his face. He definitely looked stressed out, but still attractive. She had the sudden urge to just kiss him, luckily James broke that urge.

"Dude! What the hell? Am I missing something here?" James asked in serious tone but the smile on his face showed that he was teasing the two. He always had an itching feeling that his sister had a crush on Jasper, but Jasper returning the feelings was a bit of a shocker to him. He wasn't blind. He can tell there was something more beneath the surface.

"Naw man, I just haven't seen this cutie since what? Graduation day?" Jasper smiled at her, ignoring the erratic beating of his heart. He slowly eased her down to the ground and gave James a one arm hug. "Hey man, thanks for picking me up."

"It's cool dude, sorry if we're a bit late. Brat there took a while to change."

"Ugh. Shut up, it was the traffic." Bella explained to Jasper before glaring at James, who returned her glare with a wink. The ride back to the house was peaceful. James and Jasper talked in the front, while Bella opted to listen to her ipod at the back seat. She didn't notice she dozed off, when she felt a pair of arms carry her gently out of the car. From the scent she can conclude it wasn't her brother, it was Jasper. He smelled like fresh soap with a tinge of cinnamon. She can feel the muscles in his arms flex every time he shifted.

"Hey man, I'll take her."

"Nah I got her, she's light as a feather." Jasper mumbled out.

"Yeah, I know. I swear if I haven't seen her eat I would have thought she was starving herself." James chuckled out. She felt Jasper shake in silent laughter. Bella wanted to scoff at James, but if she did then Jasper would had to let her go. And she didn't want that.

"I'll carry her to room."

"Yeah you do that while you leave me with your fucking heavy ass bags."

"Dumbass, leave it there and I'll get it myself."

"Just go, already and I can handle your shit."

"Hey, my stuff isn't shit." She heard James mumble something then Jasper started moving towards the house. It wasn't long before she felt the soft sheets of her bed against her exposed skin. "Sleep well Bella." Jasper whispered softly, followed by a gentle kiss on her forehead. Bella wanted to open her eyes, but she had a feeling that Jasper was still looking at her. And he was.

Jasper was admiring her angelic beauty. He just couldn't comprehend this strange feeling he was having. It was new to him and he didn't know what it could be. Knowing he should go now, Jasper glided the back of his hand against her warm cheek before walking out of her room. When Bella heard the soft click of her door, she opened her eyes to look at the closed door. She laid her hand against her cheek, and wondered if Jasper had the same feelings as she did.

"Say cheese!" Bella glared at her brother's enthusiastic attitude. She wouldn't mind getting her picture taken once in a while. But somehow James ended up with her camera on graduation day and now he was snapping shot after shot none stop. Charlie and Sue left five minutes ago after Sue was called in for an emergency at the hospital. Bella waved them off, saying it was fine since the ceremony was already over. As James went on snapping away with her camera, Bella saw her friends Angela and Victoria. Unlike Angela, Victoria decided to move to California for an internship she got for a fashion company. Angela decided to stay at Washington and attend college here. Thinking this was the perfect opportunity for James to meet Victoria, Bella waved them over. Victoria ran and practically collided with her, hugging her in fits of laughter.

"Bella, long time no see." She laughed out, while Angela shook her head behind her.

"Funny Vicky, I just saw you ten minutes ago."

"Oh hush, it's all about the moment."

"Yeah, yeah. I want you guys to meet my brother and his friends." Bella was shocked at first to see Jasper, Peter with his fiancée Charlotte, Ben, and Mike there for her special day. They said they wouldn't miss a day like this since she was practically part of the gang. She knew she loved them for a reason and felt lucky to have that much people that cared about her.

