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Epilogue- Second Chances for the Prideful

Selim sat in his new room, staring out the window as the rain continued to fall. It was just starting to turn to fall, and it felt strange to relive days that had already passed in his mind.

'Father's' funeral had been a little over a week ago, and of course a great national day of morning. Selim had forced himself to cry, but only to keep his mother from worrying.

Neither he nor Mr. Mustang had told the real story about what had happened in that burned out shell of a house. It was clear that the older man still couldn't come up with a reason for why he'd acted as he had, but never tried to ask him to explain, even when he and his mother had went to go visit the man that had saved his life from the fire, as they'd said.

He knew his mother thought he was traumatized by the death of his 'father.' She had every right to, he wasn't acting anything like his old self. Much more reserved, or mature, in his own mind, not smiling or playing as much as he used to. Instead, preferring to just stay holed up in his room on nice days and read a book, or stare out the window like he was now.

Maybe he was a bit traumatized, but not for the reasons she thought. Everything that had happened in the other world… he couldn't believe it'd been real. It still didn't feel real, that he died or fought and had used those terrifying powers to protect himself.

Even still, he found himself continuously slipping up, speaking to Pride in his own mind and finding himself confused for a moment when no answer came.

Did he miss Pride? He really didn't know anymore. During the last few hours he'd been in the other world, the sin hadn't said a word to him. He never would have forgave him for turning his Father against him, no matter how little at fault he really had been in the situation. Not to mention, the whole time Pride had been wishing for his death. How could he like someone who'd done that?

Yeah, he definitely missed Pride. Maybe that was a part of it too, he was still getting over that fact. It wasn't the whole thing though, and he knew that no matter how often he tried to act like the happy, naïve, stupid boy he'd been before, it'd never be enough to fully trick anyone. He didn't even want to be like that anymore, but he doubted anyone would ever really understand his reasons why.

Selim was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of his mother calling him down for dinner. She'd become much more subdued as well, but it was clearly due to her husband's death. The black haired boy tried to offer her a smile as he came into the room, which she managed to return.

"How are you feeling today, dear?" She asked, and Selim took a seat at the table as he answered.

"Fine, and you mother?" he asked back. He really was telling the truth, even if he could tell she didn't believe him. Everything was fine now, although he was slightly glad that she didn't really know that. If she thought her son was completely unaffected by his father's death like he was, it would probably be the thing that sent her spiraling uncontrollably. He couldn't have that, not after having lost her and everything else he cared about for so long.

"That's good, I'm doing alright," she answered. The two ate in mostly silence, a far cry from the way that Selim used to rant on happily during meals. Afterwards, he quickly excused himself back to him room.

No one understood what had happened to him, and he wasn't ever planning to explain it to them. As far as he knew, the homunculus in this world had failed whatever it was their plan had been. He wanted to try to go into the secret tunnel he was sure would be behind his father's old bookcase, just to make sure, but he wasn't even able to get back to their old house.

He guessed it didn't really matter though. What had happened to the homunculus of this world was no more his problem than what happened to the ones of the other world. He somehow gotten a second chance at life, and he was smart enough to know not to go ahead and foolishly throw it away.

His newfound pride would never allow for such a thing.