Today was a beautiful day for Newleaf. A great time for Shadowclan. They did not suffer much fighting with other clans, and kept a considerable distance from them unless taunted enough on patrols to start a little skirmish. Less sick cats for Littlecloud and Flametail to treat if anything made the medicine cats feel as if today was very special. The sunlight melted most of the snow already, awakening hibernating and urging prey to frolic for food while the cats stood by to take their life away. Yes, it was peaceful...


The tortoise-shell she-cat looked up from the rat she was sharing with Rowanclaw.

Russetfur waved her over with her tail. "Hunting patrol."

Tawnypelt nodded. She gave her mate a lick between the ears and bounded off to follow Russetfur, Crowfrost and Tigerheart through Shadowclan's territory.

"I'm so happy the snow's melted!" Tigerheart exclaimed happily as he padded through the trees.

Crowfrost nodded. "I was getting sick and tired of freezing snow."

The patrol wound their way past a row of pines and spread out to hunt. Tawnypelt with Russetfur and Crowfrost with Tigerheart.

The tortoise-shell spotted a frog just above a small marsh. She lowered her body to the ground and padded close to the prey, eyes and ears to the piece of flesh before her. She powered her hind-legs behind her, ready to take the plunge.

A rustle of ferns startled the small amphibian. It sprang from it's lily pod and disappeared in the watery marsh. Tawnypelt hissed in fury and turned to the ferns.

"Who's out there?" she drank in the scent and frowned. It was a cat. But not of any clan cat she could detect...

Possibly a Rouge or Loner.

Tawnypelt bared her fangs. "Come out now, or I'll make you!"

"Stop your blubbering!" the voice mewed from the other side of the ferns. "I'll be out in a sec! I just have to get this... stupid..."

The ferns parted to reveal a short black tom. He was pulling out what appeared to be an unconscious fox.

Tawnypelt's eyes widened. She yowled, signaling the others of danger. In no time flat she was surrounded by her clan mates as they reappeared. Russetfur assessed the situation and immediately ordered her clan cats to back up.

The dark ginger she-cat turned to the small black tom as it continued to drag the fox across the small clearing. "What in Starclan's name do you think you're doing?" Russetfur demanded.

The small black cat paused. He turned to her with a mockery look in his gaze. It was then Russetfur noticed he had spiky fur between his ears sticking up in various places. "What does it look like I'm doing, you idiot? I'm trying to drag this meal to a place where I can find a fire." He paused, then looked back at the deputy. "You wouldn't happen to have fire with you by any chance, would you?"

"What?" Tawnypelt blinked. "Why in the world would you want a fire, or even think we'd have that?"

"The point is," Russetfur growled, silencing her clan mate. "You're on Shadowclan territory. And you'd better stop dragging that fox or it'll wake up!"

Crowfrost frowned. "Did he say meal?" he murmured to Tigerheart.

The black cat stopped dragging the fox. "Don't worry about this," he mewed, flicking his tail over the creature's body. "It's dead. And about being in your territory..." he looked around. "I don't really care."

Russetfur growled. Crowfrost and Tigerheart bared their teeth and Tawnypelt slid out her claws.

The black cat smirked. "Oh look; I seemed to have touched a nerve, did I?"

With a yowl Russetfur charged at the cocky tom, her warriors trailing behind her.

At a couple of mouse-lengths away, the smirking tom disappeared."Wha-" The Shadowclan deputy stopped in her tracks beside the fox's body and wheeled around.

"Where'd he go?" she demanded, looking from side to side.

"Certainly not above your head, that's for sure," called a voice from above. They all looked up.

Dangling from a branch above a pine, as if he were merely resting was the black tom.

Russetfur growled. "Coward!"

The black tom mewed "Sure. Whatever." He leaped from the branch and landed between the four cats. "Now, let's see..."

Tawnypelt didn't know what happened after that. One second he was standing between them, the next she was on the ground out of breathe with bruises all over her body.

"Pheh. That was boring," the black tom growled.

Tawnypelt raised her aching head to find the black tom had padded away from the fallen Warriors to continue to drag the fox away.

"What did you..." Russetfur was trying to climb back on her paws, but Tawnypelt could see that she was having trouble. Her nose was bloodied and her fur was in clumps.

What about Tigerheart and Crowfrost?

She looked around to find that they were on the ground. There was a rise and fall of flanks. Thank Starclan they were alive, but only unconscious. Just what did that tom do to them?

He didn't even bother to look around at Russetfur and she climbed to her paws. "Stay down if you know what's good for you," he warned.

"Do you think I'll allow a mere Rouge to tell me what to do?" Russetfur growled, struggling to unsheathe her claws.

The black tom shrugged. "Fine. Have it your way." He raised one paw off the ground to point at Russetfur. Then, he did something Tawnypelt had never seen before.

Light began to gather between his paw. She had no idea where it was coming from, but it was making a circle of light around his out-stretched arm. Electricity crackled around it,singeing the air of it's sharp burnt taste.

Russetfur's eyes widened.

The black tom grinned. The ball of light glowed a fierce blue as he sat on his haunches.

"Big Ban-"


Everyone looked around (or, at least those that were conscious) to find another black tom bound out from a clump of ferns. This one was much taller than the one they were facing, with messy piles of fur plastered on his head. He assessed the situation before him. Five cats. Two unconscious, one barely conscious, one struggling to stay on her paws, and a black cat pointing a light-filled paw at Russetfur.

The tall cat's eyes widened. "Vegeta, what are you doing?"

The small cat known as "Vegeta" scoffed. "What does it look like I'm doing, Kakarot? I'm getting rid of wasted life."

"Vegeta, no," Kakarot scolded. "You can't just blow up everything that you see."

"But they tried to take me on," Vegeta argued. "The least I can do is end their life in pride."

"But it's not fair to them. They had no idea what you could do," the tall tom pointed out.

Vegeta snorted, but lowered his paw, which was already diminishing the light. "Fine."

"Sorry about that," Kakarot mewed, padding over to the barely standing Russetfur. "Vegeta can be a bit of a push over when he wants to be." He extended a paw.

"I'm Goku. Pleased to meet you."