Even today, a lot people wondered about this place. The darkness, the mysteries behind it, the damage, the...isolation. Because that's how you feel the minute you step beyond the outer borders of the small city. No one knew if it had been like this all this time. They always said...the moment you came in, you would never come out alive.

Monsters roam, the dead rise, a thick fog blankets the area like a barrier. The silence surrounds you, reminding you of even the slightest sound, making you jump at every turn.

Every moment the passes, you feel the isolation. The impassive cruelty. The kind of cruelty that would so much as step on you than look at you. It's heartless. Heartless. All you feel is fear, and worse off, that you are entirely and inevitably alone. The isolation of this place is enough to make you go insane, to scream out to the heavens begging for mercy, but no prayers are answered in this dreaded place.

It's as if your worst nightmare came to life. When you're in this seemingly deserted, lonely, foggy, desolate place...you feel as if you're in a wide-awake nightmare. Moreover, you feel as if you're in Hell. This town did have a history of fires...and maybe now lacks the fire and brimstone, but oh yes, you feel as if you're in Hell.

So what is this place, anyway? It's Hillwood city.

A lot of people call it Silent Hillwood.

But I...

I call it Silent Hellwood.

Welcome to Hell.


Hey guys. This is a new story I thought of heavily inspired by the Silent Hill franchise. I just wanted to get this little intro, narrated by Helga, by the way, out to you all. I may be slow in updating this, considering nothing is entirely set in stone and I have to add and edit some ideas to this.

But I will do my best! This will be different from my other fics. Full of horror, suspense, darkness, mystery...it's going to be pretty weird. It will be AU, so things will be different with the characters and of course with the setting.

And of course, I wouldn't be the Queen of Fluff without romance! So no worry, there WILL be romantic moments and some fluff. But all of that is not the main focus of the story.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. :)

Oh yes, and no worry, the rating will change later. :D