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Emily and I just sat there not saying anything, just letting the time go by and let things sink in for her. Her voice broke the silence.

"Bella...?" She sounded confused which was rare for her.

"Yeah..." I looked at her with a slight smile on my lips.

"Thankyou for this...for giving me and Sam the opportunity to be in your child's life and for almost giving us a child..." She smiled at me with fresh tears in her eyes.

"That's why Paul and I did it...we both wanted you guys to feel like you had a child...and we trust you guys anyway..." Her tears spilled over and she hugged me like she never wanted to let go.

"Bella...I don't think we could ever thank you guys enough for what you have done" She pulled back and smiled even wider than before.

"Emily you don't have to thank us...Paul and I just did what we thought was right...and even if that includes Sam running around in a tutu and scares all of us for the rest of our lives...it would still be the right thing to do..."We both chuckled and the mood seemed to up-lift.

"Well disturbing for all you guys me...not so much..." She said with a wink and threw herself back on the grass while laughing hysterically. I couldn't stop myself from laughing with her, pushing the images of her and Sam away in my head.

"Ahhh guys...um we have to leave now otherwise we're gonna be late..." Paul's voice interrupted us from the door. We turned and saw him standing there being flanked by Jake and Sam. All three of them had massive smiles on their faces. Emily and I looked at each other and chuckled before getting up and heading over to our boys. Both being drawn into our man's arms and almost dragged to our cars.

Jake went with Sam and Emily and Paul and I went in our own car, giving us some alone time before our appointment. I hardly looked at Paul, locked in my own thoughts. We were finally gonna see our son or daughter, although I'm not sure I want to know the sex.

"Hey, bells...did you wanna know the sex of the baby?" He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and smiled.

"I'm not sure...I'm still thinking about it..." I looked back out my window, not sure whether I'm excited or nervous or both. I hated not being in control of my own feelings at times like these.

Paul reached over and grabbed my hand rubbing soothing circles on the back. I pick both our hands up and kissed his before letting go and placing my hand over my now prominent stomach. I was starting to get hungry but couldn't bring myself to eating anything at the moment. We heard a car horn and then a blue flash as the car went speeding past before pulling back over into the right lane and slamming on the brakes.

I was about to wind down my window when I saw two massive guys in the car and realised that it was Sam and Jacob.

"Fuck! Seriously are they trying to get themselves killed!" I said trying to slow down my breathing.

I had noticed that Paul hadn't said anything and I looked over at him. He was shaking violently and if he didn't calm down soon he was going to phase. I placed my hand in his cheek.

"Paul...baby...you need to calm down ok...deep breath...think of our baby..." he took a deep breath before turning his head a smiling at me while kissing the inside of my hand. His shaking had calmed down, and I felt better about talking to him.

I had always hated talking to any of the boys when they were angry, because I never knew if they would take it the wrong way and phase where they were standing. Emily's the same after what happened with Sam.

I felt a warm hand on my leg and look down to see a hand that could easily wrap around my whole leg.

"You ok...?" He quickly looked at me before taking his eyes back to the road.

"Yeah...just trying to stay calm..." I looked up and smiled even though he didn't see.

We were silent for about half an hour when Paul broke the silence.

"I can not wait to kill Sam when we get to the doctors..." I couldn't help myself but I burst out laughing filling the silence with my voice. I looked up at Paul and he looked puzzled. I tried to calm myself instantly, but took a little longer than what I'm sure Paul would have liked.

"What's so funny?" I took a deep breath before even trying to speak.

"I can just picture you and Sam fighting outside the doctors surgery, and then everybody comes outside to try and calm you guys down but when they see how big and tall you guys are they retreat back inside and you and Sam continue fighting until you've gotten it out of your system..." I chuckled to myself quietly.

"mmmhmmmm..." He didn't seem to find it funny.

We sat in silence for the rest of the trip. I was excited when the doctor's surgery came into view. I was almost jumping in my seat and Paul had put a hand on my leg to try and calm me down, as much as he pushed down on my leg the more I bounced, and then the thought occurred to me. The baby. I abruptly stopped and Paul slammed on the brake. If I didn't have my seat belt on I think I would of gone head first into the dash board.

"What? What's wrong?" Paul was frantic and he scared me a little bit.

