The New Leaf

By: Sora Hoshi

Universe: Left 4 Dead X Harry Potter

Rating: M for swearing, anger management, blood and gore, etc.

Summary: Harry was left in Los Angeles by the Dursley's in the summer of his Fifth Year. The virus strikes and now he's just trying to survive. Doing away with the Gryffindor courage for the most part, he focuses on surviving and taking care of himself first.

Warnings: Swearing, smart!Harry, Sorta-Slytherin!Harry, ?Dark!Harry? (not sure-at least a Grey!Harry), past Abused!Harry (slightly), Manipulative!Dumbledore, Not-so-bad!Voldemort, Major OOCness, there may be more, but I can't remember so...I may add to this list...

Disclaimer: I do not own Left 4 Dead or Harry Potter. (I couldn't make Left 4 Dead better than it already is if I could, and you guys already know my issues with HP so... XD)


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Parseltongue (If I even use it...)

"Regular talking"

Thinking/Letter/Talking to Voldemort/visions

Placed in Los Angeles, California-not Pennsylvania. NOTE: London is 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles.


Chapter 1

Sometimes, I really hate my life. Harry thought grumpily, not for the first time in the last few hours. Man, was he pissed. The Dursley's had finally decided to take a vacation-right in the middle of his 5th year summer break.

He was still mourning his godfather's loss, and to top that off the three had finally abandoned him in Los Angeles, California in America. Of course, he had had his trunk shrunken around his neck with an invisibility and a featherlight charm on it. Plus he had bought an untraceable wand from Knockturn Alley in disguise the week before he had left England-he wasn't stupid after all...but that didn't help the situation he was in right now.

Some strange virus had started to spread, one which he was immune to, but almost all muggles weren't. He hadn't really had time to think about his situation before this.

"First they fucking abandon me, then this...plague starts turning people into bloody fucking zombies, then I can't use my wand to kill them...what next? Alien's from bloody outer space?" The Potter Heir ranted in a low grumble.

It had been a long week and a half since the infection started spreading en-mass.

Harry sighed and fired another round into a few zombies heads, spotting a boomer lurking up ahead and shooting it with barely a glance in it's direction, making it explode all over a few other zombies that summoned a small hord to claw at them. The five survivors crept by them silently as possible, shooting a few of the ones that noticed them as they went. One thing was for sure, waving a wand all day sure helped his aim after he got over adjusting to the retort of the weapon.

"Kid, hurry up!" The old war vetron, Bill he remembered, growled, holding a semi-automatic comfortably in his hands.

"Yeah, yeah old man." The black haired teen replied in a low voice, so as not to attract a hord. Really, killing zombies sure did help with anger management, but between the nightmares from Voldemort (who was half way around the fucking world and was still at it), Sirius' death, dealing with not being able to 'kill' zombies with his magic, not being able to use his wand openly anymore, and now dealing with his new...acquaintance's...for lack of a better term, he really was too tired, upset, stressed and angry to deal with all of his other emotions.

"Safe house ahead." Zoey whispered back to the two males. They could hear the growls and screams of an incoming hord and were hurriedly, yet carefully making their way to the 'safe house.'

Shutting the door quickly after everyone was in, they just missed the hord coming around the corner, everyone sighing in relief at their luck.

Harry had just met up with the group of four earlier that day, so he hadn't had any time to know who his new allies were-all he knew was that they weren't zombies and they weren't like some of those cowards that had boxed themselves inside a safe room and not let anyone in for fear of gaining the infection. Not that it mattered, now that the disease was water-born from the looks of it and able to be transmitted by animal bites as well.

"Dibs on first shower!" Zoey called out cheerfully, the first one to find the bathroom with a working shower, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Grumbles were heard from the two other males-Louis and Francis; Bill didn't seem to care too much; and Harry just growled in annoyance. The electricity was still running so after some debate Harry threw on a load of his clothes, secretly using magic to remove some of the lighter stains in one of the bedrooms while constructing a makeshift outfit he could wait to take a shower in. He personally thanked himself for deciding to go buy his own sized clothes after a few weeks back from school-which he was offended to realize he was still in the Junior's section for boys- and silently and repeatedly thanked Hermione for the cleaning charms she had taught him in two years ago. The clothes he had found were much too big, but he was used to that anyways from years of getting hand-me-downs of Dudley's courtesy of Petunia and Vernon.

