Randomly popped in my head one day. LegacyChick, yup. Esha Napoleon, thanks, xD. QueenofYourWorld, Haha, glad you liked my MorJiz equation :) Seraphalexial, aw, glad you enjoyed it, hun. & yeah, guess Mizzie is better than nothing, lol. redsandman99, thank you, XD. JoMoFan-spot, our frustration is one in the same then. Seriously, I just want someone to write more Edge & do his character a bit of justice. I mean Edge is beautiful. & very pretty. I dunno about Jeff being too pretty to top. Jeff still has a touch of rebellion & roughness to him in my eyes. I think he can be vicious & doesn't always have to bottom. At least w/ me writing him anyways.. I have found older fics where Jeff topped Adam. I honestly don't see why some find it so hard to imagine today. Jeff used to be a top or bottom contender, till some authors came in & declared that Jeff had to have a strict bottom role. It irritates me. & I may be a bit frustrated, but I don't feel I am making a mistake by having Edge bottom. Personally I like him that way & I like writing him that way, that's all that matters :) & I honestly can't say enuff how much I appreciate your support for my bottom Addy. I've loved Christian as wise & reasonable before. I've often considered him a 'sweet li'l voice of reason' for this, but I kinda like writing him dorky every once in awhile. It doesn't hurt in a silly fic like this where not everything is serious. & I don't even think I could make myself see Mor as a top. I just prefer him a bottom. I think I agreed somewhere that Edge wasn't getting his manhood back. It's his own fault ;P & I've came around to thinking Jeff is capable of being normal.. but like I said, it's a silly story. Thanks, Love, as always. XXDark CloudXXX chp 1 & 2, thanks. Sheamus can be scary, but I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be, lol. myers1978, chp 1, that tweet gave me such fun, hehe. BellaHickenbottom, yeah, I think I'm right there w/ you on that one :D

ForShits&Giggles: WWE Random;
Chapter three / 'You're Only Fucking Mirrors'
Rated; M/ L (adult situations, talks of naughtiness & sexual depravity, talks of tattooing naughty parts, silliness, M/M kissage, some weird creepiness)

(-In the locker room-)

Matt: (enters locker room) OMG, guys, you'll never believe what I just saw!

Adam: (blinks) A pony?

Jeff: (looks up) A talking popsicle?

Matt: No. And.. (stares at Jeff) no..

Jay: Hornswoggle naked?

Everyone: (looks at Jay)

Jay: (shrugs) What?

Adam: Ew.

Matt: Anyway, no. I saw Cody fucking mirrors.

Jeff: (raises eyebrow) Y'mean like masturbating while looking at himself in a mirror?

Matt: No. I mean literally fucking the mirror. He was all naked and oily and grinding his crotch against the mirror and moaning and stuff.

Adam: (holds head) I could have done w/out that image forever. (dully) Thanks.

Jay: Seriously? That's fucked up.

Jeff: (nods) He's been fucked up since him and Ted broke up.

Matt: I thought he was w/ Drew? (sits down beside Jay)

Jay: No. Drew dumped his ass. I thought he got back w/ Ted?

Jeff: No. Ted dumped his ass for Gold.

Adam: (scratches at hair) Goldust?

Jeff: (snorts) Jesus, no. The Million Dollar Championship. He fucks it and Maryse gets to watch.

Matt: And you know this how?

Jeff: (smirks) The Intercontinental title likes to talk.

Matt: (sighs and reaches over to slap Jeff upside the head)

Jeff: Ow! (scoots chair away) You bitch!

Matt: Can we be serious here?

E&C: (snort)

Jeff: Nope. (smiles happily and relaxes back in his seat)

Jay: It wouldn't be so weird for Ted to fuck the Million Dollar belt.. esp not if Cody's fucking mirrors. He was fucking mirrors, right?

Matt: Yes! I saw it! I can't unsee it!

Jeff: Well, since Ted maybe Cody can't fuck anyone that's not quote (makes quotes) as Dashing as he is (stops quotes) end quote.

Jay: Or maybe Matt was mistaken and Cody wasn't fucking an actual mirror, but rather Dolph Ziggler in his shiny shorts and he just looked like a mirror..

Matt: (shudders)

Jeff: Nah, it'd be less strange if he was fucking a mirror instead.

Adam: Guys, can we get off mirror fuckage? It's making me uncomfortable.

Jay: What? You and Jeff never fuck in front of a mirror before? (is smacked by Matt) Ow! What? Just asking.

Adam: (narrows eyes) Yes, we have. I just would like to not think about Cody fucking a mirror the next time Jeff fucks me in front of a mirror!

Matt: (stands up) This is way too weird.

Jericho: (turns head from kissing Miz long enuff to glare) Yus, it is. If you wouldn't mind, shut up, Junior! (continues lip-locking w/ Miz)

Matt: (looks back into the cubby hole next to the one he's in to see Jericho sitting in Miz's lap with his arms around his neck) How long have they been..?

