The Kazankage

Naruto looked down at Konohagakure. The Runaway Sage

Naruto Uzumaki was tired. Most people who thought they knew Naruto would never think that Naruto Uzumaki would get tired. Naruto was the host of the most powerful demon there was. The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze the fearless leader of Konohagakure No Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves) or Konoha for short was not able to defeat the Kyuubi no Kitsune the Nine Tailed Fox. As a result he had to seal the beast into a child. The Child is the boy who is tired, Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto had distinct features that made him easy to spot amongst the crowd. He had three black whisker marks on his face on each side of his cheek. He elongated canine teeth that was able to rip flesh limb from limb. He had claws that grow strong. He had Blonde hair that was spiky. It (his hair) went down to his middle back. His eyes were that of the great ocean blue. He was really cut with a 6 pack. He was not overly buff but was buff enough. The problem was no one was able to see it because of the hideous orange jump suit.

What people don't know is who the real Naruto is. He had been playing an act. The act of the Dobe. Yes, in school he was considered the Dobe, the dead last, the loser, etc. Naruto in reality was actually smarter than most ANBU. He was the strongest in his class. He hid his power because it was suicidal to show his power against the council.

Right now he was sitting in lotus position on top of the Hokage Mountain. Naruto was focusing his chakra flowing around himself. He was feeling everything around him. He has done so much for the villagers but only was tormented in return. He did a bitter chuckle just thinking about it. He was their reminder of their pain.

He was the villagers' release. They actually believe that a little kid could be the Nine Tailed Fox. He thought how asinine it was. The thought made him question the villagers' stupidity. How could they think Naruto at the height of 5'5 could actually become a ninety story tall Nine tailed fox. He just didn't understand villagers.

Naruto figured out that Konoha was a living contradiction. He looked at Konoha as a pumpkin. On the outside the pumpkin looks fine perfect even but in the inside it was easily being destroyed. He was looking at the seemingly peaceful village. He had a mirth chuckle looking at how many people's lives have been shed even his that has been in vain.

He went in to his mindscape to see the Kyuubi. He went into his mindscape to talk that certain fox. In his mind it was murky, dark. It was red with water with pipes going through. He saw a square seal that kept gate doors closed. It had a spiral on it with five triangles that were a the top, on the left, on the right on the lower left and lower right. It made a star with a spiral in the middle. Naruto closed his eyes as another being, another essence, another entity appeared.

"Hello kit, its been a while hasn't it? What is it that you need that you would come in my humble abode?"The Kyuubi No Kitsune said. Kyuubi was not actually a bad person. The Kyuubi was the Queen of Demons. Yes the Kyuubi was woman. She was in her human form.

She had a fiery red hair that had yellow that went down her back to her but. She had the most amazing hourglass shape he has ever seen. She smooth flawless, tanned skin. Her legs were silky smooth but clearly showed that were extremely toned. She had about a C-Cup borderline D-Cup. She had tight fitting mesh shirt that showed her toned stomach. She had on some wrappings around her legs.

Her face was that of a goddess. It was heart shaped with beautiful red eyes that had a ring on it. She had two earrings in each ear. Her neck had a flame (like the Fire Nation's fire symbol in Avatar). She had a blade that was sheath in her back. She had nine fluffy red and yellow tails. She was a goddess among women.

He nodded at her as he said the words that will change the world. He said to the beautiful vixen goddess, "Operation Magma is a go." Naruto got up and was headed towards the gates. Unfortunately he said the operation out loud. The unfortunate part is a certain Hyuga heard it.

She started to follow Naruto as he was at the North Gate. As he was about to walk out when Naruto saw kunai embedded itself onto the floor next to his foot. "Where do you think you are going Naruto-kun? You wouldn't think of leaving Konoha would you?" Hinata Hyuga came out of the shadows. "Hime, do not do something stupid. I don't know what's worse the mask you have on around everyone else or the sensual side that you have for me."

This was mask she usually puts up. She was born from a ninja family. She like Naruto knew Konoha was falling apart at the seams. She was extremely smart. She was also very deceptive. She knew Naruto was smarter than everyone thought. She was actually in love and in lust with Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto then got behind her at the one degree she couldn't sense him and said Magma is a go. I will see you there as he breathed on her neck. He nibble on her ear as he knocked her out. Naruto left that night but left a little surprise.

Hinata was having a great morning. The fact that she was having a great morning was an omen. Ever since Naruto 'went a way for a while', she hasn't been happy. She has been hoping he comes back to her. She believes that it was her fault that he left. Her confidence in herself has faltered because of it. She has never forgave herself for it.

She is 5'3 with short blue hair. She always wear a tan jacket with fur on top. Her favorite pair of pants are beige with stripes. She wears open toe sandals. Her shirt is dark blue. Her face is heart shaped with a small button nose and she has pupil-less lavender eyes. Her skin is the fairest of fair ivory. Over-all she is beautiful but she covers herself up.

