I wrote this awhile back imagining what it would be like to have another girl following in the famous Jacky Faber's footsteps. Hope you enjoy it. Please review let me know what you think :)

"Name!" "O'Malley. Jacky O'Malley, Sir." There's whispering. "It's a girl, sir." The man standing leaned down and whispered to the man sitting. The man glared up at him. "I can very well see that Mister Robinson." He growled. Robinson stood back up and looked straight ahead. "Yes Captain." He said. The Captain turned his attention back to Jacky. "No girls aboard my ship." The Captain said shortly. "Next!" Jacky didn't move. "What about the famous Jacky Faber? She was allowed on a ship." Jacky questioned taking a step forward.

The Captain glared at Jacky. She was short, but her muscles toned. Her golden blonde hair was cut short to her shoulders, which she tied back in two pigtails with ribbon. She had crystal blue eyes that reminded him of the sea. The look in her eyes now reminded him of someone. She held his gaze and refused to back down. The Captain sighed, "I knew that Jacky Faber would cause more trouble still." He mumbled. "Jacky Fletcher now Sir." Robinson said with a sneer. The Captain nodded a smile warming his face. "Aye that she be. The lass finally settlin' down wit' the mate Jaimy. Ha even after declare she be single her life. Ha. Yes the famous Jacky Faber was allowed on any ship. Still is if she ever so chose. But you. I'll have to be swayed." The Captain said his green eyes sparkling. "But Captain!" Robinson exclaimed. The Captain shot him a look. "A test for you Miss O'Malley. Then we shall see." The Captain announced.

A small group gathered at the bottom of the main mast. Jacky looked all the way up tilting her head back to see the top. She took a side-glance at the Captain and Robinson they were both smirking. "Alright might as well give them a show." Jacky thought to herself. "Now Miss O'Malley you will race all my ship boys up the main mast tough the top and be the first one down. Do you understand?" The Captain instructed pointing to the main mast as if it weren't obvious what he was talking about. Jacky nodded her eyes wide with fear and knees shaking. All the while trying to hide a smile. "Let's see how well she does." Robinson whispered. Jacky made her way closer to the mast. "She wont make it ten feet." A seaman snickered from where he watched. "We have to race a girl?" One of the ship boys asked disgusted. "Should be easy then, Georgie." Another boy replied with a smirk. Jacky couldn't help but smirk. "Not as easy as you think boys."

"On my whistle then." The Captain announced. "Ready. Set." Shriek! Jacky jumped up into the rigging. Her feet were the first to leave the ship's deck. She climbed up the mast well ahead of all the boys. As she started to climb down she passed the boys. They stopped and stared at her with wide eyes. The boy who had said it would be easy recovered first. He frowned and gave Jacky a fierce look and started climbing faster. Jacky smiled back and continued down. When her feet hit the deck with a soft thud she looked up with a smile. The seamen around her looked astonished some even had their mouths open. Jacky heard another thud behind her. A little after several more. All were down from the rigging. Robinson frowned. The Captain's brow furrowed clearly it had not gone as planned.

"Well Miss O'Malley that was quite an impressive show." The Captain said. Jacky smiled. "Thank you Captain." Jacky said proudly. She knew everyone was looking at her. She liked it though. She enjoyed being the center of attention. She stood up a little straighter. The Captain saw her stand up straighter still smiling clearly enjoying being in the spot light. It reminded him of someone. He couldn't put his finger on it though. "Captain what are you going to do?" Robinson asked. The Captain shook his head. "Another test Robinson." The Captain said. He turned to Jacky. "Miss O'Malley by chance do you know how to load a cannon?" The Captain asked. Jacky resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "Do I ever Captain." She then went into describing the process. The Captain nodded an amused smile on his face. Robinson's frown grew. The small ship boy Georgie questioned the older boy what was meant at certain times. The boy just elbowed him to be quiet while he glared at Jacky. When she was done she smiled. "Is that correct Captain?" She asked. The Captain nodded.

"Jacky O'Malley ship boy." The Captain announced as he wrote it in his notebook. "Get Miss O'Malley a ship boy uniform and no calling her Miss until we are out at sea, if at all." The Captain informed his crew. Many grumbled and looked as if they would spit in Jacky's direction if they didn't have to clean the deck. "Jacky you will tend to me and run my errands." The Captain informed her. Jacky nodded and saluted. "Thank you Captain." She said. The Captain nodded. "Now go about. I must make ready to leave." The Captain said. Jacky nodded and ran off. She jumped up into the rigging. "Amazing. Never have I seen another so at ease and swift in the rigging. Especially a girl." Robinson said saying the last word in disgust. "Aye James. You have never seen the famous Jacky Faber. It be that there ease and swiftness that got her to lieutenant then later to be respected as Puss-In-Boots. That and of course her cunning charm and bloody wit. I wish that Jaimy Fletcher the luck with her." The Captain said. "Aye Captain but surely there were greater her being a girl and all." James said. The Captain shook his head sadly.

