this story contains frequent implied references to sexual intercourse,
as well as minor coarse language.

Guideline: if the level of language and implied sex in the TV-series The Next Generation didn´t bother you,

then I´m pretty sure this won´t either.


This story is based on the events from the 1st season episode "The Naked Now",
written by J. Michael Bingham and John D. F. Black.

With thanks for providing me with the inspiration!


So It Did Happen after All


As she stepped out of the turbolift, she did the utmost not to appear self-conscious. To look her usual self. Cool. Collected. Professional. Those were proper words to describe the Enterprise's Chief of Security.

But as she rigidly walked over to her station on the upper bridge, her eyes demonstrated a mind of their own as she felt them wandering off to the pale, well-built man - machine! she chided herself - at the science computer, only a few steps away from her post.

Quickly, she focused her attention on her console. For goodness' sake, why did he have to be at the damned science computer at this very moment! Why wasn't he safely at the helm where he spent most of his time, and where she could at least keep an eye on what he was up to?

She felt his gaze burning on her back. Surely he was undressing her with his eyes. It was unnerving. Carefully she glanced over her shoulder. And as quickly turned back, with her cheeks burning. Sure thing he was looking at her. Though his expression stroke her more as apprehensive than as lustful.

She closed her eyes and let out a quiet sigh. Better deal with this right here, right now. They'd have to work together a lot in the upcoming years, so she'd better make sure that he understood it was all a mistake. A mistake brought on by that virus from the Tsiolkovsky, and nothing more than that.

With embarrassed determination she turned and crossed the few meters that were between them. And demanded his attention in a tone that tolerated no discussion: "Data."

He turned to face her only now, with that blank expression she had already seen quite often lately. 'Even better,' it flashed through her mind. 'He's an android. A machine. He won't mind - he's got no feelings to hurt.'

That realization made it at least a trifle easier to say what she had to say. "I'm only going to tell you this, just once," she said in a low voice, lest the whole bridge was interested. Only to continue with a stern: "It never happened."

As she hastily turned back to her station, she still caught sight of his puzzled frown. And scolded herself. Tell a computer to forget something? She could already hear his innocent: "Inquiry. What never happened?" And her having to spell out for him that she meant their having had sex for several hours under the influence of that blasted virus. With the rest of the crew politely pretending not to be listening, but savouring every word of it nonetheless: their tough Security Chief had had sex with their Lieutenant Commander! The android, of all people! She could easily imagine the gossip such news would evoke in a small community like the Enterprise. And she repressed a shudder.

Fortunately, the Captain forestalled Data's embarrassing 'inquiry' for now by addressing the whole crew. "I put it to you all: I think we shall end up with a fine crew." A short pause. Then, quietly: "If we avoid temptation."

Once more her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. And anger. How could the Captain possibly know? Had Data...?

A quick glance over her shoulder. No. Data looked rather puzzled, as if he was at a total loss about the Captain's remark. But still: no 'inquiry' from his side.

So much the better. If they'd just avoid mentioning the entire subject, they should be able to heartily forget about it, and work together the way they were supposed to. Just pretend nothing had happened between them. She and Data were mere mates. Colleagues, who had been working together for no more than a few weeks. That was all.

And as Commander Riker ordered the course to their next destination, she focused her attention on her console. It never happened. Now all she had to do was getting the entire episode out of her mind.



Credit where credit is due: this chapter is a transcript from one of the final scenes of the episode "The Naked Now", written by J. Michael Bingham and John D. F. Black. The only thing I've added is an interpretation of Tasha's feelings on the occasion. I promise: the following chapters will exist of more original material!