Oh dark town, full of sin

Let light shine on those

Who have wronged others

In any way possible

Show the sinners

The wrath of your God

Show the sinners

The ones they have wronged

Show the Sinners

The path they took

Show the sinners

The way to redemption

Once that's done

Call the next sinner

And repeat the process

All over again

This is a poem about Silent Hill. I made this poem because Silent Hill always calls sinners and shows them what sins they committed. Silent Hill 2 and a Silent Hill comic, called Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward, are great examples of this, so this poem is based on them (Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward).

I do not own Silent Hill. I believe that Konami owns Silent Hill, but if I'm wrong, then please be sure to tell me in your reviews.