Force Unleashed: Nomi Marek

In another time Galen Marek was never born. Instead a girl was a conceived, Nomi Marek. This is her story. And this is not a simple switch of genders: the entire outcome of events in the galaxy will be changed because of a woman's intuition.

Darth Vader walked menacingly into an old wooden hut on the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk: chasing his prey. He was seeking out a lone Jedi Knight who he had sensed through the Force as being a powerful being, but instead of this he had found a Jedi who had barely been worth the effort of coming here for. However Vader was sure there was someone else here that was in hiding away.

Vader found the Jedi he had fought lying on the floor trying to push himself up but failing. The Sith Lord grabbed a hold of the man through the Force, lifting him easily into the air. His hatred had made him far more powerful than any Jedi.

"I sense someone far more powerful nearby" the Sith made clear in his mechanical sounding voice. He raised his lightsaber into the air, ready to strike if this Jedi did not tell him what he wanted to know. "Where is your Master?"

"The dark side has clouded your mind" the Jedi spoke almost smugly. "You killed my Master years ago".

Vader could feel his anger building. "Then now you will share his fate". Just as he was about to strike his saber was pulled from his right hand by the Force. He turned to see the person who had somehow crept up behind him and pulled a lightsaber out of the hands of a Sith Lord to find the last thing he expected to see.

Standing there, with the crimson lightsaber ignited in its hands, was a small girl. She couldn't be any more than five years of age. She had long brown hair that flowed down her back and the same coloured eyes that seemed to be so alive.

"A daughter" Vader stated, looking at the young girl curiously.

"Run!" shouted her father just before Vader absent-mind idly crushed the man's windpipe, cutting off his flow of oxygen and killing him almost instantly.

The young girl's eyes widened in shock at the sight of her father un-moving on the floor but she wasn't given any time for grief as Vader started to walk closer and closer to her. Finally he began to hold out a hand but was interrupted when the Commander who he had met earlier at his arrival came into the hurt with a group of Stormtroopers.

At the sight of seeing the young girl with the lightsaber he turned to his troops and motioned for them to fire at the Jedi girl. Before even a single shot could be made at the girl the Sith Lord pulled his saber back to his hands and attacked the troopers, deciding in a split-second what he would do.

Within moments the men were all killed. Vader stood towering over the young girl with his still ignited lightsaber in his hands. "Come with me, more will be here soon" he spoke mechanically before leading the girl away from her father and to her destiny.

Starkiller kneeled before her Master as he spoke about things that only made her anger build, her power in the dark side increase and her loyalty to him enhance. What he said was true, she had been weak when he had found her. She had been a frightened little girl who had only learnt about the basics of the Force but now she was a trained killing machine with powers in the Force and battle skills that people with twice, and maybe even perhaps three times her experience, would kill to acquire.

Her Master lit his saber and she became his true apprentice to the Sith Lord. Finally he ordered her to rise and she did so without question.

"What is your bidding, my Master?" she spoke in a smooth yet cold voice that reflected her character immensely.

"Your training is almost at an end; now it is time for you to truly test your worth". Starkiller bowed her head in acceptance of this test, whatever it may be. "A Jedi, Master Rahm Kota, is your target. He is attacking a critical Imperial shipyard." Vader turned to her and brought his fist up. "Destroy him and bring me his lightsaber".

Again she bowed, "I shall leave at once". As she was about to leave Vader continued.

"The Emperor must not discover you. Kill everyone aboard, Imperials and Kota's men alike" Vader explained.

Starkiller, although she still preferred her original birth name Nomi, felt her lips begin to ask why but knew better than to question her Master. "As you wish" she simply said before leaving her Master.

Nomi Marek walked through the various hallways of the Super Star Destroyer that was under construction until she made her way to the hanger bay. The ship was filled to the brim with sheets and bars of metal, all waiting to be added to the ship that would one day bring order, or for most destruction, to the galaxy.

