Sorry that this took so long, but RL sometimes sneaks in a plans change. I also wanted to make this as good as possible. And it is my sincere hope that I didn´t disappoint. I won´t keep you with alot of boring prelemonaries... So without further ado, let´s let the journey continue and I´ll see you guys at the End!


Chapter 7

I Am Ready For Love

I have never felt so much pain and desolation in my life.

This has got to be a bad dream I´m having.

Why can´t I wake the fuck up!

Why won´t this constant burning in my chest go away.

This is worse than when Charlie and Renee told us they were getting a divorce.

Is this how Charlie felt- when he watched Renee and I walk out the front door.

It´s odd though, I feel like I´m looking through a kaleidoscope- all the colors keep moving and jumbling together.

I´m running on auto-pilot.

Almost as if it knows the way, the cars sort of drives itself home.

I almost feel sorry for Edward, surely Emmett is gonna kick his ass.

Hmmm.. Almost.. then again... you know what they say... ´Almost Doesn´t Count´...

I pull in the driveway and I can´t wait to bolt from the car. Always two steps ahead of me. Alice blocks the stairs.

Have I mentioned how much I hate this annoying little pixie...

¨Alice get the fuck outta my way.¨ I growl.

I´m on a mission to seek and destroy.

¨Bella no! Don´t do this. Give Edward a chance to explain. You bolted so fast. I just can´t believe he would intentionally hurt you like that.¨ Leave it to Alice to see a rainbow in the midst of this fucking shit storm.

I just couldn´t find it in me to be as optimistic.

¨Alice move! I need to clean my room. I can´t bear to look at all that... that... that stuff, knowing what it was supposed to mean for us tonight. I was ready to give him all of me and for what.¨ I spat.

I threw myself on the sofa, clearly I had lost all will to fight.

I just didn´t have it in me to go up against the pixie.

Just then my phone began to ring.

Baby boi you stay on my mind fulfill my fantasies... I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams... baby boi not a day goes by without my fantasies...I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams...

All I do now... is cry harder.

I have no idea where Alice has disappeared to, hopefully she´s getting rid of the evidence. I feel like I´ve just come back from a funeral and I´m faced with removing my loved ones belonging. I guess in a way I have come back from a funeral. Seeing how the dance marked the death of Edward and I´s relationship.

The phone keeps up the relentless ringing.

Call me a masochist, but if it´s ringing then at least he´s looking for me and not still sucking face with her.

I hope...

Alice´s phone starts to ring, when I don´t answer mine. That´s when realization hits, he probably just wants his fucking car.

Life´s a bitch...To bad I didn´t die...

And if I had to give you more it's only been a year.. Now I got my foot through the door and I ain´t goin nowhere.. It took awhile to get me in and I'm gonna take my time.. Don't fight that good shit in your ear now let me blow ya mind...

I chuckle morosely on the inside. Alice´s ring tone is Eve featuring Gwen Stefani. My little pixie is a gangsta bitch at heart.

¨Yeah she´s not good.. pause... What the fuck did you expect her to do!¨ Ali screamed, clearly taking my side over that of her twin brother´s.

¨What the fuck! Pause... Oh no Edward! That bitch is mine. I can´t believe she fucking did that... pause... Yeah okay, I´ll be there in a sec.¨ Alice hung up the phone with a fucking scary look marring her features. That could only mean one thing. Someone was about to feel the wrath of the killer pixie.

Well Gizmo... Looks like Stripe wants to come out and play... Sucks to be them... Whoever they may be...

¨Alice go ahead and go. I´m sorry I yelled at you. We can pick or friends, but to bad we can´t pick our family. I promise not to hold it against you.¨ I grab her in a tight hug to solidify my words. After all, it wasn´t her fault her brother was playing tonsil hockey with the town slut.

¨Bells, I really hate to leave you alone, but I´ve gotta get Edward back his car. I promise we´ll be right back. I´ll just be gone long enough to round everybody up,¨ she promised.

Now I was feeling even more like shit. Alice had her party and a house free of adult supervision. There was no reason why everyone had to be miserable. Just because I had been royally fucked- without lube- didn´t mean I wanted to ruin everybody´s weekend.

¨No Ali, that´s okay. I´m gonna be fine, besides you have the party and plans with Jazz. I´m just gonna pig out on some ice cream and champagne... then go to bed.¨ I hoped I sounded convincing.

I never was any good at lying...

¨Bella are you insane. I am not about to just leave you here and go off and party. What kinda best friend do you think I am?¨ She asked, clearly hurt by my assumption.

¨I´m sorry Alice. I didn´t mean to insinuate that you didn´t care. I just couldn´t stand it if I ruin your weekend, with my wallowing in self-pity. That´s all I meant, if you wanna come back, feel free. I´m just gonna.. I mean... I´m gonna..¨ I couldn´t even finish my sentence, because once again the damn broke and my eyes were flooded with tears.

¨Oh Bella! I´m so..¨ Alice´s phone ringing again, interrupted what she was about to say.

¨It´s okay Ali, really go ahead, before he blows a gasket.¨ I pulled the blanket from the back of the couch and cried for the loss of my one and only true love.

Clearly torn as to what she should do, Alice slumped her shoulders in defeat and headed toward the door. She stopped to take one last look at me before heading back to the school.

It broke my heart all over again to see the pain in my best friends eyes. This would ultimately hurt all of us, because when one hurt... we all hurt.

With my knees pulled tight to my chest doing my best to hold myself together, I pulled the blanket over my head and cried.

I mean I really cried.

I had a snot slinging, chest heaving, soul searing, gut wrenching cry.

And when I thought there were no more tears... I cried some more.

I lay there trembling for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was only minutes. It´s funny how when something good is happening time seems to fly, but pain is like a festering sore. It eats away slowly, leaving dead rotting flesh in its place.

Like I said, I felt like I´d been wailing for hours and my head was now killing me.

I need Excedrin... It´s the headache medicine...

When I heard the front door open and close I didn´t bother to come out of my cocoon. I just figured Alice brought Rose by to give me a good tongue lashing about not fighting for my man.

That shit wasn´t me though.

With my girls by my side I could talk a good game and with Edward I could take on the world.

But just like Sampson lost his strength when Delilah cut his hair, without Edward my strength was gone. He was the chink in my armor- my secret weapon.

Hell he was what made me Like Mike.

Without Edward I was nothing.

I felt the couch cushion shift with the added weight.

¨Go away Ali. I told you don´t cancel your party for me.¨ I sniffed.

The last voice I expected to hear spoke softly, ¨Babe... I´m so fucking sorry. Please baby look at me.¨

His velvety voice resonated throughout my very soul. That voice was once the balm that soothed my aching heart.

Now it just grated on my last nerve.

Just knowing he was this close to me made me want to vomit. A tidal wave of nausea hit me and I jumped - not so gracefully- to my feet and ran to the kitchen. Knowing I would never make it to the bathroom in time.

Lost in my haze of puking, it took me a minute to realize that Edward was holding my hair and rubbing back.

How dare he fucking touch me...

¨Don´t you fucking touch me!¨ I spat with all the venom I could muster. ¨Why are you even fucking here. Get out of my house! Now!¨ I was seething.

I couldn´t believe he would come here.

Hadn´t he hurt me enough.

Why had he come?

Did he want to rub it in?

Was that bitch out waiting in the car for him?

No... he wouldn´t do that.

He wouldn´t... Would he...

