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Thunder rumbled outside and the whole room shook a couple of seconds later in delay. The rain that was hitting the glass window sounded like a thousand pellets being tossed hard against it. Bella walked over to the window and cringed as the dark sky was illuminated by a bolt of lightning, following a loud boom. She pulled the blanket that was currently wrapped up around her body tighter. She then tugged the bindings close, blocking the sight of heavenly destruction. Her heart jumped when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to a hard defined chest. Relaxing a bit she leaned her head back against his shoulder, letting out a shaky sigh.

"We moved to California and our happy welcome is a thunder storm." Bella grumbled with her eyes tightly shut as she listens to the steady breathing behind her.

"Well look at it this way, you won't be getting homesick." He replied with a light chuckle.

"Oh shut up Jazzy," she nudged him with her elbow to his stomach.

"Omph! Easy girl, I need my stomach for your delicious cooking." Ever since Jasper had a taste of Bella's cooking, he was done for. He knew he would always love her even if she was the worst cook out there. But her actually being a hell of a chief surprised him. He never did believe her at first, but she did prove him wrong one night.

"I'm starvin'," Jasper groaned out after a night of dancing at the wedding reception. Peter and Charlotte's wedding was a big hit. Practically everyone at Forks was there, seeing as how the whole town population knew each other well enough. Bella couldn't keep the smirk of her face when it came to the bouquet toss. It was something that will be part of her memory forever. Bella, Victoria, and Angela stood at the far back in the group of unmarried ladies. The three of them weren't in any hurry of getting hitched so they stood at the very back in hopes of not catching it. Well, they were proven wrong. Apparently, Charlotte had a pretty good pair of strong arms. Somehow she managed to toss that sucker about six feet high in the air, clearly missing everyone at the front. Angela was the first to nudge Bella as she saw the bouquet heading towards their direction. Normally, any girl would try to get in line of it but not these three. Bella pushed Victoria onto the falling path of it. Victoria panicked and pulled Angela to catch it, but she kept her place and distance from it. In the end the bouquet bounced off of Bella's head and into Victoria's arms by accident. The look on James' face was priceless, again Bella wished for her camera.

"You just ate at the reception!" Laughter erupted from Bella as she watched Jasper emit moaning noises and rubbing his stomach. "What the hell do you have in their Jasper? A monster?"

"Mmmm a monster you say?" He then let out a deep rumbling growl and pounced at her, missing her by a few inches. Bella let out a squeal, and ran straight into the kitchen. "Grrrr..come here precious." Bella stood at the other side of the bar, sticking her tongue out at him. "Don't tempt me babe." Jasper grinned, eying her tongue with interest.

"Jazzy you're such a perve."

"This is what happens when I hang around your brother too much." Just then his stomach rumbled, making both of them fall into fits of laughter. "I told you I was hungry."

"Okay, okay I gotcha. I'll fix you up a quick meal." Bella turned towards the fridge to search of something to make.

"You a cook?" Jasper took a seat on one of the bar stools, watching Bella dig around the fridge with her hips swaying side to side. His eyes were trained on the material clinging to the curve of her ass, making him momentarily forget about his hunger for food.


"Huh..what?" Jasper looked up at the same moment Bella turned around to lift an eyebrow at him. With a carton of eggs in one hand and a bag of vegetables in the other, she made her way to the counter to mix up the ingredients for her special omelet.

"I was saying, yes I'm a cook. Well, I consider myself an okay chief." She said as she took a bowl from the cabinet and a whisk. "Anyways, what were you thinking about earlier? I called your name about four times." Looking over her shoulder, she saw Jasper give her a sheepish smile. He wasn't sure if she'd like the fact that he was practically ogling her ass for the past few minutes.

"Uhm nothing, I guess I was deep in thought." In thinking of ways to do with your ass. He shifted around in his seat as his jeans started to get a bit uncomfortable. Bella noticed his squirming about, but kept her comment to herself. She pretty much could guess by now, what his thoughts were about. Whisking the ingredients all together, she couldn't help but smile wide that she could actually affect someone like that.

Thirty minutes later, Jasper was leaning back and rubbing his stomach satisfied. "Damn babe, you make one hell of an omelet!" Bella laughed and set the rest of the dishes in the washer.