Jay: It's actually kept them quiet. It's a new record too; exactly 2 seconds before you walked in.

Matt: They? (points at Jiz) Them two? Chris Jericho and Mike Mizanin have been quiet for that long?

Jeff/Adam: (nods) Yup.

Matt: (blinks and shakes head) First Cody fucking mirrors and now the silence of the Wonder Twins. (sits back down) What's next?

Jeff: Me and Adam could get matching tattoos?

Adam: (quirks eyebrow at Jeff)

Jeff: (continues) Adam could get 'Property of Jeff Hardy' on his ass. & I could get 'Adam' right above my dick.

Matt: (chokes on air and starts coughing)

Jay: (slaps Matt on the back) Breathe! Breathe, dammut!

Matt: (gasps and exhales deeply) I'm okay.. okay..

Adam: (folds arms and stares at Jeff) No.

Jeff: Awe, come on. Then when HBK or Cena pantses you out during a house show, everyone will know who you belong to.

Adam: Then why my name above your dick?

Jeff: Hey, it's where your lips and your ass goes. Usually in that order depending on how drunk you are. (smirks)

Adam: (flushes furiously and stammers) I.. uh.. Je.. Ugh.. No.

Jeff: (sits up) Why not?

Adam: I said no, Jeff.

Jeff: For me? (puckers lips and bats eyes cutely)

Jay: (shakes head) That never changes his mind.

Matt: (looks over at Jason) Did you want Adam's name on your dick too?

Jay: (hangs head and pouts) Just the initials.

Matt: (blinks and drops his head into his hands before sighing) Surrounded by idiots..

Jeff: Hey? (points to the cubby hole beside Matt's) Miz and Jericho take serious offense to that!

Chris: (breaks free from Miz to scowl and shake his fist) Watch it, Assclown!

Mike: (also scowls, but hands never leave Jeri's waist) Yeah, Hardy!

Jeff: (giggles) Lighten up, Matthew... Hey, I gotta serious question; If Matthew is supposed to be spelled in all capital letters on your Twitter; then does it have to be screamed when said aloud too?

Matt: (shrugs) Why would it be?

Jeff: Cuz when I read in all capitals that little voice in my head screams too, MATTHEW!

Adam: (covers ears and winces)

Matt: Please, don't scream my name.

Jay: Moan it passionately, like this; (seductively) Matthew (lays head on Matt's shoulder)

Chris: I gotta question, Hardy. (slides off Miz's lap and stands up)

Hardy brothers: (both look up)

Chris: (blinks) The little one.

Jeff: (growls) Hey, I'm not little! Tell him, Addy!

Adam: He's not little. (giggles)

Matt: (facepalm) Too much information. Seriously.

Chris: Anyway.. why are you here? Aren't you on that other show or something?

Jeff: (opens mouth to say something)

Jay: I asked the same thing in the first chapter.

Big Show: (shrugs from leaning against the wall) The writer just likes him here.

Adam: (blinks and looks up at Show in astonishment) How'd you get in here?

Jeff: And how long have you been standing there? (has hand on hip)

Big Show: (shrugs again) I've been hanging out w/ Mysterio. He's been teaching me how to be all mysterious and shit.

Matt: Amazing.

Jay: Creepy.

Jeff: Well, can you kindly leave? And take the Wonder Idiots over there w/ you?

Big Show: (shrugs a third time) Okay. (walks over and picks both Chris and Mike up and tosses them over his shoulders before carrying them out)

Mike: Hey!

Chris: Put us down, Jerky!

Mike: Yeah! We dunno what you think.. (is cut off as door closes behind Show)

Matt: (rubbing hands over face) This has been one weird ass day.

Adam: (sighs) Welcome to my world...


(-In another locker room-)

Cody: (wearing a black robe now) ... (pops head out of door and looks around suspiciously before popping it back in and locking the door)

Dolph: (in a shiny silver jacket and incredibly small, tight shorts that match) Think anyone saw us? (twiddling thumbs)

Cody: Nah. Just that crazy ass Hardy. No one will believe him.

Dolph: Oh.. (thinks a moment) The big or the small one?

Cody: The one with long hair.

Dolph: Oh.. (thinks another moment) The one fucking Edge or Christian?

Cody: (sighs) Does it matter? They're both crazy and neither one of them are as Dashing (smiles and teeth gleam with a little ding sound) as me or you. Now turn back around and let's get back to what we were doing. (disrobes and turns Dolph back around before gazing into the reflection of his pants) Oh, yeah, baby. (starts grinding on his reflection) You like being a dirty bitch, don't you..?

Yeah, I'm aware it was that stupid. It was supposed to be. I kinda remember someone Tweeting a mock of Cody's song lyrics, only they said 'Oh-oh, you're only fucking mirrors'. There ya go, Cody fucks mirrors.. or well, Dolph Ziggler in tight shiny clothing where he can see himself. (huffs) It was supposed to be that creepy and weird. Really it was just something silly that popped into my head & demanded to be be written. I just put it here but it's just for random silliness. (shrugs) It works.