Sakura woke up to see herself in a dark red room, on a red and black bed, chained. The room had a fireplace; the fire danced and flickered happily on the woods. The room also had pictures of her smiling and having fun. There were three bookshelves and two sofas in the room. Between the sofas is a glass and wooden coffee table which was occupied with books, horror novels, pen, paper and two mugs of freshly made coffee.

It also had no window and only a door where a man stood there. Wait- a man, Reizo! Sakura struggled against the chains when she saw him smirk at her direction. "There's no use, love. I had the chains made especially for you," he chuckled. Sakura glared at the man in front of her who had a smug expression.

She wanted so much to smack his head until it's ripped off from his muscular neck. Reizo, seeing this only smirked wider. He crawled onto his bed slowly until he reached Sakura who had her legs spread by him. She noticed that she was only wearing a bra that only covered her nipples and black spandex shorts.

Sakura panicked inwardly and looked at Reizo with wide eyes. Reizo purred in delight as his tailed touched Sakura's face and went down her bosoms. He inserted his smooth tail between Sakura's bosoms and pumped it up and down. Sakura was ticklish there so she tried her best not giggle. But she gasped when she felt his tail curled around her right bosom and squeezed it sexually.

Reizo purred once more and sat on Sakura's thighs, playing with her chest at the same time by using his long tail. Sakura bit her lip to suppress her moans. 'Where's Sasori when you need him?' Sakura thought, tears forming in her eyes.

To Sasori, he was running as fast as he could towards the abandoned cat food factory. 'Please let Sakura be safe! Please let her be safe!' Sasori prayed in his mind. Images of Reizo touching Sakura were just enough to make his blood boil.

He arrived at the abandoned cat factory and there was no sign of anyone. Not one. Until he heard a scream; Sakura's scream. "Damn it!" Sasori cursed and ran into the building, rushing to find his beloved cherry blossom.

To Sakura's situation, Reizo had ripped her remaining clothing, leaving her in the nude. "There, you look better like this," he purred. Then, they both heard a man screaming Sakura's name; Sasori. "'Till next time, love," Reizo said as he kissed Sakura on the lips and gave her bosoms a squeeze and disappeared. Sakura searched for her clothes as she trembled. She immediately found them and wore them before Sasori barged into the room.

Seeing Sasori, Sakura immediately hugged him tightly and cried onto his chest. Sasori, smiled as she stroked Sakura's head slowly and tenderly, happy that she was safe. He hugged her back, and as Sasori was cuddling her, Sakura thought, 'Why did Reizo stopped?'

Outside the cat food factory was none other than Reizo himself. He growled and sneered as two men walked towards him. "This better be good!" Reizo snarled at the two men; his assistants. "We're sorry sir, but Lord Takame called for you," the men bowed in respect. "I see. Well then, let's go," Reizo said bitterly as he and his men headed to his house.

About three months later, Sakura and Sasori lived a wonderful life. Sasori stopped playing with the other neko women so that he could have Sakura all to himself. Sakura was grateful Sasori had changed but thinking back about the rescue, Sakura kept wondering where Reizo had gone to.

Brushing those pathetic thoughts aside, she spends her days with Sasori filled with happiness. This caused jealousy to flare in Karin's and the other neko women's chest. "How dare that brat steal our Sasori-kun!" an obvious jealous neko woman said with hatred.

"How are we going to get our darling Sasori-kun back?" Yuri wailed towards Karin. "Easy. We make a deal!" Karin said haughtily.

That evening, Karin and Yuri was walking towards a huge mansion that belonged to a very rich man. They walked up towards the large double doors and knocked on it. One of the servants answered the door and bowed to greet the two women. He took their coats and placed them onto a coat hanger.

"Sir Reizo will be here in a minute. Please sit and wait, first," the man said and bowed. He left the women alone to chat with each other. "So, this 'Reizo' is Sakura's ex-fiancé?" Yuri asked, curious. How did Karin obtain such information?

"Yeah. He's pretty rich and handsome. I wouldn't understand why that pink haired weirdo won't marry him," Karin said hatefully. Then, a couple of seconds later, Reizo came down the stairs, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He sat onto the couch across Karin's and Yuri's seat.