"Hey you guys!" Bella called out at the gang. James turned around to look at her then froze. Bella mentally did score dance in her head, the look on his face was priceless. If she just had her camera instead of him, she could have had a keepsake of it. "I want you guys to meet Angela and Victoria." Bella pointed her girl friends out to the gang. Angela smiled bashfully at them, and Victoria waved at them with a wink at James. "Victoria..Angela..that frozen statue over there is my brother James." James snapped out of his dazed look to narrow his eyes at his sister. She ignored it and went on introducing them. "That's Jasper, Peter, Charlotte Peter's fiancée, Ben, and Mike." Ben had a similar dazed look on his face, but his eyes were directly at Angela. Bella bit down the side of her cheek, trying to keep her smile for showing. She managed to hit two birds with one stone. Jasper raised an eyebrow up at Bella's expression, and kept his own laughter in. He knew James pretty well, and redheads were his weakness.

Not wanting to be in the same car as James at the moment, Bella ended up being with Jasper in the car he rented for the summer. They were on their way to the house for the graduation party.

"James isn't going to let you down after that one." Jasper said into the quiet space of the car.

"I have no clue as to what you mean." Bella teased.

"Ha ha."

"Anyways, Vicky will give James a hard time. She has a stubborn streak to her."

"Well James needs a challenge, and those two kind of look good together. Did you see Ben's face?" Jasper glanced at Bella. She finally took off her hideous graduation gown and was now sporting a short blue dress. It was so simple and yet perfect for Bella's skin tone and figure. He had to shift slightly in is seat as he felt himself grow arouse. At the corner of her eye, Bella admired Jasper's silhouette. If she thought he looked handsome in his cowboy rocker outfit, she was wrong. Jasper was smoking hot with his hair styled up in spikes, and a leather jacket with dark black jeans.

"Oh my gosh, I did! He has it worse than James." Bella laughed at the memory. Mike had to smack Ben behind the head just to break his gaze from Angela.

"Are you trying to act like Cupid, Bella?"

"No, I'm not. Ben getting attracted to Angela is purely by accident. I didn't know he had a thing for brown haired shy girls." She giggled out, relaxing back to her seat. Something about Jasper always brought ease to her system. He was like a walking drug, valium to be exact. As they pulled up to the driveway, Bella was amazed at the sight she saw. "Wow, mom and dad went over the top." The house was wrapped up in shimmering lights and light blue streamers. They were all meticulously placed, making the house seem like a resort rather than the normal house she lived

"You expect them not to?" Bella shrugged her shoulders to Jasper's question.

"It's just... not that necessary."

"You amaze sometimes," Jasper mumbled softly.

"What do you mean by that?" she looked at Jasper, at the moment their eyes made contact the whole world seemed to shift underneath them. Her breathing deepened and her heart rate escalated. Jasper just smiled at her, tucking a strand of her away behind her ear.

"Come on, you don't want to be late for your own party."

"Right." Bella said, sounding a bit breathless. She got out of the car and Jasper reached for her hand, placing it on his arm. Bella looked up at him with a confuse expression, but Jasper just smiled and together they made their way inside the house. If Bella thought the outside was over the top, the inside was beyond that. Balloons hung in corners and there was even a DJ at the living room. Everyone from her high school was there and before Bella could consume all of this, Victoria pulled her away from Jasper's side. She looked back over her shoulder to see Jasper wave at her, before walking towards Ben who was being harassed by a drunken Mike.

"Beeellaaaa..you didn't tell me your brother was a total hottie!" Victoria squealed out, but her voice was drowned out by the high volume of music coming out from the speakers.

"Eww Vicky, he's my brother! Maybe that's why..?"

"Anyways, he's such a sweetie. Is he single? Do you mind if we got together? I mean..he may just think I'm cute and all. Heck we might not actually get together, 'together'." She quoted in the air with her fingers. "But I just didn't want to.. you know, let this ruin our friendship and all." Bella had to laugh. She never witnessed Victoria this nervous before.

"Vicky, you both are adults, well we are about to be adults." Victoria giggled. "Just please don't break his heart, and if he tried anything I'll kick his ass personally." Victoria hugged her so tight, she thought she was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen she was getting.

"Geeze Vicky, let Bella go slowly." Angela came to her rescue.