I don´t know. I just don´t fucking know. If you would´ve asked me two hours ago, did Edward love me. I would have bet might right kidney that the answer was one hundred percent without a doubt yes.

Now... I don´t even know who this person is.

Edward interrupted my internal debate, ¨Babe listen to me, it´s not what you think. I can´t believe you just left like that. Don´t you know how much you mean to me.¨ His eyes pleading with me to listen.

I had to look away, his eyes... his beautiful green eyes were so sincere that it hurt to look into them.

Emmett.. I needed Emmett... I needed my Papa Bear... He would make it go away. Emmie bear always made the bad stuff go away...

¨You´ve got two motherfucking seconds to leave or I´m calling Emmett over here to kick your ass. He´s probably looking for you right now. I suggest you leave and get a good head start.¨ I was clearly grasping for straws here.

Why hadn´t Emmett beaten him up already... Didn´t he see what happened...

¨Babe, Em´s at...¨

¨Don´t fucking call me that!¨ I cut him off from speaking. ¨You lost that right when I caught you shoving your tongue down Tanya fucking Denali´s throat.¨

By this time I was fucking livid.

Where the fuck was my goddamn brother and why wasn´t he making this shit go away...

Was boning Rosalie that important. I refuse to believe that. He never chose her over me before. Why would he do it now. Now... when I needed him, like I've never needed him before.

Arghhh... fuck my life...

I stormed out of kitchen in search of my phone. I needed answers, like yesterday. Edward followed behind me, continuing to plead his case.

¨Bella listen to me. It´s not what you think. She fucking attacked me. I didn´t fucking kiss her! You´ve got to believe me!¨ He begged.

¨Why should I believe you Edward! Give me one reason why I should believe the bullshit that´s spewing from you mouth.¨ I challenged.

¨I´ll give you two good reasons. The most important being, have I ever fucking lied to you? Huh? Tell me Bella, name me one fucking time. Second, do you honestly think I would be here and not ICU if Emmett thought for one second that I had hurt you. Call him Bella! Call your fucking brother and ask him what happened. Since it´s obvious that you don´t believe me.¨ Edward was yelling and pacing, all the while pulling at his fucking hair like it was burning his scalp.

As much as I hated to say it, he did have a point, he´d never lied to me before.

What the fuck do I do now... This is so fucking confusing...

On cue, as if the relationship gods were giving Edward and I some sort of reprieve. Edward´s cell began to ring, with Emmett´s familiar ring tone. Placing the phone on speaker, Edward answered.

¨E man, how´s my Small Fry? Is everything okay?¨ Em´s loud voice came over the speaker. The worry and concern was evident in his tone.

¨Papa Bear,¨I wailed. ¨Papa Bear come home. I need you. I need you to kiss it and make it go away Emmie.¨ I cried.

Hearing my brother´s voice brought out the little girl in me. The little girl who not so many years ago cried because her parent´s marriage was over. I needed him now, like I needed him then. To be my constant, my rock, my one sure thing I could always count on. Because Edward could no longer be those things for me. I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep in the security of my big brother´s arms.

I´d never had to pull the baby sister card... but tonight fuck it... I needed him more than Rose did...

¨Listen Sissy, it´s not what you think. Give E a chance to explain what happened.¨ Em pleaded with sincerity.

¨What! I can´t believe your doing this to me Em! I thought you couldn´t turn it off! Where´s that overprotective jackass from earlier?¨ I screamed into the air.

It would be a cold day in hell, before Emmett took Edward´s side over mine...

¨Sissy, do you honestly think I would´ve let him continue breathing if he'd hurt you. It was all that skanks fault.¨ He explained.

Well fuck me... Guess the Devil installed an AC unit...because clearly this is Emmett agreeing with Edward over what my perfect 20/20 vision eyes had seen...

Or what had they seen... fucking eyes... arrrghhhhh...what the fuck now...,.

¨Please Sissy, for me... just hear him out. He deserves a chance to explain.¨ I could no longer doubt the fact that I didn´t have the entire story. My brother´s voice oozed sincerity. Something wasn´t right here and maybe for once my stubborn ass should just listen.

Em made a valid point. He´s been all caveman all afternoon without just cause, so if he didn´t break Edward in two, there must be a good reason. Besides I have the utmost faith in my girls. If things were as they seemed, they wouldn´t hesitate to be here with me.

Helping me kick Edward´s ass.

Brother be damned, it would be on and poppin´.

¨Okay Em, for you and only you I´ll listen, but I´m still mad though.¨ I pouted in defeat. I wanted the make it clear, I would only listen because Em asked me to.

He let out small chuckle, grateful that maybe he´s found the calm in the storm.

¨I wouldn´t have it any other way B. Now can you two love sick fools make-up already and get over here to the party.¨ Leave it Em- always quick to move on and not dwell on the bad.

¨I don´t know Emmie. I mean it may not have been anything to that kiss, but I´m not sure I wanna face anyone from Forks High tonight. I think I´m gonna talk to Edward and then go to bed. I´ll send him on when we´re done.¨ I promised.

¨Hey Em,¨ Edward called.

¨Yeah E wassup?¨

¨Thanks for having my back man. It means a lot.¨ Edward´s voice was thick with emotion.

¨No prob man, that´s what family´s for. We gotta stick together. I trust you dude. I know tonight you did not try to intentionally hurt my sissy. Don´t worry about it though, my baby and Ali took real good care of that bitch.¨ Emmett stated clearly amused with himself.

¨Well I wanna hear all about it later. Right now I´ve got some lost time to recoup with my girl. Later man.¨ Edward responded, with a very hopeful expression.

Pfft... In your dreams brotha... then again... I wouldn't be opposed to him giving my nether regions a proper apology... no sense in all of us going without... ya feel me...

¨Holla,¨ Em responded just before the line went dead.

We just stood there... staring.

Not touching...

Not moving...

Just staring...

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Nobody wanting to go first and acknowledge the big pink ass elephant in the room.

How the hell do we fix this... How do we just move past what´s happened...

¨We start by talking about what happened or better yet, you allowing me to explain what really happened.¨ Edward responded. His expression looking hopeful.

¨Oh shit! Did I just say that out loud. I swear I´m losing my mind.¨

Hmmm...I think I may need a bit more champagne...

Taking Edward by the hand I lead him to the sofa.

¨Alright Cullen.. sit." I ordered gesturing to the couch. "Explain to me how it came about that you ended up swapping spit with Fork´s finest?¨ I tried to lighten the mood, although it was anything but.

By the time Edward finished explaining to me what happened, let´s just say I was a little more than pissed. I wanted to skin that bitch alive. Where did she get off, forcing herself on my man like that. I just hate I missed Edward pushing her flat on her ass, the moment she tried to virtually rape him on the dance floor.

¨Let me get this straight you pushed her in front of the entire Forks high school junior and senior class?¨ I asked just to be sure.

Edward would never hit a lady- and since Tanya didn´t fit into that category- I was extremely proud of him.

¨Before she had a chance to get up, Rose was dragging her across the floor by her hair. I really hate that you missed that babe.¨ Edward added, peeking at me through his lashes. I could tell he was still a bit wary of my reaction.

¨No fucking way. Go Rosie! My girl´s always got my back.¨ I chanted, fist pumping in the air. ¨To bad Ali didn´t get a crack at her too.¨ I mused.

"Oh yes she did," he corrected. "When Alice brought me my car, she walked right up to Tanya and slapped the shit out of her. Then she proceeded to tell her that if she so much as breathes in our direction... she´d be sleeping with the fishes."

