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I wanted this to happen someday but I just didn't think it wouldn't be Edward. As much as I hated Paul I couldn't find myself to stop what was happening. Through his growls and my moans I heard a zipper being undone and a button being popped. I couldn't feel the warmness of his body anymore. I just got to a sitting position when I got pushed down again and the warmness was back. He lips were at mine again and I could feel his erection pushing into my thigh making me scream for more. The ache between my legs was getting too much to handle and I went for the button and zip on my jeans to when I felt his hands restraining my wrists to my side and his mouth was at my ear.

"You sure you wanna do this?"

I just nodded my head out of fear that words that weren't meant to be said would come out of my mouth. I turned my head to start kissing him again when he pulled me off the broken couch and started to strip me down. He wasn't moving fast enough in my mind so I started to take my shirt off as well. This got the job down sooner and then they we were standing in all our glory in the Cullen's house.

I was back on the couch with Paul now lying on top of me and his erection standing at all attention against my thigh and I knew if anything was going to happen, even though it's a bit late to think that, it was going to happen now. And one thing I was certain of was that Edward would never find out about the shit that was about to happen.

He wasn't moving fast enough as the ache in my legs got too much to handle and I started to whimper in his ear symbolising that I wanted more. He removed his hand from around my neck and started to move it over my shoulders, over my collarbone across my breasts and down my torso. He rested his palm there he asked me if he could have permission to enter me with his fingers and i just nodded again.

He slid one then two fingers in while his thumb began to circle my clit. He pushed in and out of me and I knew if he didn't stop soon I would come on his hand and that was something that I didn't really intend to do. He pulled his fingers out of me and pulled his hand back up to under my neck and started kissing me passionately. A slow moan escaped my lips and a moan that came from deep down in his chest escaped his lips to. He started to circle my clit with his cock as he brought his head around to my ear, kissing his way down.

"You might want to hold on to something cause this is gonna be rough" I did as I was told and held onto the closest and most stable thing above my head.

I had read and see this shit on TV and I knew for the first time it was unpleasant but as the pain goes away you're filled with the best feeling ever and I wanted that now.

He plunged into with such forced that if I wasn't holding onto anything I would of proberly gone flying. I heard scream that I didn't recognise and soon realised it was me. It felt so damn good and soon enough the screaming oh his name stopped as the pain began to rise.

"Stop! STOP! STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP MOTHER FUCKER STOP!" he did as I said but left himself in me.

"Did I do something wrong?" he was now whispering and I could feel the pain in his voice thinking that he had just done something to hurt me.

I shook my and with a shaky voice I lifted my head and said "no its my first time and having your cherry popped is not a really pleasant thing especially when the gone doesn't really give you any warning and he throws himself into like he's about to fucking die and this is the last time he'll be having sex"

He looked down at my sheepishly and apologised.

After the pain subsided he started rocking back and forth into and I've never felt anything like it before.

Little moans and whimpers escaped my lips as did his and I knew we were both about to come. My insides started to tighten and I started bucking my hips into him and wrapping my legs around his waist so he would be deeper in me. I screamed his name over and over again and then my legs went limp and I stopped the bucking realising that my first orgasm was over and it felt fucking incredible.

Paul started rocking into my harder and I knew he was about to come. He started moaning my name which essentially put me back into my second orgasm and we had reached our climaxes together. He filled me and it sent warm sensations through my body and I knew. He was suddenly very still and I knew it was all over.

He pulled himself out and off of me and jumped up to put his shorts back on. I did the same thing knowing that Edward would never find out about this day but unfortunately the whole pack would. I pushed that thought aside thinking of all the reactions the boys would be giving him.

After I was fully dressed again I went and sprawled out on the and started flicking through the channels.

" was it?" I've never seen Paul look so nervous before.

"It was fucking fantastic but Edward can never know about this" I gave him a stern nod and he did it back and I knew we were in agreement about it.

"I'll have to try extra hard on keeping that from him but as for the pack..."

"I know the pack will find out anyway but can you please promise me one thing?" this was the only time I would be asking Paul for anything

"Yer sure shoot"

"When Jacob finds out try to keep him calm about it and tell the pack not to think about it around Edward please"

"Oh yer... sure you got it"

"Thanks Paul...I never knew that you could be so nice" I chuckled at the last bit.