"You said you wanted to discuss something with me?" Reizo asked as his eyebrow rose. "It's about Sakura," Karin said. Reizo smirked at hearing his obsession's name. "What about her?" he asked, leaning closer to hear the information Karin was ready to give.

"It seems that Sakura is in a relationship with our Sasori-kun. We want him back," Karin said as she and Yuri were both annoyed with the couple's relationship. Reizo narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist. "What did you just said?" Reizo growled.

"You heard us. Sakura is in a relationship with Sasori. They spend almost every day with each other!" Yuri wailed. Reizo stood abruptly and stomped towards the door. "Where are you going?" Karin asked. "I'm getting my woman back!" Reizo snarled as he pulled the door harshly. Karin and Yuri stopped him and Karin said, "Hell no! You'll hurt Sasori-kun! We don't want that to happen!"

"Then, what do you want me to do?" Reizo sneered angrily. "We'll make a deal! We'll take care of Sakura and you make awful lies about Sakura to get Sasori to dump her!" Karin grinned evilly. Reizo grinned as well and accepted the deal.

The next morning, Sakura was pulled by Karin and the other neko females before Sasori would claim her. As Sasori looked for Sakura, Reizo came up to him. "What do you want?" Sasori snarled. "I need to talk to you about the 'real' Sakura," Reizo said seriously. In the inside, he was already laughing his evil laugh.

Karin and the rest of the female neko bullied Sakura harshly by dumping their food on her and pulled her hair, ripped her shirt and told her that Sasori never cared for her well-being.

Sasori on the other hand, was shock stiffed. Reizo had told him Sakura was actually targeted him to be her 'play toy'. At first Sasori didn't believe him, but Reizo had a serious tone of voice and he was convincing Sasori that Sakura just wanted to trick him.

Until a couple of minutes passed, Sasori believed Reizo completely. He was so furious that he didn't notice that Reizo was smirking evilly. Sasori stomped to Sakura's room to dump her. When he arrived, Sakura just finished putting on new clothes. "Sakura, we're over," he stated bluntly.

"What?" Sakura asked. She couldn't believe that Sasori wanted to leave her. "You're kidding, right Sasori-kun?" Sakura asked, gripping Sasori's hand. sasori pushed Sakura harshly to the floor, leaving a big bruise onto Sakura's stomach. Sakura whimpered in pain and looked at Sasori with teary eyes.

"What's the meaning of this, Sasori?" Sakura asked, tears rolling down from her eyes. "Reizo told me all about you; the 'real' you. You only loved me because you wanted me to be your little 'play toy', right? I thought you were better than that Sakura. I trusted you!" Sasori yelled.

"And you believe him? Are you not going to listen to my side of the story?" Sakura yelled, upset with Sasori. Then, Sakura received a hard slap from Sasori.

"We're over Sakura," Sasori glared as he walked out from the room. Sakura curled into the corner of her room a clutched her chest as she cried.

'It hurts so much,' Sakura repeated in her mind, 'It hurts.'

That night, dinner was ready and Sasori organized everyone's seats. Sakura was in her room, packing her things and zipped her light blue bag. 'It's better if I leave. No one will miss me,' Sakura thought, 'Not even Sasori.'

"Is the blossom upset?" a voice was heard from her window frame. Sakura whirled around, only to have Reizo smirked at her reaction. "Leaving so soon?" he teased while the smirk is still in its place. "That's none of your business," Sakura spat.

"Don't be upset my little kitten. You can always come live with me," Reizo purred as he watched Sakura placing an envelope on her bedside table. "Like I would want to," Sakura said as she grabbed her bag and walked towards the door.

Reizo was not amused by Sakura's resistance and pulled out a poisoned clothe. He immediately pressed the poisoned clothe onto Sakura's mouth and nose before she reacts. After a couple of minutes, Sakura fainted, giving Reizo that chance to carry her bridal style. Since he was strong, he carried Sakura and her baggage.

He exited through the window and smirked to himself, 'Finally, you're mine.'

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