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"It's innocence within the maze
But I have chosen the wrong way
I'm still getting over who I was
There's no sense of trust, there's no definition of love

Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe in

I know now, it's not who you are
It's who you know
And I see clearly now, which way to go
I remember the way I fell from above
And I recall the way I was

Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe in
Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe
Tell me something that I'll...
Tell me something that I'll believe
Tell me something that I'll believe
Something I'll believe"

~ "Shed Some Light" - Shinedown

Pull left, 'Flight!

I am!

Okay, then pull to your other left!

Oh. Slightly embarrassed, Fireflight did as Silverbolt instructed him and pulled left, giving Slingshot more room to maneuver while remaining in formation.

Once upon a time Sling would have thrown in a snarky quip, but he held his glossa. That was one of a few things that the Aerialbots had agreed began many of their spats: one of them would make a sarcastic comment that would hurt the other, and then their fight formations fell apart. Once they started holding their glossas, they found that their flight patterns held and they didn't fight as often.

They did still fight – they were brothers, after all, and nobody was perfect. But they were learning to understand each other, and that helped.

And none of this would have happened if it weren't for an annoying, paranoid little Decepticon who kept telling Fireflight that he deserved better in all of their meetings. At first the Aerialbots had been livid to find that their brother had stayed in contact with the enemy, as Breakdown had in fact returned to the Decepticons. But Fireflight had stood up to them, furiously saying that they had no right to talk about his friend that way, as he had done nothing but help him. His brothers had claimed that Breakdown was feeding him false information, but after listening to some of the Stunticons suggestions to help Fireflight on his way to empowerment – and Primus did he sound like a nut-job when he said things like that – they found that maybe he wasn't completely wrong in that they did mock their youngest too much and they hurt him more than they realized.

So grudgingly, and in a way that was shockingly similar to that of the Stunticons, they allowed their brother to hang around the 'Con, if only because it made him happy. But Primus knew they weren't telling their commanders about this.

They did, however, tell their superior officers what had occurred that day months ago when Fireflight ran away. Their recordings had been downloaded into Teletraan's databanks and had been replayed many, many times by unbelieving Autobots. While the files were kept blocked from anyone outside of the command staff, others had heard of them and the files were currently the new challenge to the Ark's hackers.

When Optimus had first been shown the video of the fully compiled footage, he had been silent for a long moment before hitting replay and again watching the recording in silence. Upon finishing the recording for a second time, he sent copies of it to Elita and Ultra Magnus and then kept a hard copy of the videos on a data-chip that he kept on him at all times. It seemed odd to most, but a few recognized it as an extremely sentimental gesture by the great Prime.

This was what they had been fighting for all of these vorns. Here were Decepticons, even very young ones, that still had a sense of family, of brotherhood. When things got bad and Optimus began to lose hope he would replay the video to remind himself that there was still hope in the Decepticon ranks. It may have been a bit sappy of him, but he always looked at the Stunticons in a new, more hopeful light. While the Stunticons sent him annoyed looks in battle when he watched them almost fondly, he didn't care. They weren't all bad, and unwittingly they had re-inspired the Prime.

Fireflight once again barely dodged one of his brothers, narrowly avoiding a collision but still applauding himself for catching his drifting in time. He checked his internal chronometer and realized he would be late if he didn't leave now.

Uh, guys? I gotta go, I'm meeting Breaks in fifteen minutes.

All he received were uncommitted grunts, except for from Silverbolt, who sent an emotional version of an indulgent smile across the bond with the words, Go ahead.

With a cheer, Fireflight zoomed off into the distance, intent on making his meeting on time. After all, the Earth's sun had almost set and the drive-in movie they planned on watching from a distance was starting soon. One thing they enjoyed about hanging out together that, being that they were both created on Earth, they understood each other's interest in human culture. Or at least their movies.

Fireflight just made it to their meeting spot on time, spying the Lamborghini pacing in the small clearing where they had first met. "You ready?" asked the Decepticon.

"Sure thing," replied his Autobot companion. "But I pick the movie this time, because you picked such a bad one when you chose."

"How was I supposed to know it had nothing to do with trolls? It was called Troll 2!"

"Eh, maybe we should have paid attention to the sign that said 'Epically Bad Movie Night' out front."

"Ya think?" Fireflight only laughed at the sarcastic jibe as he took to the skies once more, keeping up a conversation with his companion on the ground over an encrypted radio channel.

"Hey, 'Flight?"


"Would you mind if Wildrider came along next time? He's been bothering me to take him with us, says he wants to know what all the fuss is about."

"Really? That's kind of funny; Air Raid has been saying the same thing."

"So what, next movie night is a 'plus one' affair?"

"Sure thing!"

The Aerialbot came to a landing in the same hilly region, loving all of these pockets of land that allowed the two Cybertronians to hide behind a hill while watching a movie. They knew for a fact that if they sat at a certain angle on the hill, the humans couldn't see them without looking very closely, and in the dark area only illuminated by the movie screens, it was impossible to see the duo.

"What are we watching then, Oh Great Chooser of the Movie?"

"Hmm...Not horror, I'm sick of watching all that gore. And no war flicks either; we get enough of them in real life."

"Too true, kiddo. Too true."

"Thanks, 'Crusher Junior."

"I'm not sure whether I should be offended or not."

"Yeah, yeah. So, no horror or war movies, and I'm bored with all of those spy dramas."

"Don't tell me you want to see one of those coming-of-age things. Or worse, something about overcoming hardships. Been there, done that, got the weld marks and emotional awkwardness to prove it."

"...I thought that quote ended with something about having the T-shirt."

"Do I look like I wear human clothing? Where in Primus' good name would I even get such an oversized article of cloth?"


"Hurm, sadly I think you're right. You still haven't decided."

"I know, I know, stop harassing me. Hey, let's switch it up a bit."

"...How so?"

Fireflight just stared at him with a manic smile on his face.

"Oh, no. Oh fragging Pit no! I am not, emphasis on the not watching a romantic comedy!"

The Aerialbot pouted. "You said I could choose."

"Yeah, and up until now I thought I could trust your judgment in films! Apparently I was wrong! I am not a femme; I do not watch romantic movies!"

"Romantic comedies. And I'm not a femme, either, if you haven't noticed. C'mon, try something new. You might like it."

"Is that what humans tell each other to start them off on drugs?"

"Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that we need to broaden your horizons."

"Maybe my horizons like being narrow."

"Well that's just too bad for your horizons, now isn't it? C'mon, the movie's starting and you know I like the previews."

The Decepticon groaned like he actually cared, but let the Autobot pull him to the part of the hill that would allow for easy viewing of the romantic comedy, whatever cheesy movie it was that the drive-in theater was playing for the night.

Together they sat, Autobot and Decepticon, good and evil, the protector and the predator, as not enemies, but comrades, companions.


Off in the distance, also thankful for the hilly landscape, idled a red and blue semi-truck. It seemed to watch the pair of friends for a moment before letting out an oddly sentient sigh-like exhale of contentment before pulling away from the view and returning home.

There was an end to this war in sight. One only needed to look to the youngest of this tragic drama to see it.

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