Soul Eater Drabbles, a mismatch of short works that I have been slowly working on which now get to see the light of the internet. Please read, comment, and keep coming back because I will try to add a new one about every week or so. Some of these are connected to songs so if you would like to get the full effect please listen to those songs while you're reading the fic. If you have any requests for a drabble please let me know.

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Spoiler Disclaimer: I have also seen all of the Soul Eater episodes so please be forewarned about spoilers for the Soul Eater Anime.

Thank you and I hope that these drabbles make you a little happier then when you came in. ^_^


June 16, 2010


She told him that she was afraid of fighting him in close quarters and he called her a liar, but she hadn't lied to him. After all, she was afraid. Afraid of getting to close to him; she was fearful of smelling that crisp clean powder scent on him, frightened about touching his warm pale flesh, and terrified that tasting him with her serpent tongue would cause her to become addicted to him.

Of course, Medusa Gorgon never listened to her fears and she wasn't about to start.

She simply smiled, slender and snake-like, and drew Stein closer to her with her vector arrows.