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I pulled up outside Ange's house and she got out. As she was about to walk off she turned around.

"I'll be over in about half an hour...we can do the last test then ok...?"

"Yer sure...I'll see soon bye Ange"

"Hey Bella, it will be ok, really"

I started the truck back up and reversed out of the drive.

The trip home seemed quicker than usual and I contemplated going around the block a couple more times but I thought it would be better to go home and tell Charlie that Ange was staying the night.

I pulled in the drive and saw the familiar silver Volvo in the drive. Great the stupid shiny Volvo owners here. I took a deep breath and got out of the truck.

I could hear my heart beating in my ears and knew at that moment that everything was about to change.

I once again took a deep breath before opening the door to the sight of my boyfriend, soon to be ex-boyfriend, and dad sitting opposite each other in the lounge room.

"I'll leave you two, to it then." Charlie got up and walked out of the room leaving just Edward and I to talk.

"Hey dad?" I called forgetting to tell him about Angela.

"Yer Bells?"

"Angela's gonna stay the night if that's alright..."

"Yer...its fine." And with that I was left to face Edward.

"Sorry Edward but you have to go Angela's going to be here any minute"

"Bella, you haven't been over in weeks. Esme and Carlisle are starting to miss you and Emmett hasn't got anyone to make blush, even though Rosalie won't admit it she misses having you around, Jasper misses having no-one to change moods for and well let's just face it everyone misses having you around.."

"Look Edward I've just had stuff to do with Jacob and the pack, and then today I went shopping in Seattle with Angela...I really can't do this right now...I have so much stuff to do so...Edward?"

"Yes...Bella?" He got up and moved closer as I moved back and opened the door.

"I'm sorry have to leave now."

"Excuse me?" he raised his eyebrows. This was the first time that I had asked him to leave and I felt horrible for it.

" have to leave now!" I pointed me arm out the door and towards his car, he scoffed and walked out the door. He opened his door and turned around to me.

"What has gotten into you Bella?" he closed the door and sped down the road.

Now I've lost my boyfriend and in a couple of days I'm going to lose my father as well. My life has gone from ok to being a big bowl of shit!

I made my way upstairs and got the two tests that had already been done and put them in my draw. I got the third one out and left in on my bed while I went and put some sweats on.

I heard a car pull up out front hoping that it wouldn't be another one of the Cullen's. Angela hopped out of the car and starting walking up the driveway. Charlie opened the door and gave her a hug. Angela and Alice are the only friends that Charlie actually likes. As he said one time "They're like my daughters...I wouldn't want you to lose them Bells." Well I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose Alice, and all the Cullen's for that matter, when she finds out about the baby.

I heard light footsteps coming up the stairs, glad that it wasn't Charlie because of the pregnancy test still sitting on my bed.

" you holding up?" she came and sat on the bed with me.

"Yer..alright...Edward was here when I got home."

"Did you tell him? What happened? Does Charlie know?"

"No, nothing and no."

"So you didn't tell him, nothing happened and Charlie doesn't know." I just nodded

"Well I did yell at him to get out because I can't handle to be around him just yet."

We sat in silence for a few more minutes before i got up and grabbed the test.

"We gonna do this or what?" I tried to put on a convincing smile but it didn't work.

Ange took my hand and we walked into the bathroom. Once again repeating today's activities. The same excruciating three minutes. The same look on Angela's face. The same way I took the test from her. The only difference this time was that both Ange and I knew that this was for real and everything was about to change.

We walked back into my room and closed the door. That's when I broke down. Ange just sat there hugging me and telling me that she was always going to be there. We sat like that for a couple of hours until Charlie called us down for dinner. I wiped my eyes and we made our way downstairs. Charlie had ordered pizza, since he isn't really a great cook.

We took a couple of slices each and headed back up stairs. I heard a car pull into the driveway and went to the window to see who it was. The bright yellow Porsche was parked in the driveway. Great now Alice's here. Charlie greeted Alice the way he did Ange and then she was in my room.