"Told ya and that was just an omelet. You should try my pasta dishes sometime."

"You are definitely my dream girl."

"Mhmmm my delicious cooking you say?" Bella turned around, wrapping her arms around his waist causing the blanket to slip off her shoulders. Bella then rose on her toes to kiss Jasper softly on the lips. They arrived at California just this week, and the weather had been nothing but gloomy. They both decided that it'll be cheaper and money wise for Bella to stay with him in his apartment as they both finish up college. Her parents were at first against it. They did see Jasper as son to them, however, boys will be boys and they will always crave what boys crave. But after Bella explained all the pros of staying together in one apartment, they reluctantly agreed.

Bella, herself, secretly feared living with Jasper. It wasn't that she didn't trust him. It was more towards the fact that she didn't know Jasper that well. She feared the future outcomes that might happen. Like the possible fights over something simple like laundry or the dishes or just mainly disagreements on their lifestyles. However, as the days passed by they learned to cope with one another. They did have a little disagreement here and there, but then all couples did. And now here they were together in a rainy day, groping and kissing to pass the time.

Jasper's hands slowly made their way down Bella's back and over her ass where they took permanent residents. She giggled when he squeezed her cheeks together with his palms.

"Mmmmm I never thought you to be an ass guy." She mumbled against his lips as he rubbed circles around her backside.

"Well what can I say, your ass is perfect for my hands. See?" He gripped her ass and lifted her up, making her wrap her legs around his hips. "They were meant for my hands." He smirked, nibbling on her lower lip.

"Oh, yup..I can tell," Bella pressed her breasts against his chest, as her hands made their way up his shoulders and straight into his blonde waves. Suddenly, someone was knocking on their apartment door.

"Fuck!" Jasper groaned out in frustration, eying the door like it was a monster. Bella giggled and gave Jasper another wet kiss before letting her legs loose around his hips.

"Better see who that is."

"It better be important, or that say person will get my wrath." Jasper gently lowered Bella down on the ground and adjusted his jeans to accommodate his presentable hard-on. With a frustrated sigh, he walked towards the door just when another loud knock was heard. "Hold your horses! I'm coming!" He opened the door and came face to face with no one other than Lucy, his ex. Jasper's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Jay! Oh gosh! I missed you so much!" Lucy lunged herself at Jasper, but he quickly took a step back barely missing her assault. "Ugh, Jay don't be like that!" She put on what was supposed to be a pout, but really she looked as if she ate something sour.

"Lucy, please get out of here." Jasper said in a calm tone. Bella could tell he was holding in his anger at this point. And being as she was the girlfriend in this relationship, she did what every girlfriend would do and that was protecting her man.

"Jay, I know I made some mistakes in the past but I changed!" Bella rolled her eyes, like having some other man's child would be considered a minor mistake that can be changed in a short period of time. Can she be more dense? Having heard enough, she stomped her way to the doorway to actually see who this woman was. When her eyes finally caught sight of Lucy, she froze before letting out a loud snort.

"It's you!" Jasper looked at Bella in surprised than confusion. He would have thought she would have been pissed off or the least jealous, but her face showed a whole other emotion.

"Excuse me?" Lucy looked at her with a sneer on her face. Flinging her pale blond hair over her shoulder, she raised an eyebrow up at Bella. "And you are?"

"I'm his girlfriend." Bella said in a calm tone and slid next to Jasper's side wrapping one arm around his waist. "And you must be the gold digging, cheating whore of an ex of his?" Jasper was shaking as he tried to contain his laughter in. The look on Lucy's face was pure shock with a mix of hatred. He was amazed at how brave Bella had turned out to be. The once shy timid girl from his senior year was gone and replaced with a well spoken woman.

"Who are you to say that!" Lucy screamed out, pointing an accusing finger at Bella.

"Well, you see you're telling Jazz here that you changed but honestly you never did." Lucy opened her mouth to say something but Bella cut her off. "Please don't toss in more useless excuses. I saw you at the cafe down the street, smooching around with a French dude."

"A French dude? Well now, whatever happened to Cameron?" Jasper asked with an amused look. Lucy stuttered like a fish out of water.