Okay so the pixie's gone mafia... hmmmm... does that include a custom made pair of cement shoes... I'd be willing to invest...

What... like you didn't think the same thing...

I could not believe what the fuck I was hearing. Where the fuck's Jerry Springer when you need him. As much as Tanya´s eminent demise warmed the cockles of my heart, she still kissed Edward. Just the thought of her filthy hands on him made my skin crawl.

Worrying my lip between my teeth, I was torn. I didn´t want what happened to ruin our night, but I wasn´t sure if I could go through with it now either.

Edward reached up and with his thumb gently pried my lip from my teeth.

¨Babe you do believe me don´t you. You know I would never touch another girl, least of all that diseased whore, Tanya. I swear I kept my mouth closed the entire five seconds it took for me to react. It was actually disgusting, like being licked by a dog. C´Mon baby, we promised no matter what, that we would not let her ruin our night. How about we take a look at that blue surprise you said you had for me.¨ Edward said seductively. Easing me into his embrace.

My head was spinning.

I couldn´t think straight.

Not with his hot breath fanning across my face and his lips so close.

So plump... so pink... so perfect...

Oh my god.

He´s moving closer.

God I think he´s going to kiss me.

"Nooooooooooo!" I yelled startling Edward, while throwing my hands up to cover my mouth.

Edward jumped back. ¨What is it Bella? What´s wrong? He asked panicking. ¨Are you still mad at me? I told you it wasn´t my fault.¨ He pleaded.

¨Aw hell Edward, it´s not that.¨ I really didn´t know how to say that I wanted him to boil his mouth in bleach before he kissed me again.

Okay... maybe just hot water and some toothpaste... Oh and mouthwash...

"Then what is it baby, tell me what´s wrong and I´ll fix it. I promise I´ll do anything.¨ Edward ´s face had a look of total desperation.

It broke my heart that we had to go through this. I just hope that this will only serve to make us stronger. After tonight, I never wanna feel this kind of pain again.

¨I have forgiven you Edward, as far as I´m concerned it´s over. I do have one tiny request though...¨ I blushed picking imaginary lint from the blanket, looking down unable to meet his eyes. Why was I so embarrassed by this. It's the least he could do since he'd all but let that Rottweiler lick him.

Stop it Bella! I scolded myself... It wasn't his fault...

Just grow a pair and tell him already...

Well he did say he would do anything to fix it... his words not mine...

¨Anything B, you know all you have to do is ask." He said tugging nervously at his hair.

Mmm... his hair... I wouldn't mind tugging at that myself... God after all that's happened tonight... I'm still fucking horny as hell...

Once again Edward has to bring me out of my inner ramblings. "Bella... Babe... Hellooooo... What is it you want me to do? He asked, his brow furrowing with worry.

I wonder if he would mind if I licked it a little... you know just to smooth it out a bit...

"What the hell... Focus Bella... If you don't stop zoning out, all we're gonna end up with is a straight jacket and a rubber room... now answer the man, so I can spend some quality time with little Eddie..." My nether regions scolded.

Even though my cooch was being a serious bitch... she did have a good point... no time like the present to pop a little cherry pie...

"Okay lover boy, here's the deal. You gotta brush, floss, rinse(at least three times), and exfoliate before you can kiss me and earn your surprise." There I said it. I made my demands and dammit I was sticking to them.

"Babe are you serious," he asked wide eyed.

|"Hell-to-the-yes... I am a serious as a heart attack. I don't know where that girls lips have been Edward. And I'm not taking any chances."I huffed folding my arms.

He could take it or leave it.

And if he knew like I knew... he would want to take...

Please let him take it... please let him take it...

I chanted over and over in my head.

"So what's it gonna be sweetie... the front door or the bedroom by way of the bathroom door?" I asked straddling his lap and grinding my hot wet sex over his crotch.

Nothing like a little incentive to evoke the correct response.

Edward just moaned while gripping my hips.

"I'll take that response to mean we'll be stopping by the bathroom on our way to the bedroom." I whispered in his ear, eliciting another delicious moan... that went straight to my girlie parts.

I wonder is it possible to dehydrate from an over amount of arousal dripping from ones pussy...

Hmmm... I'll have to google it...

Taking Edward's hand in mine, I led him upstairs, so we could freshen up a bit.

Just as we cleared the landing I was assaulted with the delicious smell of strawberries and cream. Looking down the hallway towards my room I could see the light from the candles flickering wildly, casting delicate shadows about the room.

Damn that psychic little pixie... she was so sure that I would forgive him...

Note to self: do something nice for Alice...

While Edward used my bathroom, I went to Em's to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I was done, I returned to look for Edward, but the bathroom was empty. That's when I heard the music coming from my room. The beautiful, silky and soulful voice of India Arie singing 'Ready For Love'.

I am ready for love
All of the joy and the pain
And all the time that it takes
Just to stay in your good grace

Lately I've been thinking
Maybe you're not ready for me
Maybe you think I need to learn maturity

They say watch what you ask for
Cause you might receive
But if you ask me tomorrow
I'll say the same thing

No longer filled with jitters and nervousness, I headed towards my room. Edward was sitting in my window seat looking like a beautiful angel. The soft glow of the candlelight illuminated his beautiful features. The sight literally took my breath away.

To think that my stubbornness and unwillingness to listen could have possibly ruined this perfect moment. Edward was just as much mine as I was his. We were two halves of a whole and never again would I let my pride get in the way of our relationship. Above all talk first react later.

Edward was the first one to break the comfortable silence we were in. " Hey you," his voice barely raised above a whisper, yielding to the quiet ambiance of the room.

"Hey yourself," my voice sounded a bit breathy with emotion.

"This is great Bellsie, but... I don't want you to feel any pressure. I can wait as long as you want." His eyes held nothing but love and the sincerity of his declaration. In that moment I knew I had made the right decision.

Easing the zipper down the side of my dress, I let it fall down into a puddle of fabric at my feet. Unsnapping the clips that held my hair, I shook my locks free as I slowly stalked over to my beautiful man.

Edward's eyes literally bulged out of his head, his mouth sat open gaping like a fish. My baby looks like he's about to have an aneurism.

This shit is doing wonders for my self-esteem.

I'm one sexy bitch...

With steady hands I began unbuttoning his shirt, while leaning in to whisper in his ear. His mouth is still hanging open with his apparent shock.

"Babe, if that magic tongue of yours dries out, I know exactly where you can get it wet again." I all but purred while sucking his earlobe into my mouth.

He swallowed loudly, his Adam's apple bobbing noticeably.

Okay... who are you and what and the hell have you done with Bella...My inner goddess questions..

"Do you like my little blue surprise?" I asked turning slowly and chewing on my bottom lip. I had to give it to Rose and Alice, this lace navy blue strapless bra and tiny, and I do mean- 'itsy-bitsy-teenie- weenie-smaller-than-that-fucking-polka-dot bikini'- tiny thong from Victoria's Secret was a good idea. I looked fucking good enough to eat.

Hmmm... I wonder if Edward's hungry...

I peeked back at Edward over my shoulder, using my hair to shield my face. All of a sudden his lack of verbal communication was making me shy and a bit uncertain.

Sensing my slight change in mood, Edward's arms were immediately around me, pulling me flush with his bare chest. The sudden skin to skin contact was making my pussy throb with need.

