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As Sam and Jack finished clearing away the remains of dinner, she found herself at peace with the coming conversation with Thor. Even if he was reluctant to change the timeline, he would have an idea what to do. Just knowing that they were about to take action calmed her. SG1 had implemented some pretty crazy plans in their day so this was just another day at the office.

"Penny for em," Jack said as he put the last dish away and used the drying town to hook around her and pull her to him. They were really doing this. They were going to do something way scarier than face Replicators. She and Jack were going to shower, together, oh god. Her heart skipped a beat even as a wave of desire hit her and spread out across her skin, making her shiver in anticipation.

Chapter 16 - Freckles

"Penny for 'em," Lame O'Neill, Jack chided himself as he flipped his dish towel around Sam's back and caught it with the other hand. Using the cloth to pull her against him, he was rewarded by her soft intake of breath. Closing his eyes for a moment, he forced himself to push back thoughts of what tomorrow might bring. He was feeling at a loss. He was supposed to know how to protect his team but he had no clue what they were getting into. A typical day through the gate, he thought. The difference this time was that he was fast falling for the woman that did understand what was through that gate. Better than you do, O'Neill, he decided, not sure how he felt about that realization. Just a month ago she'd been a wet behind the ears Captain and now she was planning a mission to save the universe. How did he protect her or any of them against that?

You do what she asked you to do and trust her, O'Neill, he told himself. He allowed his head to drop to her shoulder, relishing the feel of her soft curves against his body. God, did she not understand what a bad deal she was getting with him? Just a few days ago he would have said, no, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. He couldn't say that now. The young officer that he'd been getting to know and like had changed overnight. She was proving over and over that she had the experience and maturity to stand toe to toe with him. She might just realize more than he knew. That was a scary thought, but one he found a strange comfort in.

He was going to have to see this mission through but that wasn't until tomorrow and right now the woman in his arms was soft and warm. The scent that was uniquely Sam surrounding him, reminding him that they had the rest of the night before reality snuck in and they put themselves in harm's way again.

Jack released the towel and tossed it on the counter before sliding his hands under her shirt and skimming his palms around to the small of her back. He needed the feel of skin on skin contact. He wanted her, no doubt there, but he refused to hurry. She was a fantasy he'd never expected to fulfill. Now the reality of the woman in his arms threatened to floor him. He could fall hard and fast if he wasn't careful. He'd barely survived having his heart ripped out when Charlie died and Sara left, he wasn't so sure he'd survive if he gave it again and had it ripped out. Maybe he'd do better to step back and let her go to the guest room alone.

Sam shivered in his arms and wiggled closer, pulling him from his dark thoughts. The friction of their bodies combined with the comfort of her hands running up and down his back soothed and excited him all at once. This woman was worth the risk. This woman was strong enough to take him as he was. Don't blow it, Jack, he chided himself. He kissed her neck and smiled at the goose bumps that worked their way across her skin.

"Even at a penny, you wouldn't get your money's worth," Sam answered breathlessly. "I'm having trouble thinking of anything right now." Good answer Carter, his brain approved. He was making the smart, beautiful woman in his arms mindless with just his touch! Jack wondered if there might be any of the Brocca virus laying dormant in his system. He was feeling very primitive as Sam arched her back to follow the progress of his hands across her bare skin.

"Wow, I discovered a way to make Sam Carter stop thinking," he pointed out, pulling back to kiss her forehead.

"I wouldn't suggest using this strategy at the briefing table, Sir" Sam chuckled.

"Probably not," he agreed, sliding his palms higher. He loved how silky she felt under his calloused hands. His head popped up as her words filtered through his brain on another, less primitive level. "Sir?" he questioned.

She looked confused. "Did I call you that?" she questioned sincerely. He smiled, old habits might take a while to break.

Jack didn't respond. He was too busy enjoying her reactions to him. How many times had he looked at her and wondered what it would be like to make her mindless? Cupping her cheek, he brushed his thumb over her lips. She had such a great mouth. "Jack," his name sounded so good in Sam's sexy, breathy voice.

Leaning in, he settled his lips on hers. Taking his time, he kept the kiss light, exploratory. Sam moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to bring him closer so that she could deepen the kiss. When he held his ground, she whimpered her frustration. His body tightened, he was feeling the need to move things along as well, but he was enjoying the exploration way too much to hurry.

As Sam slid her hands into his hair and nipped his bottom lip, Jack's control slipped a notch. He plunged his tongue deep into the soft recesses of her mouth. Swallowing her moan, he slid his hand around to palm her breast. Sam pulled back with a half moan, "Oh God, Jack," she arched into his hand, silently asking for more.