"Wow, cheating on your baby's daddy? That's low. Well anyways me and my lover here are busy so bye!" Bella pulled Jasper back in the apartment, closing the door right on Lucy's face.

"That was interesting." Jasper muttered and shook his head.

"I'm guessing she needed some cash?" Bella said while rubbing Jasper's cheeks with both palms. "My poor baby you," she cooed.

"Ha, ha..now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" He looked at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes and a presentable smirk on his lips. Bella looked up at him lovingly. She never did understood how lucky she could be to have him. Staring deeply into his gray eyes that seemed to drown her, she slowly brought her lips closer to his. The knocking on the door halted her, just a few centimeters away from his lips. Jasper let out a frustrated groan, raking his fingers through his hair. "What the hell!" Bella giggled and Jasper narrowed his eyes at her. "Not funny love." He poked her at her waist, while she stuck her tongue at him. "Very mature," he teased. Walking towards the door again, he pulled it opened swiftly with a growl. "What?"

"Dude, that's the fucking welcome I get when I visit your ass?" James snickered while behind him Victoria bounced from side to side, trying to peek inside the room.

"I thought you were Lucy." I let out a sigh and gestured them to enter.

"I know I saw her on our way here. Victoria scared her a bit though." He smiled and wrapped his arm around Victoria's shoulder, gazing down at her with pure affection.

"Her fault for staring at you, and giving me the bitchy look." Victoria scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest. James laughed and kissed her forehead.

"You know you're the only girl for me." He stated as a statement rather than a question. She looked up at him and a slow smile appeared on her face.

"I better be," With that final declaration she struts in the apartment, her heels squeaking a bit from being wet outside. "Bella!" She lunged herself at Bella with a quick big hug. Bella fell back a couple of steps back from the great force. Victoria was a 5'5" beauty with a well toned body. It didn't take much for Bella to lose her balance from the sheer force, since she was merely 5'2" and skinny. "Wonderful weather we are having huh?"

Bella laughed, "Yeah, it's like Cali knows we're here. So what's the surprise visit for?" She asked, leading Victoria to the couch. Victoria and James decided as well to live together in the same apartment that was just a couple of blocks away from them. Victoria's parents didn't care much of what she did as long as she kept it within the law. Bella did thought before her friend had the easy life. But Victoria thought the opposite of it, she would wish that her parents would worry and care for her as much as Bella's did.

"We were bored and we thought, hey minus well hang out with you guys!" Bella raised an eyebrow at her. She didn't believe that those two could actually be bored.

"Vicky," Bella crossed her arms and waited for Victoria to explain more.

"Okay, okay.." She looked over her shoulder to see James and Jasper having a quiet conversation at the kitchen area. In a low voice she explained to Bella why they were visiting at a rainy day like this. "Well, uhm...you see..I kind of hinted to James I wanted to visit you." She let out a sigh. "You see James has been acting funny ever since the wedding incident."

"What incident?"

"You know the fucking bouquet toss?"

"That's all!" Victoria slapped her hand over her best friend's mouth.

"Shhhh.." Narrowing her eyes at Victoria, she slipped her tongue out and licked the hand covering her mouth.

"Ewww!" Victoria screeched and tackled Bella. James and Jasper turned their attention to their girlfriends who were now practically wrestling on top of the couch.

James looked back at Jasper with a smirk, "You know if Bella wasn't my sister I'd consider that hot."

"That's fucking sick James."

"What?" Jasper shook his head at him. He will never understand the way his friend's mind worked.

"What did you do that for?" Victoria huffed out and grabbed Bella's arm dragging her to the floor with a soft thud.

"Cause your hand smelled bad!" After a little poking, shoving, and tickling; they both considered to call it truce.

"Okay, back to the reason. I never knew James would be so superstitious." She scoffed while Victoria frowned at her, her hair practically sticking up in different places.

"But...that's just it...it makes me wonder if he's scared of actually marrying me." Bella never saw Victoria this sad before. She knew that her best friend's feelings run deep, but she never knew it was this serious and so soon. Resting a hand on her shoulder, Bella gave her a small smile.

"I'm sure he wants to marry you someday. But this is my brother..the ladies man. He never did picture himself a married person. So I'm sure he's just scared, but I know he cares for you deeply. It shows clearly in his face like a crystal ball." It was sincere words, Bella could see the pure happiness etched on her brother's face every time he saw her walk his way, or just her voice. James' was smitten, whether he liked it or not.