I am ready for love
Would you please lend me your ear?
I promise I won't complain
I just need you to acknowledge I am here

If you give me half a chance
I'll prove this to you
I will be patient, kind, faithful and true

To a man who loves music
A man who loves art
Respect's the spirit world
And thinks with his heart

"Bella, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Baby I can't believe how lucky I am to call you mine. I promise nothing or no one will ever come between us." His velvet voice was thick with emotion. "And just for the record... I fucking love your little blue surprise. Can't you tell how much." He said rubbing his very prominent erection against my ass.

Reaching back I stroked his length through his pants. He hissed through his teeth and thrust his hips forward, causing me to moan.

"Is there anything I can do to help you with that?" I asked unable to breath evenly. His lips were leaving open mouth kisses all along the back of my neck and shoulders.

"Nahh uhhh..." he mumbled shaking his head no at the same time. I shivered, my body was literally going into sensory overload.

"Baby," he breathed. "This is all about you tonight. I wanna please you. I wanna make love to you, because I feel it's the only way to show my gratitude for this most precious gift your giving me."

My heart nearly doubled in size at his words. Just when I think I can't love him anymore than I already do, he makes me love him that much more.

I am ready for love
If you'll take me in your hands
I will learn what you teach
And do the best that I can

I am ready for love
Here with an offering of

My voice

My Eyes

My soul

My mind

Tell me what is enough
To prove I am ready for love
I am ready for love...

As the music fades and soft sensual jazz now pours through the speakers, Edward slowly leads me to the bed.

My inner goddess sits up paying very close attention.

This is really happening... Edward and I are about to make love... There's no going back now... Not that I want to...

As we reach the side of the bed, Edward's velvety voice suddenly brings me out of my lust filled stupor.

"As much as I like this sexy as hell bra and this -fuck me sideways- excuse for a thong, I'm sure if I unwrap it, the best present is underneath." He breathed seductively, while rubbing circles painfully slow over my soaked thong clad pussy.

I couldn't help the shiver that ran through my body as he bit down on my shoulder. I had lost my ability to form a coherent response. My brain had completely shut down on me.

Fuck... I was ranked top five in my class... but tickle my nether regions and my IQ plummets to barely a five...

At this point who gives a flying fuck this shit feels other worldly...

The anticipation itself is threatening to make me cum all over Edward's hand...

Hmmmm... would that really be such a bad thing...

Next thing I know I'm in the middle of my bed, flat in my back dressed in only- my feeble attempt at underwear. I kid you not I don't remember loosing the bra. I open my eyes to see my beautiful Adonis as naked as the day he was born.

Damn, when did Edward take his clothes off? And where the hell was I?

Ladies and Gentleman... Elvis has left the fucking building...

I watched in wide eyed wonder as he lovingly trails down my body with soft feather like kisses. He's truly taking his time and worshiping me. I can't help but to writhe in anticipation of the next kiss.

"I love the way you taste here," he says while liking that little spot behind my ears. "And especially here," he continues his assault at the base of my neck and my collarbone.

I whimper in frustration. At this point I actually question my sanity, because he is literally driving me crazy.

"Edward... please..." I whimper unable to hide the need in my voice.

"Shhh... I promise to make it all better love." He breathed.

The next thing that happened shocked the hell out of me, and that's putting it mildly. A bolt of electricity shot through my entire body, as ran his tongue the entire length of my pussy.

"Fuckkkkk...!" I screamed. If it feels this good with my pussy still covered, I'm gonna need a heart defibrillator when he removes my thong.

One... two... three... Clear...

Can somebody call the ER and have them charge the paddles...

"God baby, you taste so fucking good." Edward hummed into my throbbing sex. And I do mean it was throbbing. My clit felt like it was from a cartoon. You know when Tom is chasing Jerry and that little fucker his his tail with a mousetrap or when Elmer Fudd hits his thumb with a hammer.

That bitch was screaming...

whaaaa...whaaaaaa...whaaaaaa... like a fucking neon blinking sign...

Raising up on my elbows I had to make an executive decision. Desperate times called for desperate fucking measures. It was either this or die of spontaneous combustion. So I squared my shoulders and cleared my throat gaining Edward's attention.

"Babe, this worshiping of my body is fucking awesome and I love you to death for doing it, but if you don't get this thong of of me and give me some type of relief. I'm going to kill you and then masturbate several times before I call the police to remove your mutilated body. Got it!" I barked in frustration.

Did his dick just twitch at my demand?

Hmmmm... Mistress Bella... Has a good ring to it...

"Fuck babe! I'm so fucking hard now." Edward said as he ripped my thong away, and dove into my pussy like he was at an all you can eat buffet.

Hey my pretty thong...

¨Shut it bitch!¨ the cooch snapped. ¨We can´t have it covered and let him eat too. I don´t know about your crazy ass, but I would much rather have his tongue in me, than that thong on me. Get over it already.

She sure is a bitch when she´s horny, but a bitch with a very valid point.

Lifting my legs over his shoulders, he none to gently alternated between sucking my clit and nipping it with his teeth. The sudden attack had me thrusting my hips in search of his magic tongue.

"Fuckkkk... ahhhh... yes... I... shit... Edwarddddd!" Okay I never professed to poetic and well versed, it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

My back immediately left the mattress, unable to keep still. Edward had to hold onto my hips to keep me from rising completely, and spinning above the mattress like the exorcist. Cause trust me, I was definitely possessed. A small part of me and I do mean a very small part(less that 5%), somewhere deep in my psyche felt like I was making his job harder, but the truth was He. Was. So. Damn. Good. at his job.

I mean damn good...

I'm mean fucking awesome, like he could be CEO of his own company or some shit.

Cunnilingus Inc... Naw forget that shit...I don´t share...

Not knowing what to do with myself, I turned to the familiar... his beautiful bronze locks.

Why do you think I didn't want him to cut short... Admit it you thought I was just being a controlling bitch... I know...

As I grabbed a hold secretly praying not to cause him to much pain. I could feel my impending orgasm, thanks to the brutal assault Edward was giving my poor defenseless pussy.

Trust me that kitty was not complaining...

Just when I thought this couldn't get any better, I felt first one finger then another at my entrance, sliding into to my hot wet center. I was beyond wet enough.

"Fuck Bella! Babe your so wet and tight. You feel so fucking good." Edward's words seem to reverberate off the walls of my very core.

He flicked his tongue against my clit causing my hips to buck involuntarily. Now all I could see was a shock of bronze hair moving between my legs. I wasn't going to last much longer, the coil in the pit of my stomach was tightening. I was actually afraid of falling off the edge, because of the intensity of my impending orgasm. My legs begin to tense, and my thighs came together in a vice like grip around Edward´s head.

Dear God I wonder if the boy can still breath...

My fingers tangled in his silky mane, holding where I needed him most.

"Edward," I moaned. "That f-f-f-feel s-s-so g-g-good. I'm gonna cum!" I stuttered.

The only response to my confession was a guttural moan and hum into my slit. He curled his fingers hitting my g-spot. I was wound so tight, I thought my release would never come, that it would just continue to taunt me from this precarious precipice on which I stood. That's when I felt it, the end was in sight. Edward bit down on my clit and it was my undoing, sending me spiraling into the abyss of complete ecstasy.

"Ahhhhhh...!" I screamed as lighting flashed and thunder rolled. It was kinda like late at night, you know when the TV channel goes off of the air until the next morning.

Yeah... That good...

Ya boy's got mad skills.