"What? Nothing's wrong...I just didn't want to hurt the baby..." I said in almost a child's voice.

"Oh oh...ok then you scared me..." He let go of me and put his foot back on the pedal and we soon caught up to the others.

By the time I knew anything we were pulling into the parking lot and Paul was helping me out of the car. As soon as I was safely out Paul went up to Sam and was in his face yelling at him for speeding round us.

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT! YOU COULD OF KILLED US AND YOUR SELVES! WERE YOU THINKING OF ANYONE ELSE BUT YOURSELF? I DON'T THINK SO!" Jacob was standing in between them and Emily had come over to stand next to me.

I grabbed Emily's arm and dragged her inside, both knowing that they won't be done for a little bit.

I checked myself in while Emily went and sat down. The waiting room was nearly empty apart from a couple of very heavily pregnant ladies and what I guessed to be their husbands or boyfriends.

The receptionist looked through the book and then looked up at me through questioning eyes.

"Um...Bella correct?" She asked

"Yes...Is there a problem?" I asked getting worried.

"Um...not really...but Dr. Ashton isn't here today but Dr. Cullen graciously stepped in..." She smiled sweetly at me.

"Uh Carlisle Cullen...?" I asked

"Yes that's him is there a problem?"

Uh...no...no...no problem...thankyou..." Well at least we didn't have to make up some bogass story as to why the baby was growing so fast.

I walked over to sit next to Emily, who was reading a magazine off the little table that was next to her.

"Uh...Emily...Dr. Ashton isn't here but Carlisle is..." I said waiting for her reaction.

She stopped reading and looked up at my through her eyelashes.

"Are you gonna be ok...?" She asked looking concerned

"Yeah...yeah...the only good thing is that we won't have to come up with an excuse as to why the baby is growing so fast...well actually he'll be able to tell us that..." my voice slowly faded out as I got near the end.

The good thing about Emily was that she didn't feel the need to talk when there was silence, but this time her voice sliced through the silence and everyone in the waiting room looked up to her before shaking their head and looking back down at the magazines they were reading.

"You excited about this?"

"Um yeah a little bit but I'm nervous as well..." I smiled at her.

"It's only to be expected...and we're all here even if the boys don't think they are..." She smiled and squeezed my hand.

As Emily finished talking the boys walked in and came to sit next to us. Poor Jacob, it was times like these that I would wish that he would imprint soon. After a little while Emily looked up at me with questioning eyes, I just shook his head. She sighed before looking back down to continue reading the magazine. I wasn't ready to tell Paul yet that Carlisle was here, I guess he'll just have to find out when we get called in.

I felt warm hands wind around my waist and a warm breath on the base of my neck.

"You ok...?" He asked while kissing just below my ear. My favourite spot and he knew it.

"Yeah...actually I gotta tell you something...just promise not to freak out alright?" He nodded and I looked at the others, they seemed to be off in their own little worlds. I took a deep breath before continuing but Paul cut in.

"You're not wearing any panties are you?" He chuckled and I turned in my seat to hit him.

"I am so..." I said laughing along with him.

"You're so not, I can tell with the look on your face..." He lowered his voice and whispered in my ear, "You're going commando..." I burst out laughing and thank god for Paul, that he was holding me up.

"Oh my god! What would I do without you...?" I chuckled. It seemed that Paul didn't realise that it was a rhetorical question because he answered.

"Well...you would still be with that bloodsucker-" I cut him off

"But I'm not"

"You wouldn't be knocked up..."

"But I am..."

"we wouldn't be here having this conversation..."

"But we are..."

"And I wouldn't have you..."

"But you do..." I smiled and kissed him passionately, well as passionately as you can get in a waiting room.

"So what did you want to tell me?" He asked pulling away slightly. I whimpered in disappointment and he chuckled at me.

"Uhh well...stay calm alright..." I didn't give him time to respond, "Dr. Ashton isn't here today so instead we ha-" I was cut off by the door opening and Carlisle came out. He stopped dead in his tracks, but recovered quickly. Paul's head snapped up and he mumbled 'hell no' under his breath. As he said this Sam and Jake's heads snapped up to and a low growl came out from Jacob's chest and Sam was quick to dismiss it.

Carlisle grabbed the next folder off the desk and looked at the name before sighing quietly.