"You think so?" Victoria's face started to perk up at the thought that James really liked her, actually more than liked her.

"I'm positive. Heck, I grew up with the guy. It's your job to try and convince him. Let him realize his true feelings for you. I know you can do that with ease."

"Thanks Bella," Victoria leaned over to give her a tight and hug. "You're the best friend I can ever ask for aside from Angela." They both laughed and frowned a bit at the name. Both of them missed her quiet dearly, but it was Angela's choice to stay back at Washington and attend college at Seattle. At least she was happy since she had Ben to keep her company. The two actually hit it off well after the party even with the certain events that happened that night.

"I miss her," Bella mumbled sadly.

"I know me too. But we'll end up hanging out together again someday." Victoria nodded with determination. "Anyways, since you helped me with my James' problem I shall help you with your Jasper problem."

"Jasper and I have don't have a problem." Bella replied with a frown. She knew their relationship was going great and that both sides had no problems that needed fixing.

"I'm talking about you two's intimate problems." Victoria whispered with a grin. Bella blushed crimson red and glared at her friend.

"No we're fine."

"So you guys did it already?"

"Well no.." She hesitated in answering.

"Then we'll fix that up!"

"But he wants it to be perfect..I don't want to push him. And honestly I'm in no hurry."

"Pure Queen..well at least let's get you prepared." Victoria implied with a knowing smirk.

"What do you mean by that?" Bella asked carefully, afraid what her answer will actually be.

"Shopping of course!"


"Let me clarify it. Online shopping and mall shopping!"

"How the hell is that even better?" Victoria shrugged her shoulders in answer.

"Hey we rarely shop, but there are times when we have to do what girls are born to do. Since we are the only ones capable of being patient." Bella sighed in defeat.

One week later..

"Beeellaaaa...all done! Now of to the mall!" Victoria shouted out running out of Jasper's office. Jasper and James decided to have a guy day once the sun finally took over the sky. Bella rolled her eyes, slipping her black flats on she tried to think of ways to escape this grueling torture. She loved Victoria as a sister but she just couldn't handle her style, which consists of everything dirty.

"What did you do?" Bella asked her too eager friend carefully. The look on Victoria's face was pure excitement.

"Oh just some girl essentials." She waved it off as something unimportant, but Bella wasn't fooled one bit. "Okay, don't freak out but I ordered you a beginner's starter pack online."

"Huh? Is that some code for dirty lingerie?"

"Nope, dirty lingerie will be purchased at the mall."

"What?" Bella's face turned a shade of red. The idea of buying such items in public was humiliating.

"Oh suck it up." Victoria placed her hands on her hips, tapping the tip of her heels on the floor.

"I bet you do all the time.." She muttered under her breathe so that Victoria didn't hear it. Unfortunately, she had the hearing of a hawk and barked a 'how did you know' to which Bella shivered in disgust.

"Eww that's my brother! I don't want to know!"

"Ugh. Whatever..come on already! We have a whole day of shopping! Plus I got to get a gift for your brother. That douche didn't tell me!" Victoria went on complaining to Bella how James didn't inform her of his birthday. Bella could tell that this affected her friend more than she let on. Their relationship hasn't been bad or good either. If things didn't start to improve, Bella would take matters in her own hands. She knew those two love each other, but both were stubborn as hell to admit it to one another. Her thoughts were interrupted by Victoria letting out a frustrated half scream. "I swear, he's just asking for it!" Bella just nodded her head and allowed her friend to tug her out of the apartment building, going straight to Victoria's red convertible.

After a few minutes, Bella finally came to reality that they were driving towards LA. "Vicky, where are you taking us?" She looked around wondering where in hell she was driving to, they were no longer in San Diego.

"Since we don't know the guy's plans, it wouldn't be safe to shop around San Diego. Our secret surprise will be ruined." She replied in a matter of fact tone.

"Aren't you exaggerating a bit? I doubt our paths will cross since San Diego is pretty big."