I came hard and for what seemed like an eternity, thrashing wildly unable to get my bearings. My hands fisted the sheets. I felt like a caged wild animal fighting to break free. Free of the hold that this beautiful man child had on me. It was too much and not enough all at the same time.

"God... I can't stop! Shit this feels so fucking good! Ahhhhh...!" I rambled on, as I floated somewhere between earth and sky. Edward continued sucking my clit and curling his fingers into my pussy, dragging out my release. He had given me many orgasms before, but this was completely off the Richter scale. It was definitely a 7.9 or above.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to get high...

I struggled to return to earth from my celestial trip into orbit, vaguely aware of my surroundings. My breath was coming in raged pants, oxygen burning away quickly leaving me a bit lightheaded.

"Babe," Edward called. His voice had an air of smugness to it.

Can you blame him... The boy deserves an Oscar... For eating the best pussy in a motion picture...

Hey... I'm just sayin'...

"Hmm..." I grunted, still unable to speak clearly.

I opened my eyes to see my green eyed Adonis smirking down at me, face glistening with evidence of my orgasm. That was by far the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I needed him. I needed him to be inside me, so we could finally be complete.

I needed him to make me whole.

Edward positioned himself between my legs, I could feel his erection pressing at my entrance. Arms feeling like jello, I mustered up enough strength to wrap them around his neck. When I touched my lips to his, it was like heaven. I ran my tongue along his lower lip tasting myself on him and requesting entrance. My tongue moved slowly against his, neither one of us battling for dominance. He tasted sensational. Me mixed with Edward made for a heady cocktail.

"You like tasting your sweet cum in my mouth," he asked with that sexy ass smirk in place.

"Hmm hmmm... It's so fucking hot," I responded getting lost in those mesmerizing green eyes. He was truly beautiful- both inside- and out. We just stared at each other for a moment, seeming to be lost in each others eyes.

Careful not to put too much of his weight on me, Edward supported himself on one elbow, while reaching up to brush a lock of hair form my face. Such a simple gesture, brought with it so much love. I was speechless.

Looking me directly in the eye, Edward asked,"Are you sure about this babe? I mean, watching your face as you come undone for me, is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. If you don't wanna go any further tonight, I understand. I'm happy just lying here holding you in my arms." He was absolutely perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better soul mate. Always so willing to put my needs before his own. He didn't have to tell me for me to know, he was suffering with a very painful erection.

"Edward I'm sure. I'm one hundred percent sure about us and even more so about us making love. Your all I want. Your all I will ever want. Please Edward, make love to me." I spoke with the utmost conviction, there wasn't any trace of doubt in my mind. This is what I wanted.

This is what I needed.

It´s was what we needed.

Leaning in to once more capture my lips with his, Edwards slow passionate kiss, once again ignited my internal fires. I was a wanton mess. I couldn't see, feel, or even hear anything that wasn't Edward.

He whispered softly in my ear. "Okay baby, I need you to relax. I'm gonna go slow, but if you can stay relaxed it won't be as bad." Edward suggested, while rubbing my already oversensitive clit.

Moving back on his heals Edward began to rub his erection between the folds of my extremely wet sex.

"Jesus baby, I can't believe how wet you are. I promise to go really slow. I just wish I didn't have to hurt you." The look on his face caused a lump of raw emotion to form in my throat. I immediately had to swallow back a sob.

Even though this is something he has wanted for months now, his only concern is how it will effect me. What did do to deserve this beautiful, compassionate, and caring creature.

"I know it's gonna hurt Edward, but I trust you with my whole heart. I know you'll be gentle. You could never hurt me intentionally. I'm ready love, we'll just take it slow." I reassured him, reaching up to rub soothing circles against his cheek. He seemed to relax minutely, while leaning into to my touch. Once again hovering over me, he rested forehead against mine.

"God Bella, it would kill me to know that I caused you more pain than necessary. You've got to promise me, that you'll tell me to stop if it gets to be too much.¨ He pleaded, while the piercing green of his eyes bore into mine. ¨Promise me Bella. I have to know I can count on you to stop me." He rasped. His shallow breathing showed the evidence of his restraint. I so wanted to take his pain away.

"Edward you won't hurt me. I'll be.."

"Stop it B," he cut me off before I had a chance to finish. "I need you to promise. It's the only thing that will give me piece of mind, so please for my sanity's sake, promise me you'll tell me." He begged.

How could I refuse this beautiful man anything. I would give him the very heart beating in my chest, if he asked me to.

I ran my hands slowly down his magnificent chest, until I reached his glorious cock. With a firm grip, I pumped him slowly. Up and down and up and down. He hissed and his cock twitched in my palm. I felt him automatically grow harder at my touch. I was literally reeling from the thought of just how much effect I had on him.

Looking in his eyes with all the conviction I could muster, I said the two words that would change both of our lives forever.

"I promise"

That was all it took. Edward began to slowly fill my entrance with the engorged head of his extremely large cock. Nipping at my neck, the onslaught of both the familiar and the unknown, began to cloud my mind.

I don't really know what I had expected, but what I got was a startling sensation shooting through my entire body. I could feel it from the very tips of my toes to the very ends of my hair- if that's at all possible.

I felt like I was being ripped apart in the worst way possible, but at the same time there was this indescribable pleasure, that was just outside of my reach. This fucking shit hurt. No scratch that, it burned like someone had poured fucking fire down my pussy. I felt like I was going insane, because as much as this shit hurt, and fuck if it didn´t hurt. I could somehow feel the absolute pleasure in it all, I just had to figure out how to balance the two sensations.

Holy fuck... that's gonna leave a mark...

Immediately my body went into self-preservation mode. Save self and fuck the rest. My body reflexively tensed, therefore making Edward's job ten times harder than it had to be.

I immediately shut my eyes praying the tears that were threatening wouldn´t betray me by falling. This is what I want. This is what we both want. No pain no gain right? I was completely overwrought with emotional overload.

My pussy said, Fuck that... We're officially closing this bitch down... Turning all dicks away at the door...

I couldn't be sure, but I think I spotted the cooch hanging an out of order sign.

"Bella are you OK?" Edward's strained voice broke through my internal ramblings.

"Mmmm... hmmm..." Okay, I tried. I have never been able to lie, my face is like an open book. The word liar should be flashing across my forehead.

"Bella," Edward called softly.

"Hmmm.." I mumbled. It seem to be the only response that didn't hurt.

I felt Edward's body stiffen.

He was too still.

Why wasn't he moving?

At this rate I was going to die of anticipation, if this fucking fire ripping through my cooch didn't kill me first.

"Look at me. Babe, why won't you look at me. I'm hurting aren't I. I'm such a fucking monster. I don't deserve your trust." His voice has such a painful air of disgust.

My eyes snapped open at his words and I was completely shocked with what I saw. Edward had a look of shear agony on his face. He really thought he was a monster.

I had to act fast, I couldn't let him think that this was nothing more than a dream come true for me.

"Hey you. What are you talking about. Sure you have a monster dick, but hey, I am so not complaining." I said, desperately trying to lighten the mood. I stroked his cheek, in an attempt to calm and reassure him.

I began to rotate my hips beneath him, while placing open mouth kisses on along his neck and shoulders. I had to keep him focused or the night would be ruined. I refused to let that happen.

"Be honest with me, it's too much isn't it?" Edward questioned, sounding so sad. I could see the sweat glistening on his forehead, he was under so much strain. Right then I decided to just go for it. Rip the fucking band aid off and take it like a woman.

