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The room was dead silent as everyone was taking in the news. You could see that everyone was thinking the same thing, what's going to happen when he imprints...truth is I don't know either but for now we both have to take things one step at a time. This was not the way that I wanted everyone to find out that I was pregnant and I'm pretty sure this was not the way Paul wanted to find out either.

Emily had finished cleaning up and was standing in-front of Sam with his arms around her waist. Apart from Jacob and I the only other person that was moving was Sam, his head going back and forth between the two of us. Emily was staring at my lower abdomen, smiling slightly, making me feel a little self conscious.

Jacob was still standing there rubbing small circles on the back of my and with his thumb. I looked up at him to find him looking down at me. He raised his eyebrows as if to say are you ok?

I shrugged my shoulders, I don't know...I didn't want him or the pack to find out like this.

I know but there's nothing we can do about it now...

I know...

Jacob turned his head back to Paul and the rest of the pack and I followed. No-one seemed to notice our silent conversation as they were still in shock about what they just found out.

"Well um...I think we should go..." Jake squeezed my hand again as he broke everyone out of the stunned positions.

"Uh yer...bye guys..." I wave to everyone and we headed outside to my truck. That's when we heard Sam's voice.

"Paul calm down before you got out there!" Sam had his 'alpha' voice on.

I turned to see Jacob staring at the door with a worried expression, after what seemed like hours he turned body to look at me.

"Bells get in the truck now" I let go of his hand and got in the truck, waiting to see Paul come out. Without the truck going you could still hear everything like you were still standing outside.

Paul came out with Sam in tow and the rest of the pack stopping when they reached the door. Emily was no-where to be seen.

Paul was shaking and was about to phase any second. This would be the only time that I would listen to Jake and stay in the truck. There was no-way that I was going to risk my life and the baby's by going out there and possibly getting hurt.

Jacob moved to stand defensively in-front of the door.

"Jake...bro move I need to see her..." I've never seen Paul shake so much before, he actually scared me a little bit.

"I am not your bro anymore!" that was a shock to hear Jacob say that. I didn't get why he was being so defensive, "First you screw my best friend and then you get her pregnant, not only have you taken her virginity but now you've taken her life away as well...she isn't one of your girls Paul!" Jake lowered his voice and I almost had to press my head up against the glass to hear him, "What are you going to do when you imprint man? Once Bella has this kid you can't just kick both of them to the curb, you wouldn't want both Sam and I on you would you Paul? Because trust me I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want that...besides you're gonna wanna be in the kid's life...it's gonna need a father..." Paul's shaking had almost stopped and I realised why Jake cared so much, he didn't want to see me get hurt. Unlike me he was looking into the future and not right now.

"Jake you know I wouldn't do that...once this kid comes along I'm going to be the best father ever...I just...please Jake...just let me see her please...you know I have to..."What did he mean he had to see me? I've never seen Paul plead before but Jake moved out of the way slowly. His eyes never leaving Paul as he moved into Jake's spot.

He opened the door and un-expectantly pulled me into his arms.

"Bella...I will be here every step of the way and...I would like to be in the kid's life if that's ok?" He sounded so sincere and like he was ready to have this baby.

"Yes...but what about...when you imprint what are you going to do then...?"

"Bella I don't care about imprinting but when and if I do we'll both deal with it together ok...?" I nodded and hugged Paul again. I hopped out of the truck with Paul's help even though I didn't need it. I turned to him and smiled.

"What?" He smiled back un-sure on what I was about to say.

"We're having a baby!" I threw myself into his arms again and he picked me up and spun me around.

"I know!" He scream whispered, "C'mon lets go back inside."

"Give me a sec..." He took a step back and looked at me, "Gotta give ah...Charlie a call...you know...he was the one that kicked me out of the house this morning to come and tell you so..."

"Oh yer sure take your time.." He turned and walked back into the house and the pack followed leaving me outside with Jake.

Jake's warm arms were around my waist again until he removed them suddenly. I turned at looked at him, shock written all over my face.

"Why'd you do that?" I crossed my arms unsure what else to do.

"Because I didn't want to put too much pressure on the baby." A slow smile spread across his face.

"Jake you don't have to think about that just yet maybe in a few weeks...which reminds me thanks for standing up for me with Paul." I was the one to smile this time.

"No problem's Bells...if he was thinking about doing anything to hurt you I just wanted to warn him that's all." He chuckled to himself, "So ah...you gonna call Charlie?"

"Huh...what...oh no I just said that because I need to call Angela not Charlie..."

"Ooh cause he doesn't know that Angela knows right?"

"Yer so if you don't mind..." I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled Angela's number.

She picked up after three rings and almost screamed down the phone.

"Bella what is it? What's wrong?"

"Wow Ange calm down nothing's wrong I just wanted to call and say that I just finished telling Paul and Jacob..." I didn't know why but I was careful about choosing my words. It was Ange, I mean she was the first person I told.

"Bella! That's wonderful...how'd he take it? How did you tell him?" She seemed more excited about finding out how I told Paul than when she found out I was pregnant.

I went through the whole story from the part where I told Jacob and he couldn't have been happier, to when Emily dropped the plates and basically told everyone and then finally down to every last detail of Jacob and Paul's confrontation and then finally to when I jumped into Paul's arms and we were both nearly screaming like little girls. She chuckled at this and we started talking about how Eric liked the new clothes that she bought. We just finished organising another trip to Seattle to do some more shopping, when her parents got home and she had to go.

I walked back slowly into the house and found everyone gone. It was weird because I hadn't seen or heard anyone come out the front door.

"Hello? Hello?" I don't know why I was yelling they would hear me anyway.