"Hey there are more sides to me than the just one, which by the way I bet Edward has never made you that wet before has he?"

He knew the answer to that so I didn't bother answering him. The atmosphere in the air suddenly changed I knew something was wrong. I looked at Paul and he had a worried look on his face.

"What? What's wrong?" I knew it was a stupid question but I had to ask anyway.

"Where do the Cullen's play baseball?"

"The clearing about 1 mile from here, why?"

"Fuck I knew it!"

"What are you talking about exactly?" I knew what he was talking about but I just didn't want to admit it to myself and I wanted Paul to say it.

"Edward can hear up to 3 miles away Bella...which means if he wasn't to engrossed in the game he heard us and my guess is he's on his way back here now!"

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! This is not good!" this is great Paul has just confirmed what I knew was true but didn't want to believe it anyway. "Ok so now we have to make up a story of what was going on"

"Um...Bella I hate to say it but there's no time he would hear us and he's proberly listening to us now."

"Ok so what do we-"I was cut off by a loud crash and Edward bursting into the room.

"Bella! Are you alright I heard screaming and moaning and...and...are you alright?"

I looked at him and Paul started to piss himself laughing, I turned my head to look at him and started laughing as well thinking that no harm could come out of this if no one mentioned what had just happened.

"What have I missed?" he had a puzzled look on his face.

"Um...nothing bout you were obviously worried about her being with me and I appreciate that in a weird way but really it was a show that Bella flipped over to...there's nothing to worry about. Really Edward she fine and if something did go wrong you know I would call for you or howl or something."

"Oh ok just sounded so real and I thought she was in trouble but now I see that she's fine"

All of a sudden all the Cullen's were back home and were flanking Edward. They all looked worried and then as soon as their eyes rested on me lying on the couch the faces changed to confusion.

"Dude I thought you said she was in trouble?"

"Yer same hear man. What's going on?"

At this point I couldn't help myself but laugh at their comments and the look on all their faces. I surprised that our little conversation had only lasted about a minute. As they all started to break off and do their own things I looked at Paul and he smiled and I knew our secret would stay safe with the exception of the pack knowing.

"Did you say something?" Edward had moved and was know sitting next to me on the love-seat and I stiffened at the thought that Paul had let his guard down and let something slip.

"Who me?" Edward nodded "No. I didn't say anything. I think those 109 years are starting to catch up with you mate." He smirked and it was then I knew that things had gone back to normal. "Well I better get going. Sam's proberly wondering where I am." He got up and said goodbye to everyone. Before he walked out the door he stuck his head around the corner. "Oh and Bella?"

"Yer?" I knew I could trust Paul but I stiffened again in anticipation of thinking that he was about to blow what he had done about 30 minutes ago.

"Try not to get laid tonight...oh wait not gonna happen anyway! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" and with that he walked out the door.

A few seconds later we heard a ripping sound knew it was Paul who had just phased and I now knew that my dirty little secret was shared with the pack.

I felt Edward tighten his hold on me and it wised around in the chair to look up at him.

"And how was your day? I hope he was giving you shit all day?"

"no actually we had fun he told me some more Quileute stories and I pretended I didn't know them" I chuckled and so did Edward" and then I watched some TV while Paul raided the fridge" for once I was glad that I was a mental mute otherwise Edward would know my secret and know that I'm not a virgin anymore.

"Wow that actually does sound like a fun day" he chuckled to himself this time.

"Well enough about my day how did the game go before you ran off to come save me from the screams on the TV?"

"Oh the game was good Alice, Emmett, Esme and I won by 2 runs but hey that happens all the time so I don't know what they were thinking when the thought that this time might me different."

He bent his head down to mine and kissed me softly. This was nothing like the way Paul kissed me earlier.

"Oh would you to get a room you don't see me or Rose doing that kind of stuff" Emmett plonked himself down on the couch, while grabbing the remote out of mine hand, and started flipping the channels to see what sport was on.

"The only reason that happens Emmett is cause if you tried any of that on rose she would smack your hand of your shoulders and you been in the shitter for the next week." Bother Edward and myself pissed ourselves while we heard other giggles coming from the other rooms. He scowled at me and Rosalie was pissing herself when she walked into the room. I couldn't help but laugh harder with her. Emmett was getting more angry the more Rose and I laugh and he took his angry out on the remote in his hand almost breaking it in the process.

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