"Bella please... stop moving... I can't take it..." he moaned into my breast.

I thrust my chest into his mouth, wanting... no needing to feel his mouth on me. Thankfully he followed my lead and gave me what I needed. Edward began to suckle my nipple in his mouth, thus providing a great distraction to my temporary discomfort. I moaned and writhed beneath him. He knew exactly what to do to make me feel good.

"Babe I'm not gonna lie, this shit hurts like hell. Call me a masochist, but I love the feel of you filling me. I want you to keep going. We knew it was going to hurt at first, but maybe it will be better if you just get over with. You know 'rip the band aid off'. I don't know... what do you think?" I didn't miss the look of apprehension he gave me.

"And before you answer, stopping is not an option. So," I said, trying to use my best sexy voice. "How bout you ram that hot cock of your balls deep in my pussy" I purred in his ear.

Okay, so maybe that wasn´t fair. I know exactly what it does to him when I talk dirty. I just simply made him an offer, I knew he couldn't refuse.

Hey I never said I fought fair...Trust me the cooch will be thanking me for this later... Much later.. But never the less that bitch will owe me big time...

"Fuck B, that was the sexiest shit I've ever heard," he said huskily.

I thrust my hips up, once again trying to egg him on.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked for the millionth time.

"Edward! Would you please stop asking questions and just fuck me already!" I snapped. Clearly I was a woman on edge, because fuck me is precisely what he did.

Edward rammed his cock so deep in my pussy, I swear it hit my tonsils. I swear the ripping of my hymen was so loud it was in surround sound. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit. Okay, a lot, but fuck that shit hurt and I was having hallucinations. So, some of the finer points may be a bit fuzzy and altered.

Time stopped.

The world ceased to exist.

I ceased to exist.

What seemed like agonizing hours of excruciating pain, was in fact only mere seconds. I released a breath I didn't know I was holding and with it, the damn broke and the floodgates opened up.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! fuckkkkkkkkk!" I panted. My breaths were coming in short shallow gasps. I was surely going to suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen. Edward´s breaths were coming a bit shallow also. We made one hell of a pair.

¨Edward! That fucking hurt like hell. Jesus man! I think you broke my pussy.¨ I cried, wrapping my arms around his neck, holding him to me. I needed to feel him. The rise and fall of his chest, was like a pendulum guiding back home.

¨Bella, love I´m so sorry. I..¨ he started to explain, but I didn´t let him finish.

I attacked his lips with a force that rendered him speechless. The tears continued to flow from my eyes freely, but their meaning had changed. They where now tears of pure joy and elation. Edward I and were complete. We were one and nothing or no one would come between us now.

Needing to breath, I finally broke away from our passionate kiss. I began a trail from his collar bone to his ear, leaving a burning fiery trail of kisses behind.

I struggled to find my voice, so I could let Edward know how happy I was that we´d finally gotten to this point.

¨Edward,¨ I choked out. ¨Baby, I need you to move. I need more. I to feel you, all of you.¨ I breathed sucking his ear lobe into my mouth.

I could feel the trepidation and apprehension rolling off his body in waves.

¨Baby please.¨ I whispered into his ear.

He slowly pulled back and eased into me again, it was the cure to the previous pain I´d endured. He thrust into me at this pace a for a while longer, until I couldn´t take it anymore. I needed more friction.

¨Aaahhh.. Baby that feels incredible, but I need more. Harder Edward please.¨ I rasped. The feel of Edward´s cock pumping in and out of me was glorious. I never new such pleasure could come from such pain. Call me crazy but the pain only serve to heighten my pleasure.

¨Unghhh... Bella. Fuck.. Your pussy´s got my dick in a vice grip. Baby you feel so fucking good and tight. God, I love you so much.¨ Edward breathed into my neck. ¨Are you sure you want more?¨ He asked.

¨Aaaaa... Fuck yes Edward. I need more faster baby please. I´m so fucking full Edward. Ahhhhh...¨ I moaned.

Edward sat back on his heals and brought my legs up and placed them on his shoulders. This new angle had him going even deeper. The slapping of our skin was music to my ears. Edward pumped a relentless rhythm in and out of my pussy, like the beating of a drum.

¨Fuck Bella! Like that baby, is that how you want it.¨ He asked while pumping in out of me like his life depended on it.

¨Yes... yes... yesssssss!¨ I screamed. ¨I´m so fucking close!¨ I yelled, now meeting him thrust for thrust.

Lowering my legs to his hips, Edward bit down on my nipple. The sweet sensation that shot through my body was the final straw to my undoing.

¨Fuck Bella... give it to me baby. Let go. Cum for me angel. Cum for me Bella.¨ Edward urged me to release what my body was to small to contain.

This was bigger than the both of us. I´ve never felt such intense emotion in all my life. Each moment we´ve shared tonight continues to build, cause them to grow in their intensity.

Just like so many times before, my body was not my own, it new it´s master. How could I deny Edward anything, consciously or otherwise. My body exploded with such a force, that if felt like my bones liquified in the process.

¨Edwardddddd!.. I´m... Fuck... I´m... I´m cuming... Aaaaaa!¨ I screamed unable to control myself. In my fit of passion, I bit down on Edward´s shoulder, unable to keep from marking my lover as my own. And he was mine. Mind. Body. Soul. Just as I was completely and utterly his. As I would remain for the rest of my life.

Edward continued pumping into to me dragging out my release. It was too much and I could not believe I could feel the coil building inside me again.

¨Ahhhhh... I´m almost there baby. Fuck Bella... this is my fucking pussy. Do you hear me... mine.¨ Edward grunted. His thrust had turned possessive. It was as if he was pounding his point home. And my pussy had no complaints what so ever.

I could feel the coil threatening to pop and frankly it scared the shit out of me. I didn´t think I could take anymore, without going into cardiac arrest.

Fuck... Just my luck... My fucking heart explodes the first time I have sex... What a fucking way to go...

I can see Charlie at the morgue identifying my remains. Cause of death... intense pussy in a jar of formaldehyde. I struggled to come back to the matter at hand.

¨Edward... I´m gonna... Unghh.. I can´t... Not again...¨ I pleaded.

¨Yes you can baby. I need you to cum with me. Cum with me Bella. Now Bella! Cum now!¨ Edward ordered reaching down between our joined bodies to pinch my clit. And just like that the world exploded once again, bringing with it an emotion so powerful, neither Edward nor I could keep it at bay.

¨Uhhhhh... FUCKKKK!¨ Was all I could get out before I was taken over by a river of tears.

Edward pumped into me once... twice... and on the third thrust he shot me full of his hot molten lava. The feeling of him spilling his seed in me was indescribable.

¨Bellaaaaaaaa... Aaaaaaa... Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!¨ He chanted till he was spent. He nuzzled into my neck and let the emotion of what we shared wash over him.

¨Bella..¨ He cried.

It literally ripped my heart out to know that he was crying, no matter what the reason was. I welcomed the force of his weight and held him as close as I could, as his body shook with the onslaught of his emotions.

¨Baby, I´m fine. What´s wrong. Everything was perfect. I love you so much Edward, it hurts.¨ My voice was so thick with emotion, it literally hurt to get the words out.

Edward continued to sob lightly and I just held him, while he got it all out of his system. I´ve never felt more loved than I did in that exact moment. Seeing this beautiful boy filled with emotion, because of his love for me. I would never take his love for granted and would make it my life´s mission to make him happy. It was the least I could do for him giving me the gift of his presence in my life.

