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"Jack nice job today." The Captain complimented. Jessy smiled. "Thank you Captain." She replied. "Aye. I'd hate te be the pirate that crosses yer path." He said with a smile. Jessy smiled nervously. He handed her a note. "Jack. I need you to give this to the helmsman. That's the guy steering. Never mind I'm sure you know right well who it is." He said then handed her another note. "And this one to Mister Robinson." The Captain ordered. Jessy saluted. "Yes sir Captain." She replied. "The return back here." He finished. "Yes Sir!" Jessy said. The Captain laughed and nudged Jessy to the door. "Silly girl. Go git!" He said laughing.

"Mister Simmons. Message from the Captain sir!" Jessy said saluting to the helmsman. Simmons smiled. "'Ey there Jack-A-Roe. No need te be salutin' me Miss Jacky." He said with a smile. Jessy nodded and smiled back. "Hey Jacky ye mind steerin the ship while I read this 'ere note?" He asked. Jessy looked at him with pure excitement. "Yes sir!" She replied. "Come here. Now put yer hand on this peg and this peg. Very good now hold it there. Very good." He instructed then turned to read the note. Jessy couldn't see over the wheel but she beamed with pride at the fact that she was steering the ship. She had her head up, back straight, and a bright smile. When Simmons was done reading the note he let out a low whistle. "Three days eh? The Captain brief it wit' ye?" He asked. Jessy nodded. "Alright. Well ye keep a fightin like ye do and ye'll cut down any pirate in yer way." He complimented. Jessy smiled and thanked him. "Thanks fer steering Miss Jacky. Ye better run along and finish deliverin yer notes." He said taking back the wheel. Jessy started to leave the helmsman when Simmons called back to her. "Miss Jacky. Call me Justin." Jessy smiled and nodded then headed off.

"Come in." A gruff voice answered Jessy's knock at the door. Jessy stepped in and saluted. When Mister Robinson saw it was Jessy he frowned. "Mister Robinson, note from the Captain, Sir." Jessy said. Robinson rolled his eyes. Jessy stepped forward and handed him the note. His eyes flew across the page. "So three days until we catch those bloody pirates. He wants me to order full ship training. Alright." Jessy wasn't sure if he was talking to himself or asking her. "Sir?" She asked. Robinson looked up. "Not you Miss O'Malley. Here give this note to the Captain. At the third whistle you're to report to the deck with the Captain and me. You're too small to help with anything with the cannons." Robinson said. Jessy tried not to frown. She saluted. "Yes Sir Mister Robinson Sir."

Jessy came into the Captain's cabin frown on her face and arms crossed. The Captain raised an eyebrow in question. "Yes Miss O'Malley?" He asked. Jessy looked up at him and handed him the note. "I'm no use to you. Mister Robinson says that I am too small to help with the cannons in fight." Jessy informed him. The Captain nodded. "So I see. But that means that you will be with me on the deck. You'll even be supplied a sword to protect yourself with." The Captian explained trying to cheer Jessy up. It didn't work. "I be the fastest in the riggin. I can climb across the masts usin me arms. I be strong why can't I be a powder monkey?" Jessy argued. The Captain realized there was no argueing with her. She reminded him so much of someone. "Jus because I be a girl and small doesn't mean I should be kept out of the way! I be a deserving jus as anyone else te be about on deck fightin wit me men. I be a fightin wall as anyone. I dare anyone te challenge me and I be callin him a bloody idjut…" "Jacky Faber that's enough!" The Captain ordered loudly. Jessy stopped short and stared wide eyed at the Captain. He seemed a little taken aback as well. Then a satisfied smile came across his face. "So that's who you remind me of." He said aloud more to himself then to Jessy.

"Now Miss Faber…I mean O'Malley. You will be on the deck with me, sword in hand, because I ordered it so." The Captain said. Jessy stared at him. "You'll be on deck because you're as willing as any to protect me. Now anymore complaints?" He asked. Jessy shook her head. "Very well. Now take this with you to Greg and be ready for the drill." The Captain ordered handing Jessy a note. "Yes Sir Captain." She said meekly and saluted.

"Where are you going Jessy?" Padriac asked. "On a mission." Jessy replied skipping along. Padriac caught up next to her. "What kind of mission?" He asked. Jessy gave him a sly smile. "A top secret mission." She replied. Padriac raised an eyebrow. "You're just delivering a message from the Captain aren't you." He guessed. Jessy frowned. He laughed. "Mister Higgins message from the Captain sir." Jessy called through the door of the smith shop. She waited a moment then called him again a little louder. Still no answer. "Hey Greg! Get yer arse over 'ere!" Padriac yelled. A few moments later Greg appeared at the door with a smile. "What's up Pady?" He asked.

"Ah so I'm supposed te supply the ship wit swords fer a three o'clock drill." Greg said. Jessy nodded and put out her hand. Greg raised an eyebrow. "Says here I'm not te give ye a sword till the three clock whistle." Greg said pointing to the note. Then the whistle blew. Padriac extended his hand now. Jessy raised an eyebrow. Greg just rolled his eyes. "Very well. Padriac yer sword freshly sharpened." Greg said handing Padriac a broad sword that he held with two hands and chopped at the air. "Thanks Greg." He said heading off towards his position for drills. "And for you Miss O'Malley." Greg said handing Jessy a sword. Jessy frowned it was less shiney and less sharp by far. Greg laughed at her reaction. "Captain has te order ye a new sword. Sorry Jack. I can't give ye a nice new sword. Now scat! I gots te get the other men ready." Greg said shoeing her away.