After Zoey got out Louis, then Francis took a shower and used the bathroom. Meanwhile, Harry searched for food, finding a few candy bars and shoving them inside his side pouch hastily before anyone else saw them; his bag, which he had spelled to automatically shrink and store items inside the featherweight charmed, inner-extendable spelled belt pouch on his right hip. He had picked up quite a good collection of weapons over the last week-getting lucky one day to find a weapon's store and stocking up on guns, clips, rounds, health kits, scopes, laser accuracy equipment, modified pipe bombs and whatever else he could find, shoving it into his pouch for later. The day before he had run into a storage area full of packaged and dried foods, water bottles, and any other type of food he could possibly need.

"Go on Kid, I don't mind waiting. 'Nam smelled pretty close to how I smell now, if not worse, so it's no big deal for me to wait a little longer." The white haired vet said in a gruff voice, smoking on his third cigar in the last two hours since they had gotten to the safe house.

"Thanks." Harry replied quietly, holding his clean clothes in his hands (which he had washed in the sink a few minutes ago), and disappearing into the bathroom. A very fast half an hour later, the emerald eyed teen came out of the small room again, his memories reminding him of his cupboard room back at the Dursleys.

The other three stayed quiet while Bill took the last shower, moving around, eating, washing their clothes, et cetra. After the old man finished, it was apparently story time for them all.

"So, Harry, how's a British kid get here from the UK all by himself?" Zoey asked, breaking the awkward ice, well, at least she thought she had.

"My aunt, uncle, cousin and myself were on a trip here about a week ago. They left me here when they heard about the virus spreading." The black haired young man responded quietly, starting to clean his two pistols his larger, AK-47 and his sniper rifle, equipped with a silencer. His eyes grew dark with anger and what seemed like hatred, a mystery to three of the people, except for Francis who seemed to miss it.

"Why'd they do that?" He asked, the other three stilling instantly at the look of murderous rage on the teenager's face before he blanked it out.

"They hate me." He said in an indifferent voice, shrugging his shoulders in a nonchalant type way. "Simple as that. Figured this would be an easy way to get rid of me finally. Though they seem to keep forgetting my in ordinary luck with near death experiences..."

A few minutes of silence and Zoey cleared her throat. "Well...I used to be a college student at one of the Los Angeles' Community Colleges, Bill's a Vietnam War vet, and I have no clue about Francis or Louis." She said in a semi-cheerful voice.

"Hm..." The black haired boy replied noncommently. He glanced at the three males, each just doing their own thing. Louis was almost falling asleep at the moment-which Harry was jealous of since he had insomnia, Francis was cleaning his guns as well and Bill...Bill was staring at him.

A few minutes of silence and Harry finally broke it after setting down his own weapons. "What?" He growled, his eyes fixed on the veteran again.

"What what?" He countered back, setting his cigar in the ash tray on the table.

"Why the hell have you been staring at me?" He ground out, his patience gone to hell.

"Because, you shoot too well and are way too cool headed for a thirteen year old to be in a situation like we are." He replied quietly, four set's of eyes staring at him now. Harry shifted uncomfortably in the sofa seat, he always hated being stared at.

"First of all, I am fifteen. Not thirteen thank you very much. And I've learned to handle myself over the years." The last Potter replied coldly. "Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go sleep in an actual bed until I have to set out again. Leave whenever you wish, I don't care." He added for good measure, hoping they would take the easy way out and use their 'survival insinct' and leave him on his own. He stood up and grabbed his guns, loaded them quickly and efficiently and stalked off to a bedroom, leaving the flabbergasted adults behind him, for good.

...he hoped.

After putting his two pistols under his pillow with the safety's on and his AK and sniper rifle on the nightstand he spelled the door with locking charms, warded the room, shot half a dozen each of cleaning and freshening charms around the bedroom, much like he had done in the bathroom, and peeled off his jeans and t-shirt to sleep in his boxers. Sighing he laid down in the bed and closed his eyes sending a thought out to Voldemort through his Occlumency shields. Please give me a few hours of peaceful sleep... He pleaded, not above anything it seemed anymore.

Surprisingly the murderer responded. And why should I little hero? His snake-like voice whispered back through his mind.

Because I didn't want to fight in that old bastard's war in the first place and my side in it was chosen for me? Because I never wanted to be the 'hero' you made me? Because I'm in the middle of an apocalyptic war zone? Because I'm still healing from what my bastard of an uncle- Harry thought furiously back, his patience gone, and sleep deperivation making itself known. He cut himself off quickly as soon as he realized what he had started to say, trying to cover up what he had been about to reveal to 'his enemy.' Oh, never mind. You probably don't care anyways. He finished with a grumble turning on his side and moving one of the guns to his left hand, his right staying empty because it was his natural wand arm.

Harry could practically see Voldemort's frown as he drifted off towards sleep hearing the reply, We will talk later Mr. Potter, be sure of that. For now, rest. Even if it was just him wanting information about what was happening to him right now that got Voldemort to stop tormenting him for a bit, Harry couldn't find it in himself to care much-if at all.

