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It had been a 4 months since Hinata and Naruto had their first session of love making. Many different things has happened since that, and it had seemed to turn both of their worlds on its head.

Hinata stared at herself in the mirror and left out a soft sigh as she studied her appearance. She lifted her hand and caressed her, now, protruding belly. She looked down at her belly, ' You've turned my world upside down, little one.' she thought with a sad smile.

And it was true, Hinata had gotten pregnant with her's and Naruto's child, when they made love for the first time.


Hinata twirled her fingers in her lap, as she sat on the toilet waiting for the results of her pregnancy test. The 15 minutes it took for the test to give results, seemed like an eternity to her. After her phone's timer went off, she took a deep breath, grasped the white stick into her, now sweaty palms, and gasped.


Hinata felt her heart jump out of her chest, as she stared at the test. Her mind was swirled with thoughts of what she was going to do, now that it wasn't just her and Naruto anymore. She was a Senior in high school for Christ's sake! She has no earthly idea of what Naruto, Ino, or her father..

Hinata swallowed hard, 'My father..' she thought grimly, biting on her bottom lip. She was terrified at what her father might think of her new.. asset. Hinata sighed, throwing the test in her small wastebasket and came out of the bathroom.

Ino sat nervously on the bed, and jumped up when Hinata came out. She noticed her best friend's downcast look and her eye's went wide. "Well..?" Hinata nodded slowly, and Ino sighed hard, putting her arms around her, holding her. "It'll be ok, Hina. I'll be with you every step of the way."

Hinata wiped her eyes from her silent tears and was grateful for Ino. Ino rubbed Hinata's back as they sat on her bed, talking about how she would tell everyone.

"When are you going to tell Naruto?" asked Ino, as she handed Hinata a Kleenex. Hinata blew her nose, and shrugged. "I-I'm not sure." she muttered out. "Well, he is the father. You should probably tell him before telling everyone else." Ino said softly.

They sat in silence for a few moments while they thought hard about Hinata's current situation. Ino looked at the sheets, and felt the tears in her eyes swell. "H-Hina.. Please tell me you're not going to have an..


That word made Hinata cringe, "Of course not, I don't have it in my heart to do such a thing." Hinata said frantic.

"Don't have it in your heart to do what?"

Hinata and Ino both gasped, and looked to see none other than Hiashi Hyuga standing in the door way of her room. Hinata went wide-eyed "N-Nothing, father" she said quickly. Hiashi raised an eye brow and knew that she was hiding something. "Hinata, I know you better than that. I know you're hiding something. Better as to tell me now, than to tell me later." Hiashi's eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at his daughter.

Ino took Hinata's hand and squeezed it gently, to give Hinata a reassuring notice that she was there for her. Hinata looked down at her feet, "I-I'm pregnant" she said with a mere whisper. "You're what?" Hiashi said with a stern tone. "I'm pregnant." Hinata said once more.

The air in the room was tense, Hinata shifted uncomfortably as she waited to hear her father's reaction to this news. Hiashi closed his eyes, and let out a deep long breath. "Do you know who the father is, Hinata?" Hinata nodded slowly, once more, squeezing Ino's hand, having her squeeze it back.

Hiashi turned and walked out, with a "Hn."

Ending the conversation.

End of Flashback:

Now that Hinata had her belly bump, everyone at school knew that she was and it was very noticeable, even though she tried to hide it. But, to no avail. Hinata sighed as she smoothed out her purple blouse, and began to brush her hair.

Her phone began to ring and she smiled at the caller I.D.

"Hello, Naru-kun." she said with a soft tone, "Hey, babe!" Naruto said enthusiastically. Naruto was really excited about the fact he was going to be a father, "Be outside, I'm almost there to pick you up!" Hinata could hear his smile on the line, and couldn't resist to smile back. "Alright, dear."

They hung up and Hinata finished brushing her hair, and throwing it into a messy bun. Naruto blew his horn, and Hinata ran out to meet him, and hopped into his car. Naruto, leaned over giving her a gently kiss on the lips, and leaned down to kiss her belly, "Good morning you two!" he said with his toothy grin.

Hinata giggled at her boyfriend, "Good morning, daddy." Naruto chuckled and adjusted his glasses, starting the engine and driving to school.

Naruto pulled into his parking spot, got out, walking around, and opening the door for Hinata. Hinata smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, "Thank you, daddy." she said, "You're very welcome, mommy."

