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Ed- Edwar- …. He left me. He left me here alone, and broken hearted.

I didn't even get to say goodbye to them. Not to my best friend or the family I grew to love like my own. I cry myself to sleep every night, and wake up screaming. All because of the dreams that still haunt me to this day, the day when he left.

It's been over 2 years now. Things have changed, none of it for the better.

Today is the anniversary of the day he left. It's painful still to even think about their names. I just turned 20 years old. Notice I didn't say celebrated my 20th birthday. I refused to throw a party. I wanted the one they threw me to be the last one I had. It was a small get together, just Charlie, some of the pack, and me along with a cake and a few presents nothing to get excited about.

Oh I forgot to tell you about the pack, and my new life.

See not too long ago I wandered out into the meadow. Well what used to be our meadow. I went in search of finding that one place where I could remember him. Maybe even to find him. Well I did find a vampire that day, just not the one I wanted to find.

I found Laurent there in the meadow, I was almost glad to see him, until I figured out I had interrupted him hunting. I was scared at first but then a blissful feeling enveloped me. I wasn't going to feel the pain of losing him, anymore.

Well as you see I'm not dead.

Well not in the traditional sense of the word. Laurent got to close and when he bit me, I didn't feel it.

See Jacob and his friends, are werewolves. Together they are the La Push pack as I like to call them. They stopped Laurent from drinking me. They weren't able to do anything about the venom already in me though. So they had to sit there, with me out in the woods for 3 days while I was in horrible pain. I turned into a vampire if you haven't already figured it out.

It's a good thing I have great control since i still live with Charlie. Human blood doesn't appeal to me, one of the few traits I brought over from being human.

Sadly I also brought over my clumsiness, well part of it at least. Meaning I still trip from time to time but not nearly as much as I used to. That and I brought over my shield.

The shield that kept my mind silent from prying vampires. Except now I am able to manifest both a physical and mental shield. I could choose to block anyone's mind from others and about everyone's ability and no one would see it, it would be invisible to all but me. Or I could choose to put up a physical which does the same as a mental shield but no one can get close to you, I can also make it either visible or invisible to others.

There are many things I can do with my shield almost to many to list, there are still things I haven't figured out I can do. Just know I am powerful and the pack loves that I am a "good" vampire and I am there to help them.

Back to the story though, see it's been awhile and things have changed. I've become a different person and I don't let people see how hurt I still am inside.

I was just driving around on my motorcycle through Seattle when I saw it. It was a little shop on a corner and I don't know why it made me stop and go in. I just know I didn't leave the shop empty handed; I practically bought out the store.

This is where it all starts.

Chapter 1: Listening to the Radio

Alice's POV:

It's been 2 years 4 days 16 hours 39 minutes and 9 seconds since I last saw Bella and spoke to Edward.

I stopped talking to him directly when he decided he was going to leave. That and he forbade me to go and talk to Bella. I was pissed. I was forced to leave my best friend and I couldn't even say good bye.

How unfair is that?

Since then I have taken to cussing Edward out in my head as often as I can. He deserves it for leaving Bella. She deserved better than that after all we have put her through.

Edward just mopes around now. He hunts when Emmett and Carlisle threaten him. Other than that he barely leaves his room.

The whole family has fallen apart. Esme is sad most of the time, Jasper is in pain because everyone's sadness, Carlisle drowns himself in work when he isn't home, Emmett doesn't tease or make as many jokes as he used to and then there's Edward.

I sometimes feel sorry for him. He left his soul mate, his other half, his reason for being.

I had to escape the house for awhile. I grabbed my keys and ran into my car. My canary yellow 911 turbo, it was both fast and beautiful. I turned the radio on and was listening to the station driving as fast as I could down the back roads of Alaska.

We were living in one of our houses not too far from the Denali's. Far enough away where they couldn't visit all the time but close enough where we could get them in a time of emergency.

I was singing along with all the songs the station played. It was distracting me from the depression that has settled and moved in to our home. All of a sudden I had a vision. It was our family we seemed to be in some club and…. We looked happy.

That was it, only a small glimpse of what would come but enough to make me want it desperately.

That was until I heard a new song come on the radio. I wasn't familiar with the band or the song itself.

I was stunned into silence though by the lead singer. She was amazing and sung with such a beautiful voice that I was… well speechless.

"That ladies and gentlemen was Children of the Moon a rising band from Seattle, Washington. We have the band here with me now. Marie tell us about your band here." The radio host said.

"Well we started out as a local band that preformed on the weekends for fun. Then it turned into something that we all liked doing that we couldn't stop. The guys and I just loved performing in front of people. We actually are in a contest here in Alaska in a few days. We will be performing live along with a few other bands at the Green Light Club in Juneau, Alaska Saturday night at 8." The lead singer, Marie, says. Her voice sounding oddly familiar.

"Ladies and Gentlemen what will shock you all the most is that this band is made up entirely of 19 and 20 year olds. All of them fresh out of high school and with so much talent. Jake here is the lead guitarist, so Jake tell us about how you guys got started."

"Well you see Bella, I mean Marie, here just showed up at my front door one day with a truck from some store hauling all these instruments. She said she wanted to start a band and rounded up Seth, Embry, and Quil to join too." The guy Jake said.

I turned the radio off and struggled not to start bouncing in my seat with excitement. The singer I heard must have been Bella. I mean it sounded a lot like her. Could she be the reason we were all so happy in my vision? I was definitely going to be finding out.

I searched in my purse for my phone. Grabbing it out I flipped it open and typed a message quickly to my family. I knew what we were doing this weekend.

We were going to the Green Light Club to watch the bands play. If Bella is this singer 'Marie', then I would find out then.

I turned around and started to head back home. For the first time since we left I was excited again.

Just as long as I kept Edward from reading my thoughts for the next few days then my plan will work. I smiled to myself and thought of all the possibilities the future now held for me and my family.

I am going to fix this and make everything all right.

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