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Chapter Twelve

To my shock, it had actually taken me a few days to get used to having the girls back. I had grown so accustomed to hearing nothing but my own thoughts inside my head, yet the morning after they returned, I woke to the sound of the girls bickering playfully at each other. It had taken a few moments before the events from the previous twenty four hours had washed over me.

The girls watched on in silence that first day, seeing how I interacted with people and how I had changed over the last three months. I could hear them comparing the Jamie from three months ago to the Jamie that I was now. I was stronger, more mature, and more independent but thankfully still me.

At the end of their second day back in my conscious thoughts, I had been in the middle of changing for bed when I noticed something on my left hip that I had completely overlooked the day before. Warren, who had been lying on my bed, quickly walked over to me when he saw the shock on my face.

There, on my skin, was a tattoo of yin and yang. I stood in front of the nearest mirror and ran my fingers over the mark on my flesh.

Do you two know anything about this? I had managed to ask.

'Yeah. It's an emblem of sorts… like we told you, our older versions were like your training wheels. Now that you're ready for us in our strongest form, you have a mark to prove it.'

So, it's kind of like your seal of approval?

'Kind of,' L giggled.

When we got the results from our theory exams, I was pleased to find that I got good marks in all of them. Warren laughed when I proudly told him that my cramming sessions paid off, even if I ended up with headaches.

I still loved riding the Ducati with Warren; we went back to the old trails and Warren tore down them while I flew above him, weaving through the trees. I had enough power in my wings that I was easily able to keep up with him.

If anything, my situation over the last three months brought me closer to my brother. I experienced firsthand what it had been like for him when he was around heroes without any powers himself. We were able to see eye to eye on a lot of topics nowadays and generally just bonded better than normal, which is quite impressive because we were close to begin with. He helped me through it all and he knew I was thankful.

Michelle was elated to see the change in my attitude; she and mum would smile lovingly at me whenever I laughed at a joke the girls cracked.

Despite everything I had gone through, I wouldn't change one moment of it. Because everything that happened played a part in shaping me into the person I was now. I had learned something from each thing I had experienced. I was appreciative towards all of it, much to my surprise.

Will and I had spent a few hours out on the roof one night, talking about anything and everything. It was nice spending time with my brother like this, I really enjoyed it.

"So, we're seniors next year," he began, bumping his shoulder against mine. "Can you believe it?"

"Not at all," I laughed. "Where have the last three years gone? It feels like just yesterday that we were starting freshman year."

"Do you think we're ready for the real world?" he asked after a few moments of silence.

I pursed my lips in thought. "Not yet, but we will be."

Warren still crept in through my window each night and each time we'd get carried away the moment our lips locked.

I had a feeling that Warren had developed a slight obsession with my tattoo. Whenever he kissed his way down my stomach he would run his tongue around the shape of the emblem on my hip. I wasn't sure what he enjoyed more, kissing the tattoo or the sounds I made.

"Get up here, would you?" I groaned, tugging at his shoulders as his teeth grazed over the mark on my skin. "You're killing me."

He chuckled but moved back up my body, capturing my lips with his as my body moved to the beat of the music coming from my stereo speakers. I giggled against his lips when I felt his fingers tap the drum beat against my sides. Our lips parted and tongues soon met, our laughter giving way to soft breaths and quiet moans.

"I love you," I whispered when we calmed down enough to wriggle under the covers and wrap our bodies together. My leg was slung over his hips, my other leg resting along the length of his while his arms were wrapped tight around me.

"I love you," he echoed, pressing a soft kiss to the top of my head. I sighed happily and cuddled closer to him, tucking my head into the crook of his neck.

Music continued to play softly in the background and when Warren began to sing along quietly in my ear I closed my eyes and listened, more in love with him now than ever.

"We're gonna stop stop stop the world from moving
Stop stop stop the clocks from turning
Stop this night from fading away

This time is ours
If I could hold this moment in my hands
I'd stop the world from moving
I'd stop the clocks from turning

This time is ours
Inside a frozen memory of us
And we are motionless, motionless

This time is ours"

The End

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