"Oops, sorry! And don't worry, you know me. I'm a teaser..but never a heartbreaker." And this was true. Victoria was the only girl Bella knew who can actually keep a friendly relationship with her ex. Riley was a good example. Many thought that Victoria used him as a way to gain popularity at school. When the truth was she really thought there was a connection between them. However things for them didn't work out so well, but they ended up just being friends in the end. She even helped the guy out with his date with Jane, the girl Riley's been crushing on for months.

"I know Vicky, just don't make it easy for him."

"Psssh now Bella that won't be me if I did that." Victoria winked at her, and made her way through the crowd in search of Bella's hot brother. Bella and Angela exchanged looks then laughed, watching Victoria hunt for her prey.

"So Angela what did you think of Ben?" Bella asked as she hooked her arm through Angela's own, pulling her towards the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air, Bella stared up at the sky to see that the stars were in view. Victoria was now having an intimate conversation with James and Ben was trying to get his nerves together to talk to a shy Angela. Love was in the air and Bella was sad, knowing she had no one. The patio deck was empty so Bella decided to enjoy the silence for a while until she had to return into the crazy mayhem inside. Suddenly, a voice broke through the silence. A voice she never expected to hear from again. Turning around she saw a figure standing underneath the shadows.

"Well, well don't you look pretty tonight Bella." The voice droned out.

"What the fuck are you doing here Jacob?" Bella asked, venom tracing her voice.

Jacob took a step forward and wobbled a bit, before straightening his stance up. Realization smacked Bella on the face. Jacob was drunk, and nothing good ever happens when someone was drunk. Panic ran through her system quickly, and she eyed the patio door hoping her brother or anyone for that matter came out for a fresh air like she did. But hope was ebbing away as Jacob took crooked steps towards her.

"Stay away from me Jacob." Bella tried to make her voice sound strong, but fear was catching up to her so her voice sounded like a whisper in the night.

"Now don't be like that sugar, we're just going to have some fun. Fun that I deserve after being stuck with your whiny ass for months." Tears were blurring her vision, as she took a step back every time Jacob got nearer.

"F-fuck you Jacob, my brother will kick your ass."

"That's if he finds out." Her blood turned ice cold at the malice in his voice. Bella surveyed her surroundings to find anything that can be used as a weapon. But there was just nothing strong enough to use against her ex. With one last drastic attempt, Bella turned around to run for her life. However Jacob was still fast enough to catch her by the arm, throwing her hard against the patio table. Bella let out a scream as her head made contact with the metal edge of the table. She slumped to the ground, disorientated with a major pain in her head. She tried to stand up, but Jacob grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her back hard against the wooden floor. Up close she can smell the sickening stench of alcohol emitting off of him. Every part of her body was aching so badly.

Jacob lifted his hand up to slap her, and Bella flinched waiting for the upcoming pain. But nothing happened, except she felt Jacob being tugged off of her followed by a loud crunching sound.

"You fucking son of a bitch! How dare you touch her!" Bella opened her eyes to see Jasper wrestling with Jacob, each one landing a punch on the other.

"Jasper," Bella's voice croaked. Jasper grabbed a hold of Jacob's head and slammed his fist directly into his bloodied up face. All Bella could think of was she didn't want Jasper taken to jail. "Jasper, p-please.." A sob strangled out through her lips, and Jasper finally looked up at her. His heart broke seeing how hurt and vulnerable she was. He threw Jacob on the ground with a last kick on the chest.

"Bella," He rushed towards her and cradled her in his arms gently. "Baby, where does it hurt?" He asked, softly cupping her tear stained cheek in his hand.

"My head," She sobbed out. Jasper ran his fingers gently into her hair, finding a fresh bump forming.

"That fucker, he'll die." He was about to stand up, but Bella grabbed the front of his shirt tight in her fists.

"Please no, just call the cops. Let them handle it." Bella pleaded. Jasper looked at her carefully before nodding his head. Picking her up bridal style, Jasper glanced at Jacob to make sure he was definitely out cold. Pleased to see he wasn't going anywhere soon, Jasper carried Bella inside and straight into the kitchen.