"Uh...Is-Bella come through please..." He motioned for us to come through and one by one we went through single file.

Carlisle shut the door behind us and moved in between everyone until e reached his desk, and sat down. He flipped through a couple of pages before looking at each one of us before landing his eyes and keeping them on me.

"Well Bella...I can see that you've grown quite a bit..." I nodded and he continued, "Before we start is there anything that you two, or five, would like to ask...?" Carlisle quickly corrected himself. I looked at everyone and they shook their head.

"Um...well...we...I would like to know why the baby is growing so fast...?" I didn't bother looking at Carlisle, I just stared at Paul waiting for his reaction but he didn't budge.

"Well...one reason could be that the baby being part wolf, they could be maturing faster than other babies..." He stopped looking at me and looked at Sam and Jacob, "You guys phase at a young age don't you?" Carlisle said not budging his eyes.

"Well if you can call seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty young then yes, we do phase at a young age..." Sam said very precisely. I couldn't tell whether he was being smart or not. Carlisle just nodded.

"Well yes young...as I said they are maturing faster than normal babies and that would mean that they are growing at a faster rate as well..." I was still confused a little bit but I hues that was because I just wanted to get out of here.

"That makes more sense..."I said filling in the silence, not wanting to ask any more questions.

"Well...shall we get this ultra sound out of the way?" Carlisle asked pointing the machine and the bed.

The tension in the room seemed to disappear as everyone realised that we were about to see our baby and god kid. I got up from my seat and made my way to the bed feeling Paul close behind. I lay down where I had to and lifted my shirt up to just under my boobs. Paul was on the other side holding my hand and rubbing small circles, it seemed like he was doing it to calm himself more than anything.

Carlisle came over holding what seemed to be a tube and squirted some jelly like substance on to my abdomen. I flinched slightly at the coldness. I looked up from my stomach to see Sam, Emily and Jacob standing behind Paul, who just smiled at me when I laid my eyes on him. Carlisle pressed at button on the machine and it started beeping. I moved my eyes from Paul to the machine and could feel the smile spread across my face.

The screen came to life and a black blob was on the screen. I felt the tears in my eyes and soon felt them run down my cheeks. Warm hands brushed them away but I was too busy focusing on our baby to realise anything else that was going on in the room. It was like world war three could have gone off and I wouldn't have noticed.

"Is...is that...our ba...baby...?" I managed to spit out.

"It sure is...would you like to hear the heart beat?" Carlisle said moving the camera around my little baby bump some more. I looked at Paul who was beaming and he nodded his head, followed by the rest of the guys behind him.

I looked back at Carlisle and nodded my head, knowing that words would fail me. He pressed another button and a strange sound came through the speakers. It sounded like a heart beat but it seemed too fast.

I looked up at Paul and he had a confused look on his face so did the others. This worried me a little bit because if they didn't know what it was then how was I supposed to know. I looked back at Carlisle and he looked puzzled.

"Carlisle is something wrong?" I asked. If there was something wrong I don't know what I would do. Don't think Paul are I could live with ourselves if there was something wrong with the baby, and Emily, poor Sam and Emily they would be losing a baby for a second time. I couldn't bear to look up at them now but I did anyway. Emily was standing there with her arms crossed like she was protecting herself from the on slaught that was about to happen. Sam and Jacob were just staring at the screen waiting for something to happen and Paul was staring at Carlisle waiting to pounce if he said anything bad.

"Um no there isn't..." a wide smile spread across his face, "It's actually something extremely incredible..." He smiled even wider, even though I didn't think it was possible for a vampire.

"Then what is it Carlisle?" as much as I wanted to smile because he was I couldn't bring my face to move out of its worried state. It was like I had just had Botox done and I couldn't move my face. The tears had stopped and Paul had stopped rubbing soothing circles into my hand. It seemed like he was shaking a little bit as well as Jacob and Sam.

I turned my head back to Carlisle waiting for his response.

"You're having twins..." The tears over flowed again and I looked up to Paul who in turn was looking down at me smiling like mad. Emily and Sam seemed to be trapped in their own world and Jacob was almost jumping with excitement. He had his hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming. My eyes laid on Paul again and he leaned down and kissed me passionately. I was lost in our own little world. I pulled away to get some air.

"We're having twins!" I said as quietly as I could without screaming.

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