Sorry, but this is not an update... I was just wondering if you awesome fans could do something for this undeserving (and negligent) author. If you are a Harry Potter fan, (I don't understand why you would not be) then I was wondering if I could ask you to look up my new forum The Potter Experience.

Forum summery: Now that Harry Potter is over, and done, I would like to hear from you all about you stories pertaining to these wonderful books that we all adore. When you first read the books, Potter parties you may have attended,strange quirks you may have obtained.

Topic title: Tell me about your Potter Experience!

Summery: For one of my design classes, I have to make a zine on any subject of my choosing, and like any good fanatic, I'm doing Harry Potter! :) I want it to be about the life of a Potter fan. To do that, I need some fan life stories, so please tell me, and the world!

I would really appreciate it if you could help me out! Also, If you have any fan art or pictures of you and/or your friends being awesomely Harry Potter-esk I would love to see them. :)