Nomi was still dressed in her training gear after her spar with her Master. Her gear consisted of a dark coloured, tight fitting shirt and pants with small amounts of armour over her torso which helped with defend her in special areas. As she was very athletic she preferred as little armour as possible because she believed that if you were bad enough to get hit by a stray blaster shot then you aren't good enough to fight in the first place. She stood at around 5 feet 5 inches tall with her dark brown hair falling down her back. She usually put it up into a pony-tail when on a mission to keep it out of the way but she preferred to have it down like now.

Unknown to the the Apprentice at the moment an enemy was lucking in the shadows waiting to strike. It held the appearance of a middle aged man with auburn hair and a beard of the same colour and it was also holding a lightsaber.

Just as the man jumped Nomi sensed his presence and turned with lightning fast speed and ignited her crimson bladed lightsaber. She blocked a few hits from the man easily before she used the Force to push him away from her and onto the ground. Starkiller took this advantage to jump and plunge her saber into the man's chest.

A moment later the 'man' changed into the figure of a droid which looked as if it shouldn't be able to hold a blaster straight let alone handle a lightsaber.

"Ah, Master, another brilliant duel" the machine spoke. Nomi smiled at the droid, a rare sight for any that knew her: which weren't many.

"Well it wasn't too difficult" she answered as she reattached her saber to her belt.

"I thought that maybe using an older programme that I might finally achieve my primary programming in killing you, Master" the droid spoke, as if talking about something un-important. "I'm sorry I failed you again".

"Maybe you should try a little harder" Nomi spoke jokingly as she continued to make her way to her ship, now with her droid in tow.

Proxy had been her only real friend during her time under Vader, if you could call a prototypical training droid who takes extreme delight in trying to kill you a friend. Proxy had been given to her as a present of soughts by her Master, to use in her training. It had been the first time Vader had ever given her anything she could remotely call a gift and Nomi remembered just how awkward it had been for him at the time.

Despite being very strict on her in Nomi's eyes Vader had never been truly unfair to her. He had also been the closest thing to a father she had ever had and Nomi always took great delight in pleasing him, whether through a mission accomplished or in her training. She started to speak again to her droid but the words stopped when she caught sight of a young woman.

The woman was beautiful and Nomi was sure that it was the first time she had ever described another living, breathing bring as being beautiful. She was wearing the typical uniform of an Imperial pilot yet it seemed to enhance her figure rather than hide it. The pilot also had smooth, bright blonde hair that seemed to almost shine in the artificial light of the hanger. She was busy welding something on Nomi's ship and so didn't notice the Sith Apprentice.

Nomi turned and pushed Proxy into the shadows, with the latter questioning why they were now whispering.

"Who's that?" Nomi asked, looking to the woman and then back to Proxy.

"Ah, yes. Your new pilot, Master" he answered, taking a quick glance to the pilot before he accessed Imperial records and changed his appearance into that of the pilots.

Nomi pulled away as the pilot was brought into view right in front of her. She seemed even more beautiful up close with gorgeous blue eyes.

"Captain Juno Eclipse, born on Corulag, where she became the youngest student ever accepted into the Imperial Academy. Decorated combat pilot with over 100 combat missions and commanding officer during the bombing of Callos. Handpicked by Lord Vader to lead his black five squadron but later reassigned to a top-secret mission" Proxy/Juno explained while Nomi watched curiously.

"Is there a psychological profile in there too?" a voice startled them both. Both turned to see the real Juno Eclipse standing there with her hands crossed over each other practically scowling at them both before placing her hands on her hips.

"Actually yes" Proxy retorted as he turned back into himself, "But it's restricted". Proxy turned to Nomi and whispered something to her but the Apprentice wasn't really listening.

"Do you know why you're here?" Nomi asked.

"Yes, I'm to keep your ship running and fly you wherever your mission's require" Juno retorted.