The sun was beautiful and bright. The birds were chirping. She felt today couldn't get any better. Her father did not belittle her. The elders did not bother her. Her little sister was not giving her glaring looks. Neji was not around giving dirty looks. Yup today is starting off a good day.

She was walking to school thinking a certain blonde. That blonde takes up most of her thinking. 'Naruto-kun when are you coming back?' Hinata thought. She finally reached the school earlier than everyone else. She saw Iruka grading test and greeted him with a gracious smile, "Good morning Iruka-sensei." Iruka looked up from his test and smiled at his student, smiled and replied, "Good morning Hinata-chan. It is good to see you in good spirits."

Hinata replied, I-I'm f-f-ine Iruka-sensei a-a-n-d t-t-h-an-k y-ou." Iruka had a little smile, 'she is breaking out of her shell more and more she even stopped stuttering earlier. Her confidence has grown.' She gracefully sat herself down in her seat all the way in the back. Five minutes later students started to fill in one by one.

She looked around and saw a few distinguished from the rest. The first is the girl with the pink hair. She is 5'2. She has a pink and red kimono. She has a huge forehead that she is often gets teased about. Her most distinguished feature is that annoying screeching voice just like her mom. Her name Sakura Haruno.

Then there is the platinum blonde. She about the same height as Hinata. She used to be friends with Sakura but now they are fighting over a guy. She has a long blonde ponytail. She has light, ice blue eyes. The girl seems flighty but deep inside she is in love with someone. Her name is Ino Yamanaka.

Then there is the over weight kid. He has two puffs on both sides of his head. He wears a green shirt with a kanji on his shirt. He has bandages around his arms and legs. He is always seen munching on a bag of chips. He is always relax except when you take the last chip. That is when you must run to the hills. His name is Chouji Akimichi.

Chouji's friend is currently sleeping. He is always sleeping. He is very lazy. He has jet black hair that is in a ponytail but only a little bit hair he has. His head is shaped as a pineapple. His I.Q is over 200 but isn't motivated and lazy. He is Shikamaru Nara.

The dog boy is the next person. He is 5'6. He has a dog named Akamaru. He usually carries the dog either in his jacket in the front or the top of his head. He is always wearing a coat. It is grey but with fur on the top. On his face there arre two red triangles on each side of his face. His name is Kiba Inuzuka.

Now is the bug boy. He wars a grey cloak. He wears it to cover his whole body. He is a living hive for his bugs. He wears sunglasses, no matter what season. His hair is spiked like he was shocked by lightning. He is usually reading something and always alone. He is Shino Aburame.

The final person that stood out was Sasuke Uchiha. He is the rookie of the year. He is the last Uchiha. His brother killed his whole clan and left him alive. He has been pampered since then. Has been asked for marriage by numerous of mothers and women. He always denied their request. He is 5'7 not muscular but always seen brooding. He never smiled. His hair was dark blue looking like a duck butt. He is fueled by revenge but he has a deep dark secret that only a few know.

Iruka is the the main teacher. He has spiked hair. He is always look uptight. The reason is after Naruto was banished he started to change. At first he hated Naruto because the Kyuubi killed his parents. He was only 12 when it occurred. He remembers clearly and wanted revenge. When Naruto was four, he was part of the mob who beat him senselessly. It was to the point that Naruto went into a coma for 8 days. While in the coma, Iruka came to kill him in the hospital but he saw Naruto open his eyes and pratically beg Iruka to not kill him. Iruka was so shock at the request. He realized that this isn't a demon but a small innocent child. From that day forward, naruto became his unofficial brother. He tried to adopt him but the request was denied. Now he is a teacher to the future shinobi. He hoped to see Naruto coming to take the test.

Iruka was doing role call, when an aura was felt that hasn't been felt in a long time. It was the ANBU and everyone seeing the Hokage mountain colored. 'Naruto' was running around trying not get caught by ANBU, Jonin, Chunin, and Gennin. The real Naruto is going to liberate the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He has a tattoo on his arm that had a fire symbol on it. He put some chakra on it.

All of a sudden four people came to his aid. The four were Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Nagata (fem Nagato) dropped. They all had masks on. Orochimaru had a snake, Jiraiya had a toad. Tsunade had a slug, and Nagata had the swirl. The real Naruto Uzumaki had the fox. Naruto and company disappeared to his new creation Magumagakure. The Village Hidden in the Lava.

A/N: new story good Akatsuki. The four are younger. Naruto will be have the Ultimate Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, the Eternal Rinn'egan, mokuton and magma release. Pairing is a Chunnin Exam Size Harem. Ja 'Ne. I wont update this as weekly as the others.