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The summer of senior year was smooth sailing for the sixteen members of New Directions. They took second place at Nationals and spent the rest of the summer traveling, visiting relatives or hanging out together. But when high school commenced, so did the drama. Finn and Rachel broke up and got back together at least 3 times, as did Quinn and Puck. Artie and Tina had some issues and split toward the end of the year. Sam broke up with Emily after a time as well. Matt and Mike both decided to go back to being just friends, and Brittany and Santana figured out that they needed a little guy action in their lives. Mecedes and Marius agreed to date other people, if only for the experience. And Kurt informed Luka that he was the only gay guy in existance who'd had two girlfriends and only one boyfriend. She understood, and they broke things off.

Rachel's worry of her and Finn not being together for senior prom came true. Actually, none of the couples from junior year went together for senior prom. After Artie and Tina broke up, the handicapped boy had asked Luka to the formal dance. The copper-haired girl rejected him, telling him she was taking a post break-up distraught Quinn and that she was sorry. Artie understood, then proceeded to ask Emily. The Southern belle agreed. Mercedes had asked Sam- if you count, "You're taking me to prom, White Boy. Dress nice." as an invitation. Kurt and Matt, who were dating for two and a half months, went together. Puck surprised everyone by asking Rachel and she shocked everyone even more by agreeing happily. Finn, out of his usual options, had asked Brittany. (People chuckled behind their backs as to the hilarity of the two slowest club members dating.) Tina and Mike had consented, by mutual agreement, to go as friends. Marius had asked Santana, who shrugged and acquiesed.

With Quinn Fabray as valedectorian and a National Show Choir title, the members of the Glee club graduated William McKinley High School in the class of 2012.

The group split ways for college. Rachel stayed in the Julliard dorms, while Kurt, Brittany, Mike and Emily opted for apartments close by the school. Artie and Puck headed to Berkley, school of music, in Boston. Santana, Matt, and Mercedes went to Brown, and Quinn, Luka, and Tina went to NYU. Finn, Sam and Marius headed for the West coast- Finn to the University of Albuquerque in New Mexico, Sam to Stanford, and Marius to UC Santa Cruz. They still all met up in the Ohio home of Will and Emma Schuester every few months for a mini ND reunion.

Soon, college was over and everyone moved into the working world. Santana and Brittany got back together in medical school, where Satana studied to be a nurse and Brittany to be a veterinarian. Kurt and Luka ended up moving in with each other, while Kurt tried to break into the fashion world and Luka tried to get a writing job. Arite and Tina became engaged, and moved to California for Artie to study flim work and Tina to dabble in theatrical make-up. Rachel tried to break into Broadway, with Finn standing faithfully by her the entire time. Sam ended up teaching guitar lessons, while his fiancee Emily worked as a preschool teacher. Mercedes and Marius both made it into the music business- Mercedes as a producer, Marius as CEO of a major record label. Quinn became a talk show host and Puck led her on-air band. Mike taught dance at Julliard and Matt became a basketball coach at a high school in Boston.

Artie and Tina were blessed with beautiful fraternal twins almost one year after their wedding. Vada and Drew Abrams were fawned over by their parents, their grandparents, their fourteen aunts and uncles and their 'other' grandparents, Will and Emma. Child after child joined the fray. Will and Emma, too afraid to risk a pregnancy of their own at their ages, adopted a toddler boy named Freddie. Brittany and Satana, through in vitro fertilization, were able to have a little girl they named Dakota. Luka and Kurt, together again after Kurt had decided he wanted something more substantial then just random sex and casual relationships with various men, had wed a year after the birth of their daughter. Quinn had given birth to triplets-Karen, Micah, and Alexa-and the Puckerman family took periodic trips to see Shelby Corcoran and Beth Corcoran-Puckerman, who had formed a loving relationship with her biological parents and absolutely adored her little siblings. Matt and his partner Cory had concieved their daughter Alice Rutherford-Parker much in the same way the Berrys' concieved Rachel. Mike had married the single mother of one of his star dancers, Jessica Faye. Mike and Jess lived together with Mike's step-daughter Tori and his and Jessica's son Jack. Rachel retired the stage in order to teach a class on reciting, creating, and understanding monologues at Julliard and Finn taught Lyrical Analysis there, having friends (usually Luka and Kurt, since Luka worked mostly from home.) watch their baby boy Nicolas.

It was April 2022. 28 year old Luka Hummel was busily washing dishes in her two bedroom New York apartment. Her laptop was nearby, opened to a Word document of possible story ideas for Artie Abram's newest movie. Luka and Artie worked very closely-Luka admired Artie's directoral talent, and Artie would take no script if Luka hadn't written it. They had been passing around ideas at a business lunch earlier that day and Luka was still trying to decide which would be a more interesting concept.

"Stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna talk anymore!" Lady GaGa's voice rang through the apartment. Luka jumped, fixed her hair and checked the door, in case the star had actually walked in. (Her husband had brought home many a celebrity before, it wasn't unusual for his line of work.) But no, it was just her phone saying she had recieved a text.

Hey beautiful. Gonna pick up G frm preschool. Want food?

Luka paused before answering, Yeah. Bacon cheesebuger and fries...and Nutella...and Doritos...and cashews.

Damn! Kurt Jr. hungry 2day? her husband asked.

The copper-haired woman rubbed her 6-month baby bump. "Don't worry, son. Mommy's not gonna let Daddy name you Kurt Jr." she assured. The family cat, Tim (Luka liked to think he was named after Tim Burton. Kurt liked to think he was named after Tin Gunn.), meowed his agreement, then returned to grooming his gray fur. Luka laughed, and typed a reply.

Don't call him that. And yes, and kicking up a storm.

Luka returned to the dishes after recieving her husband's reply informing her that he and their daughter were going to pick up the food and be home soon.

"Mommy!" the loud voice of a 4-year old girl filled the silence of the house. Luka ran toward the little girl and picked her up. "Glory! How's my little superstar?" she asked.

"Sad. Danny Turner said girls were icky. He's supposed to be my best fwend." The little girl's green-blue eyes cast down to the carpet. Her slight lisp-a trait she had inherited from her father's side-was hard not to 'Awww' at, even if she was sad.

Luka carressed her daughter's cheek. "Aw, Gloria, he's just being a weird boy."

"Want me to talk to his mama? Mercedes will ground him for life." Kurt piped up from the doorway, as he brought in multiple groccery and fast food bags.

Gloria laughed. "No tank you, Daddy. I'll just find a new best fwend. Wike...Awice! You know, not many kids are nice to her." the little girl confessed.

"It's cause not many parents like Alice's parents." Kurt explained softly.

"Uncle Matt and Uncle Cowy? What's wong wiff them?" Gloria inquired, popping her thumb into her mouth.

Kurt grimaced. He hated that habit of hers. But, more important then that, was how he would answer her question. "We'll explain it when you get older, Baby Girl." he told his daughter. "But just remember, Uncle Matt and Uncle Cory are good guys, and don't let anyone ever tell you different. Okay?"

"Duh!" Gloria replied, as it were obvious. "I wuv Uncle Matt and Uncle Cowy!"

Kurt giggled. "Good. Now, why don't you go eat in your room. I bet Charlie Sparkles wants to share some of those fries." He told his daughter, referring to her stuffed unicorn.

Gloria gasped. "Yeah! And Missy Whiskers too!" and off she scamped to her room, her red-highlighted brunette braids flying behind her.

Luka grinned wickedly as she opened the jar of Nutella and dipped a fry in the chocolatey hazelnut spread. "And how, oh dearest husband, will you explain homosexuality to our daughter? By recalling your various relationships? Lemme see...Sam, Matt, Charlie, Tony, Vince, that guy from the coffeshop, Alex, Ricky, my ex-boyfriend Tyler, Davis, the guy from the bookstore, Brian, Rob, Dylan, Patrick, Brandon, Gerard, Spencer..." Luka trailed off, couting off the men her husband had been with on her fingers.

"No, actually, I was just planning on telling her about your relationship with her Aunty Quinny in our senior year." Kurt replied with a smirk, as he sipped his shake.

"Hey! We were at prom and all we did was make out!"

"And from that 'innocent' little liplock spawned a three month relationship."

"We were experimenting! It was a perfectly normal thing! And she was my only girlfriend."

"What about that girl from NYU? Carrie, I believe?"

"That was a mistake, we were both drunk. I didn't remember anything and we never spoke of it again." Luka paused, deep in thought, before added, "Didn't you have a one night stand with a girl that night too?"

Kurt pondered the thought, then exclaimed, "Oh yeah! Anna! Hahaha, I remember, you called me early in the morning and said, "I think I slept with a girl last night." And then, a bra fell out of my sheets and with all the disgust possible, I replied, "Yeah, I think I did too.""

The parents laughed, lapsing into a comfortable silence as they ate.

"So," Kurt said after a time, "I've got two new interns. Darcee and Jeremy. They both used to work for the Haus Of Gaga! But Jeremy keeps flirting with me. I keep telling him, he's sexy but I'm married.

Luka held back her sadness. Being the only exception to her husband's homosexuality was amazing and she wouldn't trade him for the world. But she couldn't help feeling inferior to all the cute guys out there. After all, who's to say Kurt wouldn't leave her for some hot male model?