"Bella, you can never be too careful." Victoria said with a shake of her head. Bella frowned and kept her mouth shut. When Victoria was this determined on her plan, nothing can persuade her to change. Instead Bella took out her iPod from her purse and began shifting through her list for something to calm her irritation. An hour later they were standing outside of Cerrito's Mall entrance.

"Geezes Vicky, you drove like how many miles just to get here?" Bella shook her head as she stepped in the Macy's department. The first thing to hit her senses was the smell of expensive leather. They were in the men's department surrounded by leather shoes and fancy men apparel.

"Shut it and let's just start this." She said eying the merchandise in display. Bella frowned and complied to follow her around, glancing from the left to right she saw other men watching them in interests.

"Vicky, hurry up. I feel like a piece of meat around here." She whispered after grabbing a hold of her arm.

"What's bad about that?" Victoria asks, looking through a display of watches.

"Well the fact that they're old enough to be our dads is the bad part." She muttered, trying to keep the grimace of her face.

"That's gross..let's get out of here." In quick haste they weaved through the pack of customers in the perfumed department, with a couple of declines on free samples from the employees. "Finally, freedom! Hmmm now where too...Oh look!" Victoria pointed at a store at the left corner that had a display of women and men clothing in a much younger version.

"Now that's James' style." Bella said in approval. Victoria grabbed a hold of Bella's hand and pulled her in the department store. Three Days Grace blared out from the store's speakers at the ceiling. It was pretty much packed up from teenagers to mid-twenties people. She and Victoria decided to go separate ways, both of them shopping for different reasons. She was currently looking at a black retro shirt when a snicker caught her attention. She lifted her gaze to see two girls giggling and shifting glances at her, obviously. Bella should have known Cali would be filled with some snobby rich kids. She just didn't know it would be that quick to meet up with some of them. She sneered at them and walked off to find Victoria.

"Slut," they muttered behind her back. Bella was just about to turn back and give them a verbal smack down when a sales associate walked up to them and kindly asked them to leave. To which Bella couldn't help but smile at the incredulous looks on their faces. Serves them right, she thought happily. They walked off with scowls on their faces, swaying their hips in an exaggerated manner.

"Sorry about that miss.." The sales associate with short blond wavy hair told her with an apologetic smile.

"I'm Bella and its fine..," She looked at her name tag. "Chelsea. I was bound to meet people like that eventually." Chelsea laughed and nodded her head.

"Yes, there are ton of them around here. California the home of the Hollywood stars." They both laughed. "So anything I can help you with?"

"No, I'm fine. My friend, Victoria, is looking for a gift for my brother." Chelsea raised an eyebrow in confusion. "She's dating my brother." Realization dawned in her cerulean colored eyes while her mouth formed an 'o' in acknowledgement. "Speaking of which, here she comes." Victoria walked up to them carrying a load of clothing in her arms.

"I don't know what to buy for him." Her eyes were wide and she was nibbling down on her lower lip in a nervous habit. Chelsea gave her a reassuring smile.

"Let me help you out." Within thirty minutes Victoria was at the cashier's desk paying for the clothes to gift to James.

"What happens if he doesn't like it? Maybe he was hoping for something else and-" Bella covered Victoria's mouth with her hand replaying the action she did to her last week.

"Vicky, you've been dating James for what? A couple of weeks? He'll like the gift..he's not a picky guy alright?" Victoria nodded her head and Bella pulled her hand away from her mouth.

"I know, I just want this to turn out right." She said, handing her card to Chelsea.


"Vicky, you've been like a second savior of mine." Victoria said, smiling at Chelsea.

Chelsea laughed, "Vicky, don't worry. Just don't give your guy any men's cologne or any hygiene related products and you're fine."

"She's right," Bella added with a giggle. "I'll be pissed off if Jasper gifted me with a bottle of perfume. That's like saying 'you smell so here'." The three of them chortled together. Chelsea handed Victoria her credit card back and her bag of newly bought clothes.

"Yeah you both are right." Victoria let out a long gust of air from her lungs and straighten her posture. "Okay, I'm perfectly normal again."

"I hope I'm not intruding, but are you guys new around here?" Chelsea looked around making sure the staff manager wasn't nearby to see her conversing with the customers far longer than necessary.