"Alice what are you doing here?"

"Bella can I talk to you for a moment?" I looked at Ange hoping she would have my answer. She just nodded and tilted her head towards the door, we both got up and followed Alice downstairs, Ange took the detour and went into the lounge room with Charlie and I headed outside with Alice.

"Bella I saw you and Paul holding a baby...what's going on? And why did you yell at Edward to get out?" She was just staring at me now and I knew as well as Ange that I could trust Alice.

"You saw Paul and I holding a baby because I'm pregnant with his kid...and I yelled at him to get out this afternoon because Ange knows about the baby and if she came over when he was here he would have read her mind and he would know. Charlie doesn't know yet but I'm planning to tell him soon. Please Alice don't tell anyone it's only you and Ange that know. Please don't say anything." I was pleading now but I had to make sure that she wasn't going to tell anyone.

"Ok...OK Bella I won't tell anyone...but are you sure that you are, have you tak-"

"Yes Alice I've taken tests...I've taken three and they've all come back positive" I was almost screaming now.

After a few minutes I calmed down enough for both of us to walk inside.

"Hey Ange is it alright if Alice stays with us tonight?"

"Yes! It can be a girl's night"

We walked back up into my room and Alice closed the door behind us.

"She knows Ange."

She looked at me and I just nodded.

"She told me about Paul the day after it happened and then I just guessed." Alice was calm like nothing had ever happened.

Alice came to sit on the bed with us and I broke down again. We were silent for most of the night, making small conversation here and there. Between the three of us there were many unspoken questions but none of us asked or said anything about the pregnancy, we just sat there. It seemed like fresh tears would show themselves every few minutes. I had just started on a new round when the door opened and that was when Charlie walked in.

"Bells what's wrong?" He came rushing over to my side. I looked up at the two girls and they smiled.

"Dad can I talk to you downstairs for a minute?" I walked out of the room and heard Charlie following behind.

"What's up Bells?"

"Dad I don't exactly know how to tell you this but..." How can I tell him that his little girl shacked up with one of Jacob's brothers and now I'm pregnant? That his only kid is having a kid and he's about to become a grandfather? How...How can you tell someone that?

"Bells out with it you can trust me" He was starting to get worried now and i wish i had Jasper hear to calm him.

"Dad...just please don't freak out when I tell you ok?"


"Dad I'm pregnant and it's not Edwards. That's why Angela and Alice are here." It didn't look like he was breathing, "Alice, Ange...someone"

They both came rushing down the stairs, Alice at a human pace.

"What...what is it?" they both said it in unison.

"Is he breathing? He hasn't moved since I told him."

"Bella he's breathing he's proberly just in shock." Alice was trying to calm me down but nothing would work if Jasper wasn't here.

We all just stood there waiting for Charlie to say something.

"How many weeks?" His voice broke the silence.

"Um...about six..." we stood there again letting him process it.

"Bells..."Here it comes the screaming, and yelling at me to get out, "Would you mind if I came to the doctor's appointments?"

"Dad...I would love you to!" I threw myself into his arms and again I couldn't stop the tears that escaped.

Alice and Angela had retreated back upstairs to give me and Charlie some space. Charlie had pulled back and was looking me directly in the eyes.

"Bells can we have a little talk?"

"Yer sure dad"

"Um...if you wouldn't mind me asking who's is it?"

"You know Paul, Jacob's friend from the res.?" He nodded, "It's his."

"Well Bells I didn't think this was going to happen for some time but even though it's come sooner I with still be here for you all the way."

"Thankyou dad...really for everything's that happened and for everything that's going to happen."

"Your welcome Bells."

We sat there for what seemed like hours.

"Well it has been a busy day dad, I'm gonna head up to bed."

"Night bells"

I made my way up the stairs as quickly as I could and basically jumped into my room. I made my way to the bed at sat down in between the girls where I broke down again.

