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I woke up the next morning and my mind immediately drifted back to the day before. I wanted and hoped that it was all a dream and I began to believe it until I moved and I whimpered at the pain in my lower back and my legs. I lifted up the covers and saw the bruises on my hips and the top of my thighs. I knew if Charlie saw he would freak out and ask what happened and there was no way that I could tell him that his innocent daughter had gotten laid the day before and is no longer a virgin.

I checked my clock and saw that it was 7:30, Charlie would have left for his fishing day already, i heard some banging downstairs and looked out my window, great the one day I wanted time to myself and it was sunny. I hated when it was one of these rare days and Charlie decided not to go fishing. I got up and got changed out of my pyjama shorts and put on some trackie pants, this way Charlie wouldn't see the bruises and I wouldn't have to have the awkward conversation with him about whether I was being safe or not.

I wretched open my door and headed for the bathroom. I needed to calm down and try and forget the way Paul touched me. Just thinking about the way his fingers wrapped around my skin still sent shivers down my spine and a huge smile spread across my face.

"You awake Bells? Do you want some breakfast?" Charlie's voice startled me and I fumbled with trying to open the bathroom door.

"Yes dad I'm awake obviously and no thanks not just yet. I'm going in for a shower" I wonder what he would do if it wasn't me. I think that's why he keeps his gun near him at all times. I knew our conversation was over when he started banging around in the kitchen again.

I hopped in the shower with nothing else than hot water running over me. I started scrubbing myself being careful not to scrub too hard over the bruised areas on my body. I grabbed my Strawberry shampoo and started on my hair. Everything that happened yesterday had rushed into my mind again for the second time this morning. I thought about the way he was careful but rough and the way he told me to hold on, the way his lips were gentle and then oh...god...the way his fingers pumped in and out of me and how the way it felt so damn good. I wondered if could myself that pleasure. I forgot that i had shampoo in my hair and decided it best to wash it out first.

I slowly slid my hand down my body and started circling my clit. I slowly slid one, two, three fingers in and my mind went back to when Paul did this to me. I had to lean up against the shower wall in case my legs failed me. I started to pump my fingers in and out and couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips. I started pumping faster and faster and my breathing became hitched. I was about to come and at this stage I was picturing Paul back on top of me and his fingers inside me. That was the thought that pushed me over the edge. I came moaning and whimpering Paul's name over and over again. I started bucking my hips making my fingers go deeper inside and the moaning becoming more frequent. After what seemed like hours the sensation slowed and my pumping became slower. I pulled out of myself and washed my wetness off my hand. I had to wash myself again and wash my masturbating sweat off.

I got out of the shower and walked into my room to get dressed. I dried my hair and put it up into a loose pony tail. I grab some jeans and a flannel shirt and put that on.

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