"You're sure about this, Sam?" he didn't mean his voice to be so rough, but he was fast losing control and that wasn't something he was used to. His emotions were always under tight rein, even with Sara, he'd only lost as much control as he'd wanted to at any given time. Just touching Sam was burning through him in ways he'd never experienced.

"Scared, but never more sure," she answered, fighting for breath. He scared her? She had no problem offering to go off world and hitch a ride with aliens with no back up, but he scared her? Strangely enough, Jack could understand that sentiment. "You?" she questioned, sliding her hand into his shirt to play against his bare chest. When had she managed to unbutton that, he wondered as he caught her hand and laced his fingers through hers.

"Bedroom," he stated, stepping away from her and pulled her along the hall. All thought of slowing down left his mind as he stepped through the door and spun around, pulling her inside and pinning her against the wall beside his bedroom door. Retaking her mouth with his, Jack could only think of how much he needed to feel her beneath him, to see if his silent tent musings about her had been right. Did her freckles go past the top of her shoulders and sprinkle across her breasts

Jack broke the kiss to slide his hands under Sam's blouse and slip it over her head. He took a step back to take in the sight of her. "Freckles," he murmured, sliding a finger down her collarbone. One question answered. She blushed. He wasn't sure if it was from him studying her so closely or his comment about her freckles, but he liked it.

He studied her for a moment longer before leaning forward and sliding down to one knee in front of Sam, reaching for the fastenings on her pants. Jack undid them and pushed them down her legs, taking her underwear with them. Freckles here too he confirmed, smiling at the confirmation before he leaned his shoulder into her hip and stood up with her across his shoulder in a fireman's carry.





"Jack!" Sam squeaked in surprise as she found herself hoisted across his muscular shoulder. He didn't answer, just spun around, took a couple of steps and dropped her fairly gently on the bed. Sam smiled as she bounced once and settled into the soft comforter covering Jack's bed. Jack's bed, the thought brought her up short. Focusing on the man standing at her feet, she watched breathlessly as he pushed his jeans out of the way. When he lifted his arms to pull his shirt over his head Sam caught her breath. She'd always thought Jack was an amazing looking man. He was tanned with light brown, reddish hair sprinkled across his nicely muscled chest. Scars dotted his body, but in her eyes they only added to his attractiveness rather than taking away from it.

Sam had seen him shirtless before, but to see him standing over her, naked, she shivered and desire flowed through her. Longing twisted in her belly and she moaned as he hovered over her.

"Beautiful," he murmured, leaning in to nip at her neck before lowering his weight onto the bed. Sam's pulse jumped. God, she needed him. Reaching for him, she slid her hands across his shoulders, gripping him and urging him to make her his.

Sam's desire built, pushing her to the edge. "God, Jack, please," she begged.

"What, Sam?" he asked, raising his head and meeting her eyes. "Tell me what you want." Sam slipped closer to the edge. Jack O'Neill wanted her to talk dirty to him. She'd never talked dirty to anyone in her life.

"Come on, Sam," he instructed, sliding his hand away from her hip and using his talented fingers to push her desire higher. She jerked at the contact and let out a half moan, half scream. "What is it that you want?" Her body pulsed and she felt like she was hanging on the edge of a cliff waiting to soar.

"I want you, Jack," she told him. "Please, make love to me." Jack growled deep in his chest as answered her plea with his body. She'd never felt anything so amazing as being loved by this man.

"That's right baby," he encouraged. "Let go. I'm right behind you." His words were broken as his pace became unsteady and he lost himself in her. She was still flying as he broke and joined her. Sam held tight to him. As she returned to earth, Jack slid to the side and cradled her. Sam liked that they were still joined. If felt right. Snuggling in closer, she wondered if they'd have a chance to be like this again. So much could go wrong with the mission and even if they succeeded in stopping the Replicators, their own government might try to take her away from the SGC.

"You're thinking too much, Carter." Jack's tone was sleepy and relaxed and full of affection. She smiled.

"Sorry," she whispered back.

"I was going for mindless," he informed her, the pout coming into his voice.

"Worked," she agreed. "The effect must just be temporary."

"Need another dose?" he offered.

"Soon," she instructed, smiling. She was too exhausted to move and figured he couldn't be too far behind her. "That was intense," she commented.

"More than intense," Jack agreed, "Now sleep, Carter, I'm not sure I have the strength to work on mindless again right yet." Sam chuckled. Truth be told, she didn't have the strength for mindless again yet either. Snuggling down a little Sam felt Jack's breathing even out right as she sleep finally took her as well.