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Junior year. One more year before Finn Hudson could leave Lima for good. He was in a particularly good mood as he and Kurt drove to school. Summer was, in a word, awesome. He hung out alot with Rachel, who was a little less obnoxious when they weren't at school, which made being her boyfriend a little more enjoyable. When he wasn't out with Rach, he was hanging out with Puck or Matt or Mike, just chilling. More often then you'd expect, he and Kurt, his almost-step brother, would just hang out at the Hummels' and enjoy each other's company. Yeah, a good summer.

The first day of school wasn't bad either. He met up with the kids in New Directions, had some classes, then lunch came. After scarfing down his pizza, he decided to go shoot some hoops in preperation of basketball tryouts later on in the year. Upon arrival, he noticed a girl had already had the same idea. He watched as she shot free-throw after free-throw. Nothing but net.

"Hey!" he called, running up to her. She caught her basketball and turned to face him. As he got closer, he took a good look at her. Underneath her baggy jersey and the sheen of sweat on her forehead, she was pretty hot. Copper colored hair, big brown eyes and creamy colored skin. Her eyebrow raised in question. He'd seen that look on Kurt and Rachel enough times to know what it meant: What the hell?

"I'm, uh, Finn. Finn Hudson." he introduced, smiling. The girl nodded, stone face not breaking. "I, uh, saw you shooting hoops. Serious skills."

That got her smiling. She giggled a bit before saying, "Thanks!" She passed him the ball. "One-on-one?" she questioned. Finn didn't even answer, just smirked at her and began to play.

As the lunch bell rang, the two teens stopped playing, both sweaty and laughing. "Damn, you are really good!" Finn confessed.

His female companion laughed. "I'd better, I was the varsity shooting guard at my old school!"

Finn look surprised. "Nice!" He said, his voice thick with appreciation. She blushed at the praise. He began walking toward the building and she followed. "So, where did you go to school before?"


"Yeah? What made you move here?"

"My mom's hometown. She and my dad went through a divorce and she figured she'd be better off back at her roots."

Finn nodded, before realizing something. "Hey, I still don't know your name."

The girl laughed. "It's Luka. Luka Bell." Finn smiled. Cool chick, cool name. Makes sense.

"So, Luka. What's your next class?"


"Awesome! Me too!"

Luka smiled up at him. "Ya know, Finn? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You wanna hang after school?"

Finn faltered. "I can't, I've got Glee Club."

"Glee Club?" Luka inquired, seeming generally interested. "Like, a show choir? We didn't have one at my school, but we watched some other schools in our district perform. It was pretty awesome."

"Wanna check it out?"

Luka thought about it before nodding. "Yeah, sounds cool!" Finn grinned and told her all the details. Rach and Mr. Schue would be pyched at having a new New Direction.

Artie's day was pretty good, until he saw he was assigned a top locker. He groaned. He tried his best to reach up for the handle to put the lock on, but he just couldn't make it.

"Here man, lemme help you out." Artie looked up to see a pretty tall guy with shaggy blond hair, dark blue eyes looking at him in genuine earnest like something out of a '50s sitcom. Well, except for the color and modern clothing. Still skeptic of the new guy, Artie handed his lock over and the tall guy proceeded to hook it on. "There we go." he said with a smile.

Artie smiled back. "Thanks, man."

The big guy smiled. "No prob. Need a push?" he offered. Artie accepted the offer, content in giving his arms a rest. "So, if you don't mind my asking, how'd you get stuck with a locker that's totally not suited for you?" the blond asked, politely avoiding being obvious about the chair.

Artie shrugged. "Stupid school system, I suppose."

Blondie seemed to find that a satisfactory answer. "Well, I've got a middle locker. If you want, we could switch."

Artie looked up at the stranger, shocked. "Seriously? I hardly know you."

The guy looked as if he was prepared for this answer. "I'm Sam O'Connor. I'm a junior, just moved here from Chicago. I like football, video games, and nachos." he rattled off.

