"Honestly, what else could go wrong?" Eric Northman grumbled as he slammed the door to his office in Fangtasia. Stressed didn't even begin to cover what he was feeling. The situation in Dallas was getting more intense by the minute, two more of his dancers had "accidentally" killed three humans in one night and to put the fucking cherry on top, Pam had cut him off. Him! She was denying him any sexual pleasure. "Bitch," he growled just thinking about in. He tried to relax, leaning back in his chair, hands folded behind his head; he began spinning in his chair. On the third go around he slowed down, catching sight of his own reflection in the floor length mirror on the back of his door. Just looking at himself was causing Eric's body to hum with pent up adrenaline. He dragged his nails down the sides of his body over his black button down shirt and slid his hands over his tight black pants, kneading and massaging his thighs.

"Oh yeah, that's it." Eric let out a deep moan of satisfaction as he popped open the button on his trousers, sending a shiver of relief through his body. Eric slipped his hand inside his pants, happy that he opted out of wearing underwear and began to stroke himself. Upon immediate contact with his member his thousand year old fangs came out to play. Eric had no time for teasing tonight, he wanted his release and he wanted it now. He pulled his cock completely out and began to make a complete spectacle of stroking himself. His hand pumped up and down with blinding speed with just enough of a twist at the tip to make himself squirm, the entire time his eyes never left his reflection. He ran his free hand trough his new short blonde locks and nearly came from the feeling. He had always had a hair kink but doing it to himself was something else entirely.

"Fuuuck," Eric dragged the word out as he thumbed at the thick vein on the underside of his penis. Eric looked at himself a final time in the mirror, a light sheen of sweat forming and a line of blood trailing from the corner of his mouth from where he had bitten his lip. The sight alone was enough to make him come undone. He pumped harder and faster, moaning loud enough for the entire club to here.

"Fuck!" Eric let out a primal growl as his orgasm rocketed through him, causing him to shoot part of his load onto his reflection in the mirror.

"Perfect.' Eric leaned back in his chair, completely satisfied and feeling much less stressed when the door to his office opened.

"Egentligen? I medel I visste att du var högmodig men är påfallande den egentligen nödvändiga narcissismen?" Pam spoke to her maker in his native language.

Eric looked her up and down before replying, "Yes,' with a laugh, starting to stroke himself for a round two, hopefully with his child.

Translation of Pam's line: "Really? I knew you were conceited but is blatant narcissism really necessary?"