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~Leather and Stripes

.:Chapter 8:.



Shifting under the covers, the blond let out a deep sigh, burying his head in his pillow. It had taken far too long for him to get to sleep, and now he was plagued with moments of wakefulness. With another deep breath, he settled down into his bed, finally allowing himself to relax.

There was a soft creak, a warm breath ghosting over his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. The shiver woke him up.

Mello's eyes shot open, twisting to face the intruder in his bed.

A mess of red hair and a goofy smile beamed at the blond through the dark.


"Hey Mel," he whispered back.

A violent blush flared up on Mello's cheeks. "Not to be rude or anything, but what the hell are you doing in my bed?"

The gamer grinned, pulling the covers up around his shoulders. "I was cold out on the couch. I figured it'd be warmer in here, you know?"

Shit, Mello needed to move away from the still-drunk redhead invading his personal space. "Matt, I-"

"Y'don't mind, do you?" Matt positively purred, moving closer to the blond.

Oh, fuck. No. No, Matt needed to move away right now. Mello needed to stand up and get out of his room, get out of his apartment and drive as far away from the tipsy redhead as he possibly could. He needed to get away from the intense warmth radiating from Matt, away from the other's feet brushing against his own and the fingers resting lightly on his hip. He definitely didn't need to be shifting closer himself, feeling Matt arch forward with a cocky smirk, his hand snaking around Mello's thin frame and his nails dragging over his lower back.

No. Lord, no, this was bad.


"You're so warm," the smirk grew, Matt's nose only an inch away from Mello's.

"You're still drunk…"



"Mel…" Matt's hand pressed the blond's hips forward, and there was little Mello could do to suppress the moan threatening to escape his throat. "You talk too much."

The blush deepened, Mello finding that any way he moved caused unnecessary friction between himself and the gamer. Matt's nails were back at his hip, scratching at the soft skin and slipping just under the waistband of the blond's cotton pants. He could feel his heart beating faster, his breath catching in his throat as Matt's fingers wandered, brushing lightly down the front of Mello's thigh and dragging languidly back up, drawing oh-so close to something vital.

"Fucking hell," he murmured, gritting his teeth as the redhead applied just enough pressure to send his mind reeling. In a moment, lips were against his own. They were light and soft, just enough to make their presence known, and the fact that they were there at all left Mello completely floored. He let a strangled sound pass between his lips before pressing them hard against Matt's, his hands reaching out and pulling the gamer flush against him.

He smirked at Mello's sudden attack, rolling the blond onto his back and continuing the assault on his mouth with new fervor. Matt easily moved himself between the other's legs, feeling him arch up, arms wrapping around him and scratching lightly at his back.

Shit, this was not happening. This was not real. Matt was not really over him, lips moving to latch onto his neck, hand never ceasing to tease him ruthlessly through his pants. As Mello felt a deep lurch in the pit of his stomach, he decided he didn't care and that the only thing that mattered was Matt. His redhead bringing the muffled sounds from his lips, pushing the waist of those accursed cotton pants from his thin hips, leaving almost nothing in the way of-

"M-Matt…" he allowed himself to moan, reaching to slide the gamer's boxers out of the way.

"Oh, Good Lord, Matt…"

"Mello…" Matt found himself mumbling, opening his eyes dreamily to stare at the ceiling. As he hazily blinked himself back into consciousness, the redhead noticed an odd ache echoing through his body. He swung his legs over the edge of the couch, fumbling for his glasses for a moment before giving up and rising to go to the bathroom. Something was bugging him. He couldn't remember what it was, but something in the back of his mind was tugging at him, trying to get him to think. Did he have a bad dream? No, when he did it usually involved being chased by a horde of zombies and lacking any ammo. This just felt…weird. Like he was missing something. Heading back to the couch, he passed Mello's door, smiling at it drunkenly. He almost had to drag himself away and back to his temporary bed. As he pulled the covers back over himself, snuggling down against the cushions, he vaguely wondered why he suddenly felt so inclined to go get into bed with Mello. When his eyes closed, he smiled, thinking how much warmer it must be in that bed. The cozy thought carried him to sleep almost immediately.