We lay in a comfortable silence, long after the tears subsided, just needing to be... what ever that was in that moment. Edward shifted in my arms.

¨I´m sorry babe, I must be crushing you. Let me go so I can move.¨ His voice cracked from his previous emotion.

¨Awww.. I don´t want to.¨ I pouted, but reluctantly released him from my death grip. He gently pulled out of me breaking our sacred connection. I hissed at the loss of contact and immediately felt like a very vital part of me was missing.

Always in tune with my thoughts and emotions. Edward whispered in my ear, as he gathered me into his arms, tucking my head in the crook of his shoulder.

¨I know,¨ he whispered in my ear causing me to shiver.

¨Hmm..¨ I hummed completely sated and relaxed. ¨Care to share what it is you know?¨ I asked, my eyes threatening to close.

¨The contact... the connection... I immediately felt the loss when I pulled out. If I could stay buried in you every moment of every day I would.¨ His warm breath fanned over my head, making me sigh in contentment.

¨That should probably disturb me, but the truth is, I feel the same way. Is it wrong for us to feel this way?¨ I mused, not really wanting to hear his response.

¨No.¨ He said with conviction. ¨I´ve known you were it for me, the first time I pulled your pig tails on the playground.¨ He confessed, gently tugging at a strand of my hair.

I chuckled softly at the memory. I hated him on the outside, but secretly dreamed of holding his hand, while we played in the sandbox.

Hey... what the hell were you expecting we were four year olds...Get your filthy minds out of the gutter...

¨Truth be told, I loved it when you pulled my hair. Actually, I loved any attention you showed me. I don´t know it just made me feel special, like I wasn´t as invisible as I sometimes felt.¨ I said.

¨What do you mean invisible?¨ He questioned. Lifting my chin to meet his eyes, as he continued, ¨Will you ever see yourself clearly, you beautiful, silly girl. Bella, you are all I see and it´s been that way for a long time. I felt like I was ripped in two when Renee took you away to Arizona. I couldn´t breath right without you. My chest felt hollow inside, it was like you took my heart when you left.¨ He confessed. I could hear the pain of remembering our time apart in his voice.

¨I felt the same way. I will never know what I did to deserve someone like you,¨ I whispered, not trusting myself to be able to hide my emotion.

He gently placed his lips to mine in the sweetest of kisses and said, ¨Simple... you were born.¨

And just like that the conversation was over. Leaving everything exactly where it needed to be. There was nothing more that needed to be said on the subject.

¨Hey,¨ I said, drawing out figure eights above his heart. ¨I don´t know about you, but I´m feeling kinda icky... how about we take a nice hot shower and I´m almost positive I need to change my sheets.¨ I added as an afterthought.

¨Hmmm... that depends,¨ he moaned sucking on my neck.

My mind was rapidly becoming clouded and I could feel him hardening in my side. I craned my neck to one side giving him better access, relishing the feel of his mouth on me. I had to try and regain some sort of control. As much as I enjoyed the feel of his thick cock sheathed deep in my center, I knew I was nowhere near ready to have sex again.

¨Care to elaborate?¨ I pressed, wanting him to continuing his ramblings.

¨Well, that depends on if your gonna be in the shower with me or not.¨ He clarified.

¨Mmmmm... I wouldn´t have it any other way. Come on stud, let´s get cleaned up.¨ I said rising from the bed. I flipped on the light and saw my worse nightmare. There was blood everywhere it seemed. My sheets, traces running down my leg and all over Edward´s dick. I turned my back and felt my entire body enflame with my embarrassment. In what seemed like a flash, I was wrapped in Edward´s loving embrace. I buried my face in his neck and for the millionth time tonight, I started to cry.

¨I´m so-so-sorry Edward,¨ I stammered. ¨It just took me by surprise to see that.¨ I cried.

¨Hey Bellsie.. please.. don´t cry babe. If anyone should be apologizing it should be me. I´m the monster that caused you pain.¨ His voice tinged with a bit of emotion.

I placed my finger to his lips to silence his apologies. Seeing the evidence of loosing my virginity was just a bit overwhelming, but I wouldn´t dream of changing anything that happened between us and I told him as much.

¨Baby.. listen.. I just got emotional seeing the evidence of me giving you myself completely, but I wouldn´t change a thing. I would give myself to you a million times if the outcome remains the same. I love you so much.¨ I stood on my tip toes placing a chaste kiss on his lips to seal my confession.

I broke away before he could deepen the kiss, moving to his neck and trailing kisses to his ear. Running my fingers down his chest, pausing at his happy trail, I whispered, ¨I think I need to personally clean and take care of this.¨ I continued my journey south to where I knew he needed me the most, wrapping my tiny hand around his now very stiff cock. I slowly pumped my hand up and down.

¨This is very precious cargo and needs to be handled with care.¨ I moaned.

He hissed at my touch. The cooch was fist pumping for the control we have over him. I grabbed his hand and continued leading him to the bathroom.

¨Jesus babe, your gonna be the death of me.¨ He moaned.

I started the shower, adjusting the temperature of the water to just right. The bathroom slowly filled with steam, making the moment just perfect. I stepped into the shower, pulling Edward in behind me. The water felt glorious cascading down my body, the tension in my muscles slowly began to dissipate. I was so lost in the feel of the water, I didn´t notice that Edward had put shampoo in his hand.

¨Come here beautiful.¨ His velvet voice broke through my water induced haze. He gently began to lather my hair. The feel of his hands in my hair, was like a sedative, my body began to relax on it´s own. Much more of this and I was literally going to melt into a pile of goo. I backed my body flush with his and just enjoyed the moment.

¨Mmmm..¨ I moaned threatening to climax just from his touch.

¨Fuck Bella!¨ He hissed. ¨Can you feel what the fuck you do to me.¨ He thrust his prominent erection in my back. ¨God baby you are so beautiful. I love you so much.¨ He breathed into my neck.

He continued to wash my body, using sensual movements that felt fuck awesome. He moved me forward directly under the spray, to remove all traces of soap. The sent of strawberries and arousal was making me lightheaded. When he was satisfied with his work. I grabbed my body wash and begin washing his body with the same amount of love and affection.

Washing Edward´s hair was and aphrodisiac in itself, he made some of the sexiest noises I´d ever heard. I rinsed the shampoo and conditioner from his hair and continued with my worship. Giving him pleasure was feeding the flame between my legs. I turned him around to wash his back and that glorious and edible ass of his. I sensually rubbed my rock hard nipples in his back using my body to wash him. He hissed and moaned at the contact.

The cooch has got this seduction shit in the bag...

When I was satisfied with my work on the rest of his body, I squeezed a bit more soap in my hands and began to thoroughly clean his rock hard cock.

¨Fuck...¨ He hissed, dropping his head and placing his hand on the shower wall to support his weight.

I slowly stroked his cock using the soap to help with the friction. There was no hurrying in my movements, I pumped his cock like we had all the time in the world. Slowly his head lifted and he leaned it back against my shoulder. I could feel his hand rubbing my swollen mound to the same rhythm that I pumped his erection.

¨Aaaa... yes.. baby... that feels so good B.¨ I could hear the effects of my attention in his voice. Slipping his hand between my wet folds, he begin to gently rub my clit, knowing exactly what I needed.

¨Ungh..¨ was the only response I could give. Now was not the time for rough and hard, we gently made love with our hands bringing each other to quiet releases.