Jacky climbed back to the top of the main mast. She looked at the dock and the hustle and bustle of people getting the ship ready. They looked like tiny ants. Jacky raised her index finger and thumb up to her face close to her eye. She closed one eye and looked through her fingers. She looked down on deck where she spotted James Robinson standing by the Captain. "I squish ye head o Mis'er Robinson Sir." Jacky said. She lined up Robinson's head between her two fingers and closed her fingers together. She let out a little laugh. She looked around the ship again. She looked down below her and saw the older ship boy climbing up the rigging. Jacky lined up his head between her fingers and "squished" his head. She let out a squeal of laughter. She sat on the ropes connecting to the main mast and made herself comfortable.

The boy climbed up and sat on the ropes as well. Near Jacky but not next to her. He glared at her. Not liking her but certainly not hating her. Jacky kept quiet watching the boy wrinkle his forehead as he thought about whether to be friend or foe with her. He opened his mouth to speak then shut it again. Still not ready. Jacky rolled her eyes. "Might as well get it started instead of torturing the boy." She though to herself. "'Ello mate! Me name be Jacky O'Malley. Ship boy. 'Ho might ye be?" Jacky asked bubbly and smiling. The boy frowned. "Joseph Fox. Ship boy." Joseph answered. "Ye be the oldest ship boy Joey? And the most uneducated about the girls eh?" Jacky asked with a little laugh. Joey's face crinkled up as he squinted angrily at her. "Aye. I be the oldest. Tis why I be in charge o all the ship boys. And I be plenty educated about the girls." He said defensively. Jacky nodded. "Yea yea sure. Ye ever kiss one?" She asked. Joey's face turned to one of disgust. "Disgusting!" He exclaimed moving further away from Jacky. Jacky squealed with laughter. Joey frowned and glowered at her. When Jacky started to quiet down she had a big smile on. "Well now Joey. Seen as I be the most educated ship boy, I be believin' that I be in charge of you ship boys." Jacky said. Joey's eyes grew wide and it was his turn to laugh. Jacky leapt up and jumped at him. She punched him hard in the arm. "It's not funny you lousy piece o dirt." Jacky yelled at him but Joey kept laughing. "A girl in charge o us ship boys. O ye be a funny one." Joey said. A man climbed up to them. "We're getting ready to make sail you ship boys should head back to deck they'll be plenty of time for yers to be riggin' rats later." The man said. Jacky and Joey nodded. "Ladies first." Joey said mockingly for Jacky to climb down first. "Bloody boys." She mumbled under her breath, Joey climbed down after her. "Bloody girls."

"Prepare to make way!" Captain ordered. The ship was all bustling. The ship boys were all pressed against a rail in order to stay out of the way. They all looked out onto the dock and saw women and children waving. There were five ship boys including Jacky. Joey the oldest and Georgie the youngest. Two stood in the middle of the two. Jacky looked over at them. One was slightly shorter then Joey with sandy blonde hair. He was letting it grow and it was messy still not long enough to put into a ponytail. He didn't quite have the same muscles as Joey but he looked like he soon would. He was tan and had dark blue eyes. The boy next to him was a little smaller but with black hair that was messy far from being grown out. It was straight but sticking up everywhere in all directions. His eyes were a pale blue. He was very tan and had muscle but he had a little boys face. Georgie had short red hair and green eyes. Freckles speckled the bridge of his nose. He looked about him with wide eyes, taking in everything he saw. Jacky looked back at Joey now the closest to her although he left a space. He was the tallest even taller then Jacky. Joey's hair was longer then all the other boys, almost able to tie back in a ponytail. His warm brown eyes shown in the sunlight. He was the tannest of the bunch, and it wasn't just dirt although it looked like he was just dirty. Joey looked over and frowned. He rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. "Line up boys time to meet the new ship boy."

"Shepard, Miss. Georgie Shepard." Georgie said to Jacky with a big smile. Jacky couldn't help but smile back. "How old might ye be Georgie?" Jacky asked. "O I be the youngest Miss. I only being six and all." Georgie said. Joey nodded and signaled him back in line. "Quiet Georgie on the Miss stuff." Joey warned. Georgie nodded. The boy with the black hair stepped forward now. "Harper. Harry Harper." The boy smiled. Jacky nodded. "I being ten, Jacky." Harry added. Jacky smiled nodding. Harry wanted to be polite and not upset Joey so he used her name and bowed his head slightly. Jacky bowed her head back slightly. Joey sneered and pushed Harry back softly. The sandy blonde stepped up next. "McKlean. Jason McKlean your ladyship." Jason said with a mock bow. Jacky wrinkled her nose at him. "He's gonna be trouble." She thought to herself. "How old ye be ye puny snob?" Jacky asked. Jason snorted a laugh. "Puny? Ye be the puny one. I'm thirteen so be not smart with me." Jason warned. He stood up straight and was just slightly taller then Jacky. Joey smirked seeing Jason stand up to Jacky. "Hog! I be thirteen too. May I be puny but I recall beatin' ye up and back the main mast." Jacky said with a wicked smile. Jason frowned. He took a step back into line. Joey now stepped in front of Jacky. "Fox. Joseph Fox. Thirteen leader o the ship boys. And I believe that mean you." Joey said with a smirk. Jacky frowned. "Jacky O'Malley. Thirteen. Ship boy." Jacky said. Everyone nodded. "Now that we all knows each other lets go get some grub." Joey instructed then started leading the group below deck.