"Thankyou...guys...for...everything!" I got it out between sobs and the girls hugged me tighter.

"No matter what happens between you and Edward it doesn't change the relationship between us!" coming from Alice that meant a lot considering how close her and Edward are.

"Yer...same here doesn't matter what anyone says or does I'm here as well!"

I looked up through the new tears forming in my eyes.

"Thankyou guys...I knew I could count on guys for anything and everything!"

We sat there again in silence until Ange headed off to bed, and Alice faking it for Angela's sake.

I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes and everything went dark.

I was sitting on the beach with Jacob on our tree. I had just finished telling him that I was pregnant and he was still shaking slightly.

"Jake...I don't know what to do...I'm so scared" He pulled me closer and just held me like the old days.

"Bells it'll be fine I'll be here, Charlie's gonna be here for you and you have Pixie and Angela you have some many people here for you and they would do anything for you and now the baby." He started stroking my hair trying to soothe me and it worked. "Hey Bells...can I ask you something?"

I looked up at him, "Yer...anything..."

"I haven't seen Paul in a couple of days how did he take the news?"

"I uh...I haven't told him ye-" I was cut off by a sharp stabbing pain coming from my lower abdomen.

This couldn't happen yet I was only six weeks! There was no way that I was going to have this baby here on the beach without it's father even knowing!

"JAKE...JAKE PLEASE HELP ME!" I looked around and I wasn't on the beach anymore I was in Sam and Emily's living room but no-one was home, "SOMEONE PLEASE HE-" I was cut off again by another sharp stab.

I woke up to find my body drenched in sweat and tangled in my sheets, with two freezing cold hands on my shoulders.

"Alice...what's wrong?"

"I saw...the baby...Bella it's the baby..."

In the one day that I've known I'm pregnant they were the four words that I'd never want to hear. There was no-way that I was going to lose this tiny baby. Even though I just found out and I was still getting used to the idea of being a mother, I wasn't ready to lose my kid but what if what Alice saw was a good thing...what if it wasn't bad and the baby was going to have a healthy life and he was going to have a father.

I didn't realise that our little conversation had been so loud until Ange stirred and sat up and looked at both me and Alice. Her eyes went between us a few times before resting on me. She jumped up from her bed and rushed over to my side. If she could have she would have knocked Alice out of the way.

"Bella what's wrong?"

"Nothing Ange I just had a bad dream go back to bed..." It came out more defensive that I meant it to.

"Oh...ok then...night again..." and with that Ange went back to bed.

"Come downstairs with me now..." I had no choice as Alice dragged me off the bed making sure not to wake Ange up again.

We walked out of my room and Alice raced off downstairs and I closed my door quietly making sure not to wake Charlie up.

I tiptoed downstairs and walked into the kitchen where Alice was waiting for me. I walked over to the tap and poured myself a glass of water before going to sit down opposite Alice. Just looking at her face all the emotions I had before came flooding back and I felt my face fall. Alice put her hand over mine and rubbed slowly. I looked up to see for the first time emotion on her face.

We sat in silence for what seemed like hours again and this time we were both left to our own thoughts and headspace.

I never thought I would be the girl in the small town to get pregnant and lose everything that she had, everyone that she loved. I found myself once again, instinctively, rubbing my stomach and Alice's eyes boring into the top of my head. I looked up to see that if Alice could be crying she would be. She pulled her hand of mine and placed in her lap.

"Alice...please tell me what you's killing me..." I felt fresh tears fall down my cheeks and for the first time tonight I had no-idea why I was crying.

"Bella I can't explain it...there was a flash of light and that was it...there was people crying in the background...the dogs were there and so was Charlie...but I do know one thing..." She hesitated on the last bit.

"Alice please...I have to know..." I felt like I was repeating myself, "Is it the baby? Jacob? Please just tell me..."

"Bella it's the baby..." That's when everything went black again.

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