Once the sheet were change, which Edward insisted on doing himself. We fell into bed, not even bothering with clothes. Edward spooned me from behind and the last thing I vaguely remember is him whispering his love for me into my hair.

I can´t remember feeling so rested in all my life. If I´d have known that I would rest this well after sex... I would´ve had Edward lay the pipe on me a long time ago.

I´m just saying... Edward´s dick is better than Ambien...

I knew he was awake or at least a part of him was. His very hard erection was nestled between my legs. His warm breath cascading down my back. He slowly pumped his cock between my pussy lips.

¨Mmmm... morn´n... Is it my imagination or are you trying to park you car in my garage,¨ I couldn´t help but chuckle at my cheesiness.

Edward´s deep throaty chuckle caused me to shiver. ¨That is certainly one way to look at it.¨ He teased placing open mouth kisses on my shoulders and back. I didn´t say a word and just reached over on the nightstand and passed him a condom over my shoulder.

¨I´ll take that as an invitation.¨ He conceded. The next thing I heard was the ripping of the foil package. I went to turn around, but Edward stopped me. Placing his hand on my back to keep me from turning, the next words I heard sent my juices flooding between my legs.

¨I want you like this,¨ he said rubbing his erection through my arousal in preparation. ¨I promise you´ll enjoy it.¨ He raised my leg and began to ease the engorged head of his penis in my hot center.

¨Sssss... Aaaaa...¨ I moaned there was a slight sting, but nothing compared to the first time.

¨Mmmm.. Babe are you alright?¨ He questioned voice straining with his restraint. My thoughts were so clouded that my only response was to push back and take him all the way inside.

¨Aaaaaa...¨ We cried in unison, relishing in the feel of each other.

¨Ahhhhh... yes... more baby.. I need more harder..¨ I pleaded.

Edward gripped my hips tightly and began to give me what I wanted. I was lost in the feel of him thrusting inside of me, when my cellphone began to ring.


¨Fuck!¨ Edward and I cried. ¨Emmett!¨ We said in unison. Edward as a question and me, as an expletive.

And further more when did he put the theme song to the fucking Wayan´s Bro. Show as his ringtone?

¨Leave it to fucking Emmett to ruin the moment.¨ I bitched.

¨Speak... ungh... for... ungh... yourself..¨ Edward grunted, continuing his thrusts like he didn´t hear a thing.

¨Ahhhh...¨ I cried. ¨Edward... that unghhh.. yes...¨ I could no longer find it in me to care at the moment either. Edward felt so good moving inside. Just then house phone started to ring.

Ring... ring... ring...

The sound barely registered in my psyche. I was consumed the song of our skin slapping against each other. Not to mention the fact that we were moaning and groaning ridiculously loud. Failing to get a response on the house phone, my cell phone started again.


¨Damn, I fucking hate my brother right now.¨ I panted, as I suddenly had an idea. It occurred to me that the idea of Edward pumping his glorious cock in and out of me while I talk on the phone seemed fucking hot.

¨What are you doing babe?¨ Edward breathed into my neck. Never losing his stride.

And you wonder why I love him so fucking much...

¨As much as I would love to ignore my stupid ass sibling, you know he will just come here if I don´t answer. Aaa...¨ I was momentarily stunned as Edward starting hitting my g-spot. ¨God... whatever you do.. don´t stop... please...¨ I begged as my stomach tightened aannouncing the approach of my release. ¨But baby, you´ve got to stay quiet.¨ I reminded him, praying I could follow my own advice.

¨Hello¨ I answered, sounding completely winded.

¨Sissy!¨ Emmett´s voice boomed over the phone, threatening to rupture my eardrum.

¨What do you want Em?¨ I asked through gritted teeth.

¨Why the fuck aren´t you answering the phone? Where are you Bella?¨ He yelled. If I didn´t know any better you would think I was talking to Charlie.

¨Fuck... aaaa...¨ I coughed trying to cover up the fact that Edward was start to fuck the shit out of me. ¨I´m.. I´m at home Em,¨ I finally managed to squeak out. I could just see the vain popping out in his head.

¨Edwardddddd!¨ He boomed. ¨You better not be fucking my sissy! I´m gonna fucking kill you. Get your ass on this phone.¨ He threatened. That seem to have the complete opposite effect on Edward, cause he continued to pound into my pussy as if Em had given his blessing.

The phone shuffled in the background and Emmett bellowed in pain. ¨Ow... fuck Rosie... that shit fucking hurt...¨ He whined.

Next voice I heard was Rose´s, ¨Hey B, sorry to interrupt, but

we´re hungry,¨ she proceeded to inform me.

¨Fuck... ahhhh...¨ I moaned. I felt like I was being pulled in too many directions, but what I wanted was to go into the light. The light only Edward could provide by driving over the edge. Sensing my struggle, Edward began to play with my clit. I wasn´t gonna last long. I was certain this was his plan.

¨Haaaa..¨ I groaned. ¨Rose, we´ll be there in a minute. In the mean time please try to control my brother.¨ I said in a rush, fighting the urge to let go.

¨Gross B, are you and Edward having sex?¨ Rose asked, sounding completely mortified.

¨Fuck yes!¨ I screamed before ending the call. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I was able to answer Rose and spur Edward on at the same time.

¨Unghhh.. Baby, I´m not gonna last much longer. I need you to cum for me.¨ Edward grunted.

¨Aaaaa... I´m so close... harder please...¨ I begged. Edward hooked his arm under my knee, pulled completely out, only to slam back into me. I was in heaven. I swear I could hear the angelic choir singing.

¨Uhhhh... shit... I´m cumming.. Aaaa...¨ I screamed into my pillow, my body was trembling with my release.

Edward continued to pump in and out of me a few more times, before spilling his seed into the condom. We lay there panting in unison, trying to regain some semblance of normalcy.

¨That was...¨ I began.

¨Fucking epic!¨ Edward finished. ¨I´m fucking lightheaded,¨ he chuckled, running his hand up and down my hips. I´m certain they´ll be bruises, but they were so fucking worth it.

I could feel myself drifting off to sleep and if we didn´t get moving, I shudder to think of what Em would do if he walked in on us. Naked and sleeping in my bed. I couldn´t help smiling at the notion.

¨Edward,¨ I mumbled into my pillow.

¨Hmmm..¨ was all he grumbled.

¨Edward..¨ I tried again with a little more force. ¨We have to get up and get dressed. I don´t want those deranged fuckers coming here looking for us.¨ I tried to get up, but he was like dead weight on top of me. Just then my stomach rumbled. I realized I was starving.

¨Okay, hot momma. Let´s go, so we can get you fed.¨ He groaned. We both hissed as he pulled out of me, the condom making it a bit more uncomfortable.

Edward and I showered separately, because if we didn´t we would never leave my house. Forty-five minutes later we pulled up at the Cullen house. Edward came around to open my door. He extended his hand to help me from my seat and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. We joined hands and headed for the door. Just as he was about to open it, it flew open- to a very pissed off looking Em. Before I knew what was happening, Em had Edward pressed against the wall yelling in his face.

¨I can´t believe you´ve been fucking my sissy! I should rip your fucking balls off!¨ Emmett seethed.

¨What the fuck Em!¨ I shouted. ¨If you don´t let him go, I promise I will never cook for your hungry ass again.¨ I threatened, knowing full well, without me he and Charlie would starve.

Emmett released Edward immediately.

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