Naruto closed the car door, and put his hand around his waist as they walked to the entrance of the school, Ino ran up to the couple and smiled big. "I have a surprise for you!"

Hinata and Naruto tilted their heads, Ino pulled out a one piece outfit for a baby girl. It was pink, and in light blue letters it said 'Mommy's Little Helper' Hinata giggled, and Naruto smiled. "What if it's a boy?" he snorted. Ino rolled her eyes and huffed, "Well, I hope it's a girl. Because then, Hinata and I can take HER shopping and buy HER cute outfits." Ino stuck her tongue out as Hinata took the outfit and folded it neatly.

"Thank you, Ino" she said politely, "You're very welcome!" Ino said with pride. The bell rang, and Ino parted with the couple and went to her own first period. Naruto and Hinata walked into class, and sat in the back, as the normally do. Naruto helped her, slowly, squeeze into the desk. Her belly made that rather difficult, however.

At lunch, Naruto and Hinata sat at their picnic table, with their friends. Ino was rambling on to Hinata about how she was going to buy the baby all the cute clothes and accessories she could. Garra, looked at the couple with a small smile "Do you have a due date?" he asked monotone.

"Not yet, but the GYN said it should be sometime in the Spring." Hinata said with a smile, as she rubbed her belly. Naruto laid his head on her shoulder and wrapped his arm around her waist and held her close.

"Are you going to have a baby shower?" asked Kiba, Ino snorted and put her hands on her hips, "Well, duh! Any expectant mother will have a baby shower, everyone knows that." Ino stated.

Hinata smiled at her friends, "Yes we are, Kiba-kun. I'm just not entirely sure when that is, exactly. We've not really talked about it." Kiba nodded, and put a hand on his chin, in deep thought. "Why don't we have it on your birthday?" said Naruto.

Everyone went silent and looked at him, "I mean, think about it. We can celebrate her birthday, and celebrate our baby. It makes sense to me at least." Naruto muttered. Everyone nodded, in agreement. Ino clasped her hands together, with a smile. "Alright, her birthday it is."

Naruto smiled to himself, and took a hand, rubbing it on Hinata's belly. Hinata smiled and put a hand onto his.

Soon, Neji and TenTen walked over to the group. "Hey guys!" TenTen said enthusiastically, "Hey" they all replied in unison. Neji nodded his head toward the group in acknowledgment.

"Hello, cousin." Hinata said with a smile, Neji leaned down and kissed her on the cheek "Hello, Hinata. How are you feeling?" he asked, "I'm alright, a little fatigued, but other than that I'm quite alright" she said with a small blush on her cheeks. Neji nodded, "If that is the case, you should go home and rest. I don't want my niece or nephew hurt." he said softly. Hinata giggled and snuggled into Naruto, "I promise I'm fine. I will have Naruto take me straight home after school, cousin." Neji 'hn'd' and nodded, putting his hand around TenTen.

After school, Naruto pulled into Hinata's drive way and they shared a passionate kiss. "I'll see you later, Naru-kun. I'm going to take a nap, and we can go out sometime tonight, alright?" said Hinata, Naruto smiled and chuckled "Of course, babe! Just text me when you wake up, and I'll come pick you up!" Naruto reached into the back seat of the car and pulled out an orange box with a blue bow on top.

"This is for you, err.. well the baby. Don't open it until you're in your room!" Naruto smiled bright, as Hinata took the parcel and nodded. "Alright, daddy. See you later!" Hinata got out, and closed the door back, as Naruto began to pull out. He rolled the window down and screamed, "I love you, mommy!" Hinata giggled, and waved back "I love you too, daddy!" and with that he was off.

Hinata walked into the house, "I'm home." she said, Hanabi came running up to her older sister and rubbed her belly, "welcome back!" Hinata smiled at her sister, and they shared a quick hug. Ever since Hinata announced of her pregnancy, Hanabi has been treating her sister much different than she used to.

Hinata walked into her room, laid her things onto the bed and looked at the parcel Naruto had gave her. She undid the bow, and opened it up to see at card that read:

I hope you like it.

I love you babe!


Hinata smiled and picked up the outfit, it was orange with a tan front and a small tail hanging from the bottom, with a hood with orange and black ears. Hinata giggled at the little fox outfit and smiled at her boyfriend. 'My little fox.' she said with a warm smile.

Hinata put the outfit and card back into the box and laid down, with thoughts of her baby and Naruto swimming in her head.

To Be Continued..

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