Artie had to laugh. "Well, I'm Artie Abrams. I like singing and playing guitar."

Sam nodded. "Cool, very cool. Singing? Ya don't hear many guys willing to admit that. Props, man."

Artie shrugged. "It's just part of my life. I'm in a glee club."

"Sweet! Think I could join?"

Once again, Artie looked up at Sam incredulously. "For real?"

"Yeah!" Sam nodded. "I used to sing in choir in my church and I promised my pastor I'd find a way to sing here too."

Artie smiled. "Well, you've come to the right person. I was an original member."

The two boys discussed Glee while they completed the locker switch, both feeling satisfied in finding a new friend.

Mercedes had not expected to find a hot guy on the first day of school. Especially not one that accidentally rammed her into a locker. He had been trying to catch a football when he hit the lockers next to her, the impact making her hit her head against her open locker door. She was about to go all crazy on his ass. Until she saw him. Chocolate colored skin, hair as black as night and eyes somewhere in between. She was floored.

So was he. "Aw, man, sweetheart, I totally didn't mean... I-It was an..." he stuttered, face beginning to flush. Mercedes just smiled up at him.

Then along came Matt to ruin the moment. "Hey, Mercedes, you alright? My cousin here has obviously not been practicing his football skills." he said, elbowing the other guy in the ribs.

"You know her?" Matt's cousin asked.

Matt nodded. "Yeah, Mercedes. She's in Glee Club with me."

"Ya know, I was just thinking about trying out for that." Matt's cousin said, attention back to Mercedes.

"You were?" Mercedes asked in hope, Matt in confusion.

Ignoring both questions, Matt's cousin gave Mercedes a sly smile before offering his hand. "Marius Turner."

"Mercedes Jones." Mercedes shook the hand offered to her, flattered when he didn't let go.

Matt rolled his eyes at the scene. "Come on, Marius, we've got class." he said, dragging his cousin by the arm.

Marius looked pissed at Matt before yelling, "Nice meeting you, Mercedes! See ya in Glee!"

"Bye Marius!" she yelled back. When the cousins were out of sight, Mercedes pulled her phone out of her locker and began typing like crazy. Kurt had to hear this!

Tina seemed to be the only one to notice the quiet girl in the back of her first period. She was dressed like a Taylor Swift impersonater. She had curly caramel hair and green eyes that seemed shocked to just be there. She was dressed in a white dress with a denim jacket and, of course, cowboy boots. Tina felt a stab of pity. She knew what it was like to not have friends. So, she took the initiative and sat by her.

"Hi." Tina began. The girl jumped a little, turning to Tina, almost terrifed. Tina was suddenly reminded of an old story her parents used to read to her: Country Mouse and City Mouse. This girl was definately the Country Mouse. "I'm Tina." she pressed.

The other girl tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and gave Tina a little smile. "Emily Brighton." she said softly, her voice holding a subtle Southern twang.

"You're new right? Where did move from?"

"Tennesse. Papa got a nice job workin' at the hospital. Better then the little clinic he ran in Ortman County." Emily replied.

Tina nodded. Suddenly, she noticed the tan, oddly shaped bag beside Emily. "Guitar case?"

Emily's face lit up. "Yea! I'm sort of an aspirin' musician. I write songs and sing too."

"You sing? Me too! I'm actually in a choir."

"A choir?" Emily's head tilted to the side in a cartoonish display of confusion. Tina quickly explained the purpose of New Directions.

"That sounds lovely! Oh Tina, would you mind if I try out for it?"

Her eyes were so big and her face so adorbably puppy-like that Tina couldn't say no. "Of course not, we'd love to have you!" Emily's smile grew wider, if at all possible, as she and Tina made plans to meet so Tina could take her to the choir room. As class began, Tina smiled. Glee practice should be an interesting endevour.

As if it was usually boring.

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