Meanwhile, the four survivors sat in silence, each listening to the teenager who had just told them to buzz off.

"...what the hell?" Francis said in a blank tone of voice, Louis silently looking up at the ceiling, a puzzled look on his face.

"I don't know, but I wouldn't feel right about leaving him to fend for himself, he's just a teenager. We need to stick together if we want to get out of here alive..." Zoey said quietly, her hand's folded in her lap, where her gaze was firmly placed.

"I agree with Zoey. I don't think I'd be okay leaving him on his own, but that kid..." Louis said, Francis nodding silently in agreement.

"He's seen war before." Bill said quietly, a deep frown marring his face. "Or at the very least, a lot of death. You can see it hidden in his eyes. He's using emotional masks-like vet's do. But the really weird thing is there is no war going on in the UK." He finished just as quietly as when he started, the other three going still and silent at the comment.

After a few minutes of dead silence where everyone could hear each others breathing and the guttural sounds coming from the zombies outside, Zoey said, "We'll leave him alone for now, maybe some sleep is all he needs and some food in a bit." She suggested, getting silent nods as the three males silently continued to think about the newest survivor they had met.

Six hours later a knock sounded at Harry's door, making him jerk awake, his gun automatically going to aim straight for the noise as his wand followed, a reaction he had developed after Ron had woken him up to early one too many times because he couldn't sleep, his gun naturally adding into the routine after the past week of firing it so often.

"Wha' z't?" Harry said groggily, shaking his head to clear the slumber from his mind.

"We cooked dinner and I was wondering if you wanted any." Zoey replied hesitantly, her voice slightly muffled through the thick wood.

"I'll be there in a minute." He called out, getting up and dressing silently, slipping into his jeans, t-shirt, and baggy sweater. Strapping his weapon's back on him-except his wand holster which already was where it was supposed to be, he holstered the guns in a belt he'd pulled off a dead infected policeman at the beginning of this torturous escapade.

The two bigger guns stayed in his room while his wand went back up the sleeve of his baggy sweater and into his invisible wand holster. A few moment's later he undid the wards around his bedroom, opened the door and left the room, walking downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Hey there Kid, how was your sleep?" Bill asked, sipping something that looked like coffee-with creamer and everything.

"Good, surprisingly." The Potter Heir replied, stretching his arms above his head, making sure to keep the baggy sweater up over his hands.

"Really? One would think you wouldn't sleep well with those zombies..." Francis replied, already eating some type of meat-veggie stir-fry.

"Insomniac. I could sleep through anything if I get a decent sleep-which I did earlier." Harry replied, sitting down at the only empty spot at the table.

"Ah." Louis mumbled around the food in his mouth, seemingly starved.

"So, where are you headed?" The only girl asked, her head cocking to the side in a curious type motion.

"Airport has long-distance radio's. I'm going to phone the army directly there. It'd be stupid to go to the hospital like that announcement said. Every single zombie from here to city limit's will be headed there now because of the noise..." Harry replied quietly. "I figured, the airport should have turned their lights and most of their power off, plus the fact that with the new security measures they installed it should be safer inside that building. Helps that the only place I know the way to is the airport since I left from my hotel." He explained with a shrug, starting to eat slowly.

"Hm...that...actually sound's like a really logical idea..." Bill said, already finished with his food and going for seconds, or thirds, Harry didn't know which.

"Maybe...could we go with?" Zoey asked hesitantly after clearing her mouth. The black haired teen's eyes flickered as he thought through his options.

He really didn't want to leave other non-infected person's to die and more people equals more protection. On the other hand, he had to watch out for them all, he couldn't use his magic freely, a larger group attracted more attention easier...but then he would be acting like Voldemort or Dumbledore-leaving the pawns to fight while they escaped, and he really didn't want to be like them...

"Okay. But first off there are a few rules if you're coming with me. One: you don't make a peep once we leave this safe house, unless it's in a whispered voice. Two: you move fast, silent and don't complain about A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G I say-period. Three: if something weird happens-ignore it, don't pay attention to it, don't ask questions. Clear?" Harry replied, his eyes and voice as hard as flint, looking over each of the four older people thoroughly.

Silently nods of shock were given by the three younger adult's while Bill looked him over just as thouroughly. Damn Kid reminds me of my old Drill Sergent... He thought with a frown before giving a firm nod in confirmation.