"We're out the back Bella" Jake's voice broke through the silence and I made my way through the house out to the back door.

I gasped as they all yelled out surprise and saw that they all were standing in a semi-circle with a couple balloons and streamers through the trees.

Seth was the first to come and give me a hug followed by Embry, Jared, Jacob again, surprisingly Leah with a congratulations and then Sam and Emily last. I now knew why I hadn't heard any yelling or banging in the house while I was on the phone, they were all setting up out here and getting ready for me to come find them.

I went over to where Paul was standing and hugged him again.

"Thankyou guys really, it really means a lot!" I knew I was part of the family but now having Pauls baby I felt even more part of the family.

I looked up at Paul and e was looking at Jacob. I followed his stare and saw Jake give a quick nod and I looked back up at Paul. He looked down and smiled at me.

"Hey come take a walk with me...?"

"Uh ok..."

We walked towards the edge of the forest with his arm still draped over my shoulder. It seemed like we were walking for hours until Paul abruptly stopped and turned to face me. I looked back down and saw the rest of the pack hoovering into the food Emily had just brought out and placed on the table. She had three plates in her hands, two stacked with food and the other one had a normal size on it. I'm guessing that Emily was putting food away for Paul and I before his 'brothers' ate it all.

I looked back up to Paul to find him staring at me with the same look that Jacob used to give me. Then Jacob and Paul's silent conversation from before popped into my head.

"What was with you and Jacob before?" Why was I so defensive all of a sudden? It shocked me a little bit.

"Um...I...was...asking him...permission...this was not the way I wanted to do this...sorry Bella" he looked genuinely sorry.

"Sorry for what Paul? Why were you asking Jacob permission?" More questions were floating around in my head but they weren't relevant to the situation at hand now.

"I was asking Jacob before because of what happen this morning and how he's really protective of you about me and I'm sorry that this because this isn't the way I wanted to ask you..." Now he had me worried what was he going to ask me? If it was ok if he didn't be in the kids life? If it was ok if the kid called his imprint mum? The answers to them would both be no. He would be in the kids life and the kid wouldn't be calling his imprint mum. He must of miss understood the worried expression that I wore because he pulled me into his arms.

"God Bella it's not bad...well not bad for me...not if you make it bad..."He chuckled to himself at the inside joke.

"Ah...ok...just spit it out Paul, even at this early stage being stressed isn't good for the baby so..." Why was it taking so long for him to say what he wanted, it was driving me insane.

"Ok I'm just gonna spit it out..."he took a deep breath, "Bella...will...you...will you go...out with...me?" He finally spat out the sentence and his eyes dropped to the floor like this was the first time he was asking someone out.

My mind was so blank and I couldn't think of anything to say, so when he finally looked up at me I nodded and through myself into his arms. He bent his head and gave me a peck on the lips. I pulled back from him and smiled.

He looped his fingers through mine and we started walking back to the group. Once everyone had seen us and our close proximity they started cheering and clapping. I looked for Jacob but he was no-where to be seen.

"Nice work Paul. Bout fucking time to you've only been dying to tell her for the past year and now by the looks of it you've sealed it with a kiss and made it official." What the hell was Embry talking about, none of it made any sense.

I looked up at Paul to find that he was glaring at Embry and was shaking slightly. What has Embry said to make Paul so mad?

Emily had walked out and had gone to sit on Sam's lap with a plate of food. She smiled when she saw us holding hands.

"Well Bella it's nice of you to finally join the imprint club."She said as her smile got wider.

"Emily I didn't get to telling her that!" Paul almost snarled at Emily.

"Paul stop!" Sam was in alpha mode now.

"Hang on...what do you mean imprint club?" There was no-way that Paul could have imprinted on me right...he's seen me a thousand times and he rags on me nearly every chance he gets. This didn't make any sense.

"Can we go inside and talk about this please?" He was pleading again.

"What's the point their going to be listening anyway...what's going on Paul?" He just stood there staring at the ground again, "Hello? Paul?" He didn't move, no-one did actually, they were to caught up on what was happening in front of them, "Paul...? Paul...? PAUL? What the fuck is going on?" Now I was pissed and everyone could tell because it was the only time I swore.

"Bella I...I...imprinted on you just a little over a year ago..." I had to get out of here I needed more time away, one day didn't do it.

"Where'd Jake go?" All I needed was Jake and I'd be fine.

"He went back home..." Emily's voice was soft and comforting but it wasn't the right voice. I turned and headed for the door when a warm hand was around my arm.

"Bella wait...please just listen to me..." His grip got a little tighter.

"Let go of me please...I...just need some time...please let go..." I felt a little bad because I knew I had just hurt him. He let go of my though and I made my way through the house and back to my truck. As soon as I was out of the driveway and on my way to Jacob's the tears spilled over and wouldn't stop. Why was I crying? Nothing bad had happened but I guess it was the shock from everything that had happened.

As soon as I pulled into the drive of the Blacks, Jacob was already outside and his arms around me, comforting me. I sobbed into his chest making dark patches all over his shirt. He was stroking my hair soothing me and calming me down.

"Now why are you crying?" I don't know what I would do without Jacob, he was a part of me.

"I don't know...I think it's just shock of what happened..."

"Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"Paul imprinted on me...Jake...Jake hello? Jacob?" He was just like stone not moving at all. I waved my hands in-front of his face and still nothing, "Jacob did you hear me? I said he imprinted on me..." He moved then and I took and deep breath.

"Yer I know..." he hung his head and was looking up at me through his eye lashes.

"What do you mean 'I know'?"

"I've known since the day it happened Bells...we all have..." They've all known...this was just perfect!

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