A/N: This is a small drabble I wrote for Manyafandom via http:/weheartit(.)com/entry/2602995. I hope she likes it.

To think this is where it all started.

Our meadow.

Our time.

One single moment in time to make the important things in my life seem less. It was times of simplicity, of being able to show love and affection toward one another with barely saying a word.

The sun began to fade into the horizon as we lay in the grass, memorizing each other's faces and the way we looked when we smiled at one another. The only thing on my mind was his happiness and mine.

Teenagers in love, that's what they called us. They said give it a couple of years and it won't be as important. I couldn't believe that moment like this would be unimportant. It was too perfect, too easy and too happy.

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gift. It wasn't much, but Edward always knew it was the little things that counted.

A small bottle of bubbles lay in his hand and I smiled, accepting the gift as though I was taking a diamond necklace. He remembered my conversation about loving bubbles a small child.

I pulled the wand from the container and blew. Bubbles filtered out around us and they were so beautiful against the sunlight. He kept trying to pop them but as they got bigger, he sat with me, mesmerized by the beauty that each one held.

I placed the wand ever so carefully back into the container and placed it beside me. I turned my head back to Edward. I had to fight back tears as I studied his face. He was the epitome of perfection, just like those shiny bubbles that floated above us. I reached for his face, cupping it in my hand and whispered that I loved him. He closed his eyes and smiled. Butterflies again, he said.

I reached over and gave a small chaste kiss on his lips. It was small, it was chaste, but it took my breath away like it has so many times before. I loved this man, and he loved me more.

This was the summer of our love.

No one else could take that away from us.