"Glad you agree. Now, one more thing. Sometimes I get...debilitating headaches. It's from an old injury, and I can't help it. If I suddenly start looking for a safe house and hurrying up the pace even more, just follow my lead. It mean's I've got to get into a safe zone quickly." He added with a frown, his fingers unconsciously brushing away part of his bangs to trace the scar on his forehead. His hair was getting long after all. He wanted it longer so now it was starting to slowly grow longer. Soon he'd have to tie it back with something-not that he minded, the reason he wanted it long was to respect his godfather, who had-

No. Don't think about that. Not a good idea. He thought to himself shaking his head slightly and blinking away the glazed look before going back to eating.

"So, I figure we'll leave tomorrow-it's too late tonight to keep going. It would be a stupid move. We'll have to share since there's three bedrooms-unless someone wants to take the couch..." Bill finally said after everyone finished decimating whatever food they could get their hands on, all of them were now insanely full-Harry had only eaten about a quarter as much as anyone else, making the adult's frown as things started to add together.

"Sound's good to me. So, who's with who?" Harry asked, starting to do the dishes by hand out of habit. Only a few minute's later he was done and the dishes seemed to be sparkling clean, making the adults who had been observing this frown even more.

"Well, Zoey get's her own room-unless she want's to share-" Francis started to tease.

"Actually I do. I want to share with Bill. I don't trust the boards on this house." Zoey replied firmly, in a very serious tone of voice.

"I'm sharing with Francis." Louis said immediately after that comment.

"Who said I wanted to?" The tattooed man said with a frown. After a few seconds of the 'puppy-dog eyes' he gave in reluctantly.

"Do you want to share with one of us Kid?" Bill asked, taking things as they went.

"No, I'm good on my own. Besides if I get another good sleep and one of you startle me out of it, you might end up with a bullet through your head by accident." The last Potter replied with a frown, taking in the startled looks and shrugging. "I lived in a dorm at school. One of my friend's kept waking me up early, so I started sleeping with a few rocks or something to beam him across the head with. I ended up getting really good at aiming at things while I was still mostly asleep." He explained with a sheepish grin. "Pillow's never work with him."

"Ah." Zoey replied with a giggle, the two younger men cracking grins at this explanation while even the veteran smiled.

"All right, time for bed people." Bill said, still smiling. Everyone was tired so no one complained at his parent-like behavior.

"Night." Harry called out to the others as he walked up the stairs to 'his' room, shutting the door and reapplying the charms he had applied earlier-minus half of the cleaning and freshening charms. Stripping down to boxers for bed he crawled under the covers, laying down and closing his eyes.

So, explanations? A voice hissed as he started to drift back off to sleep, making him jump.

The last Potter sighed and opened his eyes. There was a virus outbreak in Los Angeles-Dursley's abandoned me here so now I'm stuck fighting my way through zombies and trying to survive a war zone area. Most of the populace has gotten infected, except for the magical populace, and the carriers and the naturally immune muggles. You've been keeping me up so I can't fight my way through the area. Harry replied grimly, his hand tightening on the gun unconsciously.

That's good information to know, but I was talking more along the lines of about your uncle. Riddle responded drily, a frown seeming to appear over the connection.

There's no information on that that for you. I don't trust you-let alone any of my friend's with that information. Especially after Dumbles...and what Snape found out this year... It's one of the secrets I'd like to stay secret and not see it on the headline's of The Daily Prophet. The emerald eyed teen growled, flipping onto his side, trying to get comfortable on the soft bed. He let out a yawn as his eyes drooped suddenly as he suddenly grew more tired, his body going slack with the tiredness he suddenly felt to his bones. Wh-what...are you...doing...? He whispered in his mind a weak panicked feeling eveloping him before draining away at the tiredness.

Nothing that will harm you. I've made you lose too much sleep over the last year. The red eyed man replied quietly, a mental hand combing through his 'enemies' hair as he fell asleep with a little help. "Now, to talk to Severus..." He murmured, moving out of his personal private quarters in the direction of the closest Death Eater.

Half way through the night Harry started to dream. Well, not really dream, but have a nightmare. Instead of torturing innocent's though, it was of one of his Uncle Vernon's beatings about his 'freakishness'. The black haired teen woke up in a panic, breathing hard and whimpering in fear. Voldemort may not scare him too much, but his uncle did. He slowly settled back down after casting some more locking charms and a few more wards. He fell asleep again uneasily, his mind chaotic until deep sleep took him away again.


This will probably be a three to five chapter fic. I'm not really sure where it's going to end, how it's going to end, and stuff like that. I do know that I will end it at some point. I do have ideas for the ending and what I want to happen. I'm not sure if this will be a prequel or something so... ^_^ Oh! If there are any mistakes, I'm blaming most of them (deleted letters/spaces/etc.) on fanfiction because this looked simply amazing before I opened it up on there... Anyways, see you next chapter!