"Holy shit," Ben stammered out as Angela gasped. They were both at the kitchen deep in conversation when Jasper walked in carrying a messed up Bella.

"Bella! What happened?" Angela ran over as Jasper carefully placed Bella on a bar stool.

"Ben you got your cell with ya?" Ben nodded his head. "Call the cops, Jacob is on the patio deck out cold. He attacked Bella." Angela examined Bella's face and head, cringing slightly when she discovered the now growing bump on her head.

"I'll get some ice for that, we need to take you to the hospital. You might have a concussion." Angela went straight to get an icepack for her.

"Bella sweetie, what else did he do?" Jasper asked softly, rubbing his hands up and down her pale cold arms.

"I..he...," Bella broke down, tears flowing quickly down her cheeks.

"Shhh, he won't come near you. I'll make sure of it." Jasper held her close in his arms, kissing her forehead gently.

Bella nodded her head, "He threw me against the table. My head struck the metal side of it." She took a deep breath than continued on. "I tried to run for it, but he grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed me hard on the ground." Bella's whole body shook as sobs escaped her.

"Here," Angela handed Jasper the bag of ice. "Should I get James?"

"Yeah, but first get Peter. We'll need him to keep James from beating Jacob to death." Jasper spoke it out so coldly, that Angela flinched. "Ben, make sure the bastard is still there."

"Sure," Ben rubbed Bella's arm giving her a small smile as he passed.

A few minutes later James barged in with Peter keeping a strong hold on him. Victoria and Angela quickly rushed passed them to check on Bella. Angela was visibly shaken up, but Victoria's face was full of anger.

"Where's the fucker? I'll kill him!"

"James, calm down." Bella spoke weakly. Jasper still had his arms around her, with his free hand holding the icepack on her head.

"Jesus," James rushed towards her to look at her closely.

"I'm just bruised up, don't worry." Bella gave him a wobbly smile. He pulled her straight into his arms, mumbling apologies. "Ouch"

"Damnit James, don't hug her too tight!" Victoria smacked him on the shoulder.

"Shit, sorry." He let go of her placing her back on the stool. "I'm so sorry.."

"Shut it James, it's not your fault." Bella rubbed his cheek and smiled at him. "I'm okay, Jasper came to my rescue." James laid a hand on Jasper's shoulder, and nodded at him. Jasper stared at him with a puzzled look, before his eyes grew wide in realizing what he met.

"Where's the fucker?" Victoria spoke up, cracking her knuckles. Jasper looked at her with an amused expression, while James stared at her with admiration.

"Out at the patio, Ben's keeping an eye on him until the cops arrive." Victoria nodded her head at Jasper. Leaving a kiss on Bella's cheek, she stomped her way out the kitchen.

"You better follow her," Bella said with a small smile on her face even when it was apparent she was in pain. "She almost got expelled once for sticking up for Angela and me."

"She can do damage with those long nails of hers." Angela added on.

That night was a bit chaotic afterwards. Bella and Jacob were both sent to the hospital for different reasons. Bella had to get examined to make sure she didn't have a concussion. While Jacob was sent there to due to this injuries, including the additional ones he sustained when Ben wasn't quick enough to restrain and angry Victoria. Charlie was furious and made sure that Jacob was kept under heavy surveillance until he could be properly sent to jail. Bella didn't have a concussion but her body was covered with bruises.

A knock on her door brought Bella back to reality. "Yes?"

Jasper cracked the door open slightly, poking his head through to grin at her. "Hey there pretty lady, whatcha doing up at 2 in the morning?" He asked walking in the bedroom and closing the door behind him. He was shirtless except for his pajama bottoms. Whereas Bella just had James' old beat down AC/DC shirt.