"Did Vader tell you he killed our last pilot?" she asked as they started to walk back to their ship. She remembered that day well; when he had found out that her pilot had had other things in mind other than flying her ship. It had almost been like a father protecting his daughter: although taken a bit to the extreme.

"No, but I can only assume that he gave Lord Vader good reason to do so". Nomi gave a short chuckle. "I will not".

"Oh, he gave good reason to do so, believe me" the Apprentice said before looking at her ship. "So what have you been doing to the Rogue Shadow?"

"I've upgraded its sensor array. Now you'll be able to spy on any suspect ships within the system's region" Juno spoke proudly. "You are a spy, aren't you?"

"Let's just start out with going to Nar Shaddaa. You can find out about me later if you survive long enough".

They had finally made it to hyperspace and now all that was left for Nomi to do was to get rest and find out information about her new target. It gave Nomi a great deal of pride for her Master to think she was ready to take on a Jedi Master considering she was still not even twenty years of age. Despite not being able to beat Vader in a full dual she was getting close and Vader was quick to pick up on that.

After finalising the coordinates Nomi turned in her seat to Proxy. "Proxy, let's find out who I'm hunting".

Proxy stood and began to take the form of an older, grizzled man wearing large body armour. The man looked more like a soldier than a Jedi. "According to Imperial records Master Rahm Kota was a respected General during the Clone Wars". His voice was as rough as his appearance.

Juno turned to Nomi, mouth agape with shock. "You're hunting Jedi?"

"I hunt down the Empire's enemies" Nomi quickly, turning to the pilot, "Now you do too".

"Master Kota was a military genius but felt the Clones were unfit for battle: instead he relied on his own militia" Proxy continued, still in the form of the Jedi.

"So there were no Clones in his squadron when Order 66 was issued" Juno concluded.

"And after Order 66 he vanished. Official Imperial records actually claim he's dead" Proxy finished before turning off his projection.

Juno furrowed her brow. "Why come out of hiding now?"

"He wants to be found" Nomi explained as she leaned back in her chair.

Juno shook her head. "Then we're walking into a trap. How many pilots have you lost before me?"

"Seven" Nomi answered simply.

"Excellent" Juno answered sarcastically.

Nomi turned to face her. "Don't you worry; most of the pilots were killed for doing stupid things: and I'm sure you're not stupid".

"And I suppose coming from you that's a compliment?" Juno questioned.

"Most definitely". Nomi started to get up. "I'm going to get some rest, call me when we're half an hour away". Juno nodded before the Sith Apprentice left to get herself prepared for the mission.

Nomi had been resting for a few hours before she felt the ship come out of hyperspace. Not only had she felt this but she could also feel a single presence shining brightly above all the others in this sector of the galaxy: undoubtedly Master Rahm Kota.

She walked back to the cockpit and found Juno about to call for her over the Comm. Juno stopped however when she heard Nomi walking in. The Apprentice had changed out of her training gear and was now wearing a black, very form fitting, jump suit with her lightsaber clipped to the side of it.

Nomi looked out of the cockpit. "I suppose that's the Imperial shipyard" she posed, motioning towards the large object that looked far more like a cathedral, which was orbiting around Nar Shaddaa.

"Yes. I'm going to get you inside of it near the main hanger, a place close to where you will find General Kota" Juno explained, her hands working fast over all the controls. "I will also be helping you on your mission so keep this with you", she added as she handed a small comm. to Nomi. "It will allow us to talk to one another although it is on a frequency no other instruments can detect".

"Useful" the Sith girl commented, looking at the small instrument.

"Get ready, we are nearly there". Nomi nodded before going back to the cargo ramp. Nomi felt the ship come into contact with metal and then she heard her new pilot mentioning something about returning to low orbit around the planet before opening the ramp and jumping down into the factory.

What do you think? With the new game coming I may decide to change a few things but one thing is for certain, the choices Nomi Marek makes won't be the same as the one's Galen made and the way people react to her will also be different, including Vader.