"Actually we're new to Cali, we're from Forks, Washington. We basically moved to San Diego to be with our boyfriends." Victoria answered, stuffing her receipt in her shoulder bag.

"San Diego? Oh wow, I'm moving there next week to start my college classes!" Her voice was littered in excitement. "This is my last day at work."

"This is perfect we can hang out!" Bella said taking out her cell from her bag. "Give me your number and we can meet up once you move to San Diego. Heck, we can even help you move."

"You guys don't have to." Chelsea smiled shyly.

"Oh hush, we're bored down there anyways minus well do something product before classes start." Victoria waved her hands up theatrically. Chelsea gave her number to Bella, who promised to text her back so she can get her number in return. "See you soon Chelsea and thanks again!" Bella and Victoria waved good bye at Chelsea before leaving the store. "So aren't you happy we drove all the way here?"

"Okay, okay you were right," Bella admitted. Her cell then rang in the tune of Where's My Angel by Metro Station, the caller id revealing the name of someone she missed dearly. "Cheeka!" She screamed into the receiver after answering it.

"Is that who I think it is?" Victoria asked, her voice getting higher in excitement. Bella nodded her head and Victoria, literally squealed. "Put her on speaker bitch!" Bella pressed the button and they heard the voice of their friend Angela.

"Hey!" Angela's static voice shouted through the phone's mini speakers.

"Eeep! Ange! How are you?" Victoria laughed and pulled Bella to sit on an empty bench in the middle of the mall's walkway.

"I'm good. Oh my gosh, I have good news!" They can picture Angela jumping up and down from the sound of her voice.

"What!" Bella and Victoria shouted at the same time, getting hooked on the giddiness of Angela's voice.

"I'm moving to Cali! Ben got a late later from a college at San Diego and he has a scholarship to play basketball for some team." Bella giggled. Angela wasn't a sports fanatic. Well the three of them weren't that much of fans to say the least.

"That's wonderful news! But wait which college are you attending now?" Bella asked.

"I got approved at a couple of colleges down there, but I just stayed because of Ben." She let out a sigh at the other end of the line. "The things we do for these guys."

"Agreed." Victoria said in a serious tone. "They are fucking lucky."

"Hey my man said he'd go anywhere I go." Bella's voice was full of pride and happiness.

"Luck bitch," Victoria growled out while Angela mumbled it out.

"What did you say Angela?" Bella asked clearly hearing their friend curse for the first time.

"Nothing," she squeaked out. Victoria let out a snort, pushing her hair over her shoulders while shaking her head in amusement.

"Our innocent best friend is finally getting corrupted." Victoria rubbed an imaginary tear away from her eyes followed by a sniffle.

"Oh, ha ha. By the way we'll be flying down there this weekend!"

"This is perfect! You can meet with this new girl we met at the mall. She's moving next week to San Diego and she's awesome." Bella smiled wide, she couldn't believe the luck they were getting. Not only did they have the possibility of a new friend but their old longest best friend was moving to join them here at California.

"You guys replaced me already?" Angela questioned, though they can hear the tease in her voice.

"Hardly, girl. You shall always be the angel of the group besides we might just turn into the great cuatro amigas instead of the musketeers!" Victoria cheered out.

"There must be a better name." Bella scoffed, crinkling her nose at the name. "At least with musketeers we sound professional. Cuatro amigas sounds like we're drunk buddies."

"Shut up we'll figure something out." Victoria stuck her tongue out at Bella, who in return tried to grab it between her fingers.

"You guys stop bickering, anyways I got to go. I have things to pack and ship. I'll talk to you guys again with the time of our arrivals!"

"Alright girl, you take care! We love you!" Bella and Victoria each gave their audio kisses to her before disconnecting.

"Oh look it's a sign," Victoria turned to Bella with a mischievous smile while pointing at the pink store in front of them.

"Aw fuck," Bella groaned when she noticed it was Victoria's Secret. The frown on her face slowly crept into a smile, turning her head towards Victoria they both held identical smiles.

"Oh hell no! No Victoria jokes!" Victoria's smile switched into a frown while Bella giggled.

"Too bad if I have to suffer, so should you."


"You know it," Bella grabbed her friend's hand and tugged her in the store, feeling actually excited to go in a lingerie store.

"Stupid name.." Victoria muttered.

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