"I couldn't sleep," Bella stared at Jasper's naked six pack chest before averting her attention elsewhere. Sighing, she sat up and leaned her back on the headboard. It's been three days after the Jacob incident and Bella was having nightmares from it. "Now you should be the one sleeping, Peter's wedding is tomorrow." Jasper shrugged his shoulders and walked over towards her. He struggled to keep his attention focus somewhere else instead of Bella's exposed legs.

"Ehh, couldn't sleep either." He said as he sat down on the edge of her bed, examining her closely with the little light coming through her window. He could see the shadows underneath her eyes. "Nightmares?" Bella frowned.

"It's frustrating me Jazzy. I can't even escape him in my dreams. He's everywhere." She grabbed a fist full of her hair in frustration, tugging on it hard.

"Hey now, don't be like that. It's normal Bella." He calmly said. Pulling her hands away from hair, he left small kisses on her knuckles. Bella felt her cheeks warm up as a blush appeared.

"I know it is. It's just that I wish I was strong enough."

"You are," He crawled his way over to her side, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Others would be in shock, but here you are still the same Bella. So you get scared easily and have these constant nightmares, it takes time." Bella nodded her head and leaned over until her head rested against his shoulder. Over the few days, Jasper and Bella had gotten even closer. Wherever she went, Jasper was there tagging along. Victoria and Angela said that he liked her. But Bella always thought it was his way of keeping a close eye on her. Whatever the true reason be, Bella was just happy to be around Jasper.

"When are you leaving?" Bella asked softly after a few minutes of silence with Jasper stroking her hair casually.

"You want me to leave so soon?"

"What? No!" She straightened up quickly, and looked directly at him. She calmed down when she saw the smirk on his face. Jasper was teasing her.

"I'm not leaving soon, so don't worry. I'll stick around longer...for you." Bella stared deeply into his eyes. She saw something glimmer beneath the surface of those gray eyes of his. Was it love? "Where ya going for college, Bella?"

"Uhm, I haven't decided yet. I got a scholarship for two universities but out of state." She spoke it in a soft whisper. Cradling his hand in hers, she traced the patterns in his palm as she tried to find the words to ask Jasper about these past few days.



They said simultaneously. Bella blushed with a shy smile, and Jasper chuckled.

"Lady's first."

"Right," She poked him and he laughed a bit louder. "Jazzy, why have you been hanging around me more often lately? Is it because you feel obligated to watch over me? Because you really don't have to it's not your job to-" Bella was cut off by the soft firmness of Jasper's lips against hers. Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back feverishly.

"Bella," he said her name against her mouth. "I did it because I care about you." He pulled back, framing her face in between his hands. "You have no idea how terrified and angry I was when I walked out that door to find him over you." He closed his eyes, his jaw clenching as he relived those memories. "If I was just a minute late, I…" Opening his eyes, Bella saw the conflicting emotions in them.

"Jazzy, you made it and that's all that matters. Don't think about the 'what if's'." Jasper chuckled and pulled her into his lap, causing Bella to straddle his thighs.

"You're amazing. I should be the one consoling you. Telling you everything is alright and yet here you are the one saying it to me."

"I guess I'm weird." She said with a smile on her face.

"No, you're perfect." He leaned over to capture her lips in his, sucking on her bottom lip slightly. She runs her fingers through his hair, tugging on the locks caught in between her fingers softly. He moaned into her mouth, and she felt thrilled that she can affect him like that. A loud thud broke their kissing session apart followed by a muffled giggle.

"James, shh..you're making such a racket." Bella's eyes widened when she heard Victoria's voice. Jasper was visibly shaking as he kept his laughter in.

"I don't care." James said before Victoria squealed. Bella hugged Jasper tight, pressing her lips against his shoulder, trying to keep her laughter in also.

"Babe, we're outside your sister's bedroom."

"Shit, shhhh" James said, and they heard the two love birds trip and stumble their way down the hall.

"I am so going to pick on them later on in the morning." Bella said after wiping the tears that formed from her silent laughter.

"You mean afternoon." Jasper said with a grin.