"He said my husband is a lucky man. Then I told him I had a wife. And he said, then she's an extremely lucky woman."

Luka laughed. "Don't I know it!" she exclaimed, reaching across the table to stroke her husband's cheek. She paused, then repeated the process. "You didn't shave this morning, did you?" she accused with a smile.

"Hey, I was busy! I had a meeting with Ellen Page and Kat Dennings about their dresses for the Oscars. I didn't even have time to mosturize properly!"

"Relax, Kurt, I'm just messing around! Besides, the stubble looks hot." Luka winked. Kurt rolled his eyes.

The evening passed quickly. It was Gloria's turn to pick the family movie. She chose Anastasia, because "gurwy pwincesses are lame, Daddy." After her favorite song-Paris Holds The Key To Your Heart- she placed a tiny hand on her mother's swollen belly. "I want Junior to be named Demetwi."

"Demetri Hummel?" Kurt inquired.

"Yeah! Cause Demetwi is funny, but mean and dumb. Like most boys. Except you, Daddy." she added at her father's faux upset expression.

Luka smiled a little. "I like it. Demetri Quincy Hummel."

"Oh, c'mon Lu, can't we give our child a semi-normal name? Like Gloria?"

"Gwowia Joanne Hummel!" the four year old pipped up, as Tim purred in her lap.

"Well, I wanted to honor my best friend! Hmm... Demetri Grant?"

"After Finn's dad?"

"Well, Finn's saying that he's gonna name the baby Maggie Lucinda, and since Rachel's days away from popping and your brother is pretty stubborn, we might as well return the favor."

"Demetwi Gwant!" Gloria chimmed in, resuming the movie.

The movie ended, and after her father promised that tomorrow he was picking a movie with a 'proper' princess, Gloria had trudged off to the bathroom for a quick brushing of the teeth. It was her mother's turn to tuck her in. "Can you sing Viva wa Gwowia, Mommy?" she asked in a tired voice. Luka beamed at her pride and joy. She was the spitting image of her father, and subsequently, the spitting image of her grandmother. As Luka sang, she wondered if Lucinda 'Lucy' Hummel was staring down at her daughter-in-law and granddaughter from heaven at that very moment. How did she feel about them? Did she scorn them for being the reasons Kurt wasn't with another guy? Did she wish she could be there with them? Did she love them?

"Hey Gloria, are you standing close to the edge?

Look out to the setting sun, brink of your vision.

Eternal youth is the landscape of a lie.

The cracks in my skin can prove as the years will testify.

Say your prayers and light a fire. We're gonna start a war.

Your slogan's 'A Gun For Hire'. It's what we've waited for.

Hey Gloria, this is why we're on the edge.

The fight of our life's been drawn in this undying love."

The little girl was soon asleep, red-brown wavy locks splayed around her pillow and a smile on her angelic face.

Luka and Kurt lay in bed, her head on his chest, simply listening to the sounds of each other's breath.

"So, we got an interesting letter in the mail. An invite to the William McKinley High School Ten Year Reunion for the class of 2012." Kurt announced.

"Really? Well, that'll be fun. It'll be like one, giant family reunion. All the guys, the kids, Mr. Schue and Emma." Luka said with a smile.

"Yeah. And we can finally see if those Neaderthals finally came out of the closet." Kurt joked, earning a laugh from his wife in return.

"When is it?"

"June 17th."

"Oh, so we'll be in town in time for your mom's death-a-versary."

Kurt replied with a soft, "Yeah."

"We can make sugar cookies from her recipes. And watch a Judy Garland double feature. Wizard of Oz and Meet Me In St. Louis." Luka persuaded softly, gently.

Her husband cracked a small smile. "Sounds amazing, Lu." he assured. More silence.

"You know, I went to your mother's grave before I even knew you." Luka confessed. Kurt didn't answer, so she went on. "When Mom and I first moved to Lima, she wanted to catch up with all her old friends. I told you she used to live in Lima, right? Well, Tina's mom used to be best friends with ours apparently. And when Mrs. Cohen had told my mom that yours was dead, she took me to the cemetery to see her."

Luka grew wistfull. "She sat in the dirt, crying for hours. And I didn't know your mom, so I simply brushed away the dirt and dust from the tombstone and wondered what kind of woman she was. Now I can tell she was an amazing woman-loving and trusting and kind. Because, if she wasn't, you wouldn't be as perfect as you are now.

Kurt felt his eyes being to water.

"I love you." he said after a time.

"I love you too." she responded. He kissed her temple and fell asleep.

Luka, happy to have had her husband for another night, followed suit. She would never know what the future held, but a wise person once said: Each day is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

And with Kurt, Gloria, and Demetri on the way? Each day was Christmas.

The End

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