"I doubt it, wedding remember." Bella reminded him. "So we better get to sleep now. Will you stay with me Jazzy?" Bella bit down on her lip, waiting for his response.

"I'd loved to." He dragged Bella down on the bed with him. With her back facing his direction, they fell asleep spooning.

Bella woke up with the sunlight streaming through her window, and by the feeling of something poking her from behind. She can hear the deep shallow breathing coming from Jasper behind her, causing a smile to break through her lips. She made it through one night without nightmares and that was because he was with her. Feeling a bit brave this morning, she squirmed against the item poking her. The arm that was casually draped across her waist tightened up and pulled her body flushed against his.

"Bella," He moaned out, leaving small warm kisses on the back of her neck. "I'm trying to be a gentleman here." He mumbled against her skin, as his hand stroked her flat stomach over her shirt. Sighing softly, she quickly turned around to straddle his waist. Jasper's once sleepy eyes where wide open now, as he felt the heat emitting from between her thighs.

"What happens when I don't want you to be a gentleman?" Jasper groaned from Bella's confession.

"Baby, I know you're a virgin." He rubbed circles on her thighs with the heel of his palms. "I want your first time to be perfect and not rushed through." She felt her heart leap in her chest. He really did care that much for her.

"Wait, how did you know I was one?" She said raising an eyebrow at him while pursing her lips in concentration. She was pretty sure, that she had never mentioned to Jasper about her lack of experience.

"James is a chatterbox, believe it or not."

"Oh I believe it," Bella explained to Jasper about her knowledge on what happened to him this year.

"Well, at least I don't have to explain that to you." He said rolling his eyes at James inability to keep a secret.

"Jazzy, what are we?" She blurted out. Keeping herself occupied by tracing circles on his chest with the tip of her finger. Jasper hummed in satisfaction.

"Well I know I'm doing this all wrong," He said laughing. "But I want to go on a date with you, then I'll ask you to be my girlfriend then you'll say yes and.." Her laughter cut him off.

"You're so sure of yourself huh?"

"Hey, I have better moves than your brother!"

"I know you do." Bella winked at him, but her once happy smile turned into a frown. "But Jasper, what about college?"

"Well, where ever you go I'll follow you." He said nonchalantly.

"What?" She said in surprise. "No Jazzy, I don't want to be the reason that you can't follow your dreams."

"Bella my dream is to be with you, I love you." She looked up at him, tears hazing her vision. "Baby don't cry, I'm sorry this is all so sudden and.."

"No, I love you too." And it was the truth. She didn't acknowledge it before but she now understood that weird sensation she felt whenever she was with him. It was love. Over the past few days her feelings for Jasper grew, especially after the incident. She always knew he was her Romeo. "But you don't have to leave Cali. I got a scholarship at the Art Institute at San Diego and one at New York. But I'm definitely choosing San Diego." She said with a bright smile. Jasper looked at her with wide eyes and a goofy smile on his face.

"Fucking sweet!" He hollered out and grabbed Bella in a tight hold, jumping up and down on the bed.

"Keep it down will ya!" A pair of voices said from down the hall followed by a feminine 'shit'.

"Well the cats out of the bag." Bella giggled out, wrapping her arms around Jasper's neck as she kissed him all over his face.

"I love you Bell Swan." Jasper said with affection.

"I love you Jasper Whitlock. Now let's get ready for a wedding."

"Hell yeah, you better catch the bouquet babe."

"Slow down, cowboy."

"With you never.."

A/N: Now I know I should have added a lemon in here…but it didn't seem to fit well with the story. Jasper is too much of a gentleman. Anyways…I was thinking of writing another part where James, Victoria, Jasper, and Bella are all at California…and their small adventures through it all. Give me your thoughts about it. And yeah..you might wonder why the rest of the Cullens aren't in here. Well honestly, I wanted to try this story out with minor characters instead. Since come on…we rarely see James and Victoria as the good guys. So yeah leave me